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As all bloggers are busy reading comments for their post about Vetayadu Vilayadu I'm just writing about it. I'm neither a die hard Kamal fan (respect him a lot though) or Gautam Menon (I hate that idiot). So there's no reason why one would say he/she liked this stupid movie.
I just have this to say to all the bloggers who praise the movie - YOUR FINGERS SHOULD BE CHOPPED AND HUNG LIKE A CARROT IN FRONT OF A MULE, imbeciles.

Of course it's just my opinion, I might have missed out all the "artistic aspects" of the movie. I'm not going to type a lengthy analysis like I did for Pudhupettai, I think VV isn't worth it. I instead recorded my comments then and there as I watched the movie and put it in a podcast. If you hate VV and want to hear some one tear it apart (in Tamil), listen to it.

or download it from here


Zero said...

That was one rant! One long rant, straight out of the sort of irrepressive movie talk we do among friends.
As for the film, I didn't like it.

Suresh said...

I'm glad you didn't like the movie (I know, it sounds weird). Because, I was surfing through some random blogs and not one of them pointed to this movie's absurd portrayal of things.
The movie is so corny and wannabe, just like KK; well much worse than KK - thanks to plentiful usage of gawky English.
I don't know, none of my friends seemed to like it. Aana inga blog'la ella payalum aaha oho'nu puglandhu thalraanuva. It just goes to show that a good bunch of these bloggers are way obtuse than they try to appear.

Priya said...

Hi Suresh,

I wanted to leave this comment in podbazaar. But what the heck. I'll just leave it here.

I know that this movie sucks. Mostly because of how the movie is being portrayed. When you say you don't like the movie, do you mean the story, the actors and their acting, or the screenplay? I mean, it depends, right? For me, I hate the acting and the screenplay. Evanaavathu ponna paathu alumboathu, 'Why my daughter?'-nu english-la aluvaana? Tell me... But otherwise, i like the story. The story is good but the way it was portrayed sucked.

It's the same when you write argumentative essays. You have your argument. You have your point. But to make sure the reader understands your point, you should craft your words in such a way that clearly lands the plane in the right place. I think it's the same with the movies. Most of the movies have good stories. I'm not talking about cliche stories that involve the hero and the villain like in Thirupachi and so on. I mean, movies like Sivakasi, Engal Anna and other movies with unique storylines have good stories. But the movie doesn't turn out well as we expect. There is either too much praising of the hero or there is exaggeration or there is some unrealistic aspects of the movie. That is what irritates me. Otherwise, anyone can enjoy a good story, just for enterainment's sake.

I don't know why other bloggers would want to give good reviews to this movie. Maybe they are diehard Kamal fans. Or maybe they do not possess such a critical mind as you do. Or maybe they just like the story.

I like this podcast a lot. Your best review so far. My dad and mum listened to it too and they love it. I just can't imagine that they don't even know what a podcast is or what a blog is! Anyway, I hope that more keeps coming.


Suresh said...

nan out of station for a day (yeah veliya irundha dhan comment adikren:p) will talk when I'm back. But mean while, just run through my post above. I've discussed some aspects of the movie.
And hey, thanks, I'm glad your parents liked it too. So RR is after all not just for young people :p.

thilak said...


heheheheheeh....Most of the bloggers write good things about this movie..Kudos to them.yengal thalaivar kamal padam hit!

Karthik Sriram said...

Hi Suresh,

You were spot on with your review. I liked Gautam Menon, for Minnale and KK. They both were enjoyable movies and he didnt hype it up. Indha padathile kamal hassan ah pottu, oru hype kuduthu sava adichitanga. New York, serious ah thevaie illa. Prakash Raj olijikanum na, delhi ku poi olijikalam...or whatever. and worst dialogues:

mani kannai eduhtukko mani... horrible

The thing is as you said, guys like dharani say that they are making a mass masala movie and i dont complain. i enjoy them and come out. but VV was simply KK rehash.....nothinng worth in it.

Suresh said...

@ Thilak – haha, I think I should remove that line. I said it within the movie’s context (Kamal running behind after the finger like a “mule chasing the carrot”). It’s probably not that funny. What the heck, I’ve said it, I might as leave it there:p.

@ Karthik – Yeah, like I've said in my podcast, I would trash 'Dhool' if somebody asked to do a podcast on it, but otherwise I enjoyed the movie. Just say what we can expect from the movie, we can save more than half of our complaints. But no! ivanunga ellam periya aalunga, build up maintain panniye theeranum.

Thanks for the comment ;).

@ Priya

{{I don't know why other bloggers would want to give good reviews to this movie. Maybe they are diehard Kamal fans.}} – I don’t about this movie’s story, I think it has too many loose ends. Nothing syncs in so well, even for a passive viewer the whole romance-crime-romance-action mix up doesn’t work. To make matters worse there are songs here and there for no reason. If I have to leave out all these, there is least to be identified as the story.
Idhu ellathayum meeri nalla review eludhraanga’na, I can only blame the readers who don’t point it to them.
I have to appreciate Thilak’s view in this regard; he’s clearly distinguishing the fan and the rational person within him. That’s all I’m asking for, say “I like the movie very much” instead of “the movie rocked”. There’s a huge difference between the two.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

The people who review this movie well are also 'wannabes'.. See KH has a devout high-brow following who will lap up any tripe he offers. They are blind to all his defeciencies. This movie was tolerably bad though, but is one of the KH movies you could very easily avoid.

Known Stranger said...

how many movies you watch in a year suresh - just a curiosity.

Suresh said...

Based on my past 3 years record, I think I watch about 40 English movies and about 20 Tamil movies (old, repeats included :p). Apart from these I watch documentaries in TV which will amount to about 20.

~tony~ said...

maybe it's too late for a feed back..anyways..?? reminds me a proverb.."Empty vessels make most noise/sound" you are a professional critique..huh..??

Anonymous said...

I came across this link quite by chance. I liked the movie but i also agree with several things that you said. One thing that stood out like sore thumb was you mocking Kamal's fake accent with your own accent which sounded equally fake. Just a review on your review... nothing personal. :)

cHeTaN said...

Thalaaaa kilichittey... Gethu.... Finally somebody who feels goutam is jus a peter version of director perarasu... His only respectable film is minnalae....

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