Sema nose cut!

If you know me a bit you’ll know how much I love taunting people. After a long time I was reading a few random blogs and I ran in to this blog (the post titled 'To sell your mangoes..'). It was an ok post, nothing particularly awful but still had the "flair" to tip me off. I’ll paste a small section; it seems alright but has all the irritable qualities one can find in an average blog,

As Infosys chief mentor Mr. Narayanamoorthy was stepping down as the CEO of the company, he was questioned by one reporter
“So are you feeling sad, just like every other CEO, as you are stepping down today?”
He replied with a warm smile,
“Yes I’m! My daughter was born. I caressed her and she has grown as a lovely, beautiful and matured girl today. Its hard for every parent when their daughter gets married and moves away, but I’m happy that she is in the safe of hands of a young lad – this generation that has far more potential, confidence than what I had. We need to create opportunities for young people and trust them. That can only happen, if we leave and make room for others to grow more than what you can even think of”
Isn’t that great! Now that is what I call “Attitude” and that’s what differentiates great people from the normal ones!
If I represent each alphabet with a number, starting with ‘A’ as 1 and ‘Z’ as 26, and If I were to sum-up all the individual letters in the traits of life – here’s what I get
Love – 12+15+22+5= 54%
Education – 5+4+21+3+1+20+9+15+14 = 92%
Wealth – 23+5+1+12+20+8= 69%
Hardwork – 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%
Attitude – 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5= 100%
I always keep reminding myself – you may have a lovely garden, and wonderful mangoes, but if you need to “Sell your mangoes – First Wear a Smile!!!!”

I replied with a comment that I really enjoyed, so much that I decided to post it here.

Oh the clichés...1 out of 20,000 asteroids that cross the earth's orbit has the possibility of striking the earth. I wish that ONE strikes the earth now. Why? Well at least it wouldn't be as clichéd! (now how about that for attitude?)
Let's see what else has better "success" rate,

crookedness - 3+18+17+17+11+3+4+14+5+19+19 = 130%
dishonesty - 4+9+19+8+15+14+5+19+20+25 = 138%
corruption - 3+15+18+18+21+16+20+9+15+14 = 149%
thievery - 20+8+9+10+5+22+5+18+25 = 122%

Should I list more words--if applied your explanation--that seem produce better results? nayy I'm sure you get the point. You want to say "oh you're such a pessimist"?...hmm let's see

pessimist - 16+5+19+19+9+13+9+19+20 = 129%
optimist - 15+16+20+9+13+9+19+20 = 121%

oh no, looks like pessimists have a better chance of being "successful" (whatever it means) than optimists.

It's an 'ok' post, but it got irritatingly clichéd as I proceeded down (I know, you didn’t ask me to come and read it, so going by the "hey! I'm going to defend myself" logic I should shut up and get lost, I understand).

What's the point I'm trying to make? You have used words and contexts that are homogenized to fit a lifestyle that is celebrated as the best. It's the 'rosy lukewarm sweater wearing smiley face plastic doll' welcoming the customers in GAP. It seems to say something but it doesn't, does it? But yeah the customers above...oops the fellow bloggers don't seem to care, they are happy with the smile, who cares if it's from a ‘who’ or a ‘what’.

Did he reply? Of course he did, but who cares (it was another cliché) ? This and several blogs like these are filled with trite truisms of everyday life, not just the ideas the language too. Of course mine may not be any better and it might be just as bad in its own way, but I expect those who comment to have some insight or perhaps honesty (it's a different thing that I don't get any comments :)). Whatever man!


Anonymous said...

man that was rude..but very funny, LOL.

Priya said...

Haha... You naughty boy!! Very funny indeed...

Known Stranger said...

oh i enjoy your attitude - free of entertainment- i wish you and sabby have a good interaction - it will be a reall splendid watching of fire works

Anonymous said...

dude. you've got some serious attitude problems yourself.
have read a couple of your blogs, and listened to your podcast as well.
all i can say is, you are a sick person....please do get a life.
you may ignore this comment using some 'hifi' english words and laugh it off.
but let me tell you, you r sick.

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