Pretentious "people" (shameless me)

As I've said before, I love (read it "laavvvvvvvvvv") taunting people. There are lots of blogs, especially run by girls/women, that cannot stop posting pretentious nonsense (pardon my sexism). I don't mind when people try to pretend like they are intellectual, but I do when they try to pretend like they care. Anyway, I read a post[1] in this blog about 'children, innocence and peace' (yeah sounds like a documentary's title). It's about a picture: some children are writing something on a few missiles; I learn that they are Israeli missiles meant to bomb Lebanon. Then she goes about how the children's minds are corrupted by the adults and the usual BS. I made a comment, I don't know what she's going to say, I don't think she's going to give a clever answer. At least, I'll use it to fill my blog pages

Here's the comment:

@ The picture (free from its context)
If all missiles are "bad" then it would mean all people in the world are good. But basic geopolitical knowledge would tell us that us that it's not true.
Let's go back in history, just a bit, some 60 years. Let's say the missiles were meant to bomb the Nazi camps, are the missiles still bad? Are the kids supposed to write "No war only peace" on those missiles as well? (when millions of innocent people were torched in concentration camps?).
Regardless of who started what, there are "bad people" in the world who are doing "bad things" to "good people" and sometimes the only way to save those good people are to use force (here I'm not pointing to anything particular). Innocence is just ignorance in disguise; one's age makes the difference.

{{can stop them when they grow up to have hatredness among other people.}} - If I have children, I'll bring up in a way that they hate casteists, racists, bigots and hypocrites. I'll encourage them to castigate them. Because there are people who need to be hated, whose actions need to be stopped - indignation is the source for reform.

{{I feel pity for these children who can barely understand foreign policy and its strength.}} -
I don't know if you call yourself a Hindu (Christian, Muslim, whatever) or a religious person. But I pity all the people who call themselves religious. They were molested as young children, they were given identities (a stupid name, to start with), for foreign policy is not the only thing they cannot understand. They cannot understand, religion, caste, ‘field of education’, friendship, brotherhood, sex and whole list of things. They don't just learn it from nowhere, they learn it from adults and what adults have produced (books, movies, TV etc.).
{{Children are innocent, its the adults who take advantage with them.}} - If adults are to leave that "innocence" untouched, the innocence will become ignorance and before you know you have a bunch of cave men and women in your hands!

Hostility and warlike qualities are parts of "human nature", as biological animals we have those features "instinctively" programmed in our genes. The innocence that you're so much in love with, left unchecked, will only transform itself in to an uncivilized barbarian. It's the "adult's interference" that refines it (sometimes, well, very often, exploits it for one's agenda).

Question to all the people: If you're for "innocence" and "peace" - shed all the identities that you got before you reached your adulthood (as a general point of reference for "maturity"). You were told you are to believe in god, believe in a religion, believe in statehood, believe in morality, believe in "peace"/"war" - when you were young; when you were "innocent" (in other words, when "adults took advantage of you"). Because all these identities were given to you when you were innocent, would you get rid of it altogether? Are you ready for complete de/reconstruction? Can you even say that you can think about it without actually seeing it from within the filters that come with those identities?

I know, it's funny that my comment is four times as long as the actual post (pretty much a like bomb's effect when it explodes). That's right, there's so much nonsense compacted into her 8 lines. What's worse? The people who leave comments on her blog are just as superficial. Most of them, I think, belong to the "performing mutual favours" type. And look at what one of the idiots, has to say

{{My God! That is shocking indeed. What you imbibe in children can stay with them for long... This should not have happened.. Thanks for posting it here. Never saw this before.}} - Right! Now that she's pointed to it you'll be able to sleep with the satisfaction of knowing just about everything in the world, vetti payale!

Children learn and unlearn so many things as they grow up. Not just kids, even with adults, no body can be sure that someone's going to stick to what he/she believes his/her entire lifetime. People are constantly influenced by what they see/read/hear and talk about (yes, people includes me too). And they don't always see/read/hear and talk about the same thing[2]. To come back to the picture, these same kids might grow up say "damn I was such a stupid, what was I thinking writing those stuff in the missiles?” I know I've said that a lot of times (no, I don't mean "writing on missiles" per se).

[1] Update: The girl, who posted the actual entry in her blog has deleted it. I wanted to deconstruct her post and ended up destructing it fully :)). I seriously didn't see that coming.

[2] Yeah, sometimes people do confine themselves or their aforementioned activities to specific area or perspective. There could be several reasons for this - fear, ego and comfort are some.

Apology: As you can see, I've changed the title of the post. I was quite irked when I made the initial post, so calling her idiot didn't seem like a big deal. But in retrospect, I think it was quite uncalled for and I sincerely apologize to her for that. Sure, she makes idiotic posts, but that doesn't make her an idiot, does it? (aaha enna arumayana logic).


Anonymous said...

You are such an idiot too idiot. You can't even spell english pretty well and taunt. what a shame.

Suresh said...

Well, probably! After all, I am very clumsy in typing. Yes, it is a shame that I cannot type right, espeically in narrow spaces (available for leaving comments). Since you complain, I just ran a spell check and removed all the 'mistakes'. Cool, now I'm not an idiot.

Anonymous said...

don't you think you're picking somone really stupid, as you yourself call her? what's the point then, in wasting so much replying to an idiot?

Known Stranger said...

oh you are damn aggressive. hmm interesting to go through your posts, replies. picked your link from keshi page. interesting suresh. let me spend some time here inyour page.

Known Stranger said...

good and bad isnt it a relative term. Is there any universal law on good and bad. ? just a thought to your profound thinking

Suresh said...

I'm more irritating and picky, than aggressive (you know "end uira vaangura?" type). Yeah sometimes I am aggressive (that happens when I go "poruthadhu podhum pongi elu").

{{good and bad isnt it a relative term.}} - True, they are. That's why I had used them in quotes. In fact I use a lot of words in quotes -- meaning they are all subjective (ex: Peace, innonence etc.).
About the "end note" glitch: They are foot notes (to mean, you use it in a qualified sense or it needs further elucidation). They look fine in Firefox. I just checked, it's all messed up in IE :p. I'll try to change the codes so that it'll appear fine in both IE and F'FOX. I'll reply your other comments later, thanks for dropping by ;).

Anonymous said...

When you call someone an idiot what an idiot you are. Just because you write some shit, don't underestimate many bloggers.I saw your profile a sociologist. A sociologitst need to be broadminded and think for the better. You are a pathetic who cannot write anything with your school of social thought. And you travelled all the way form India to Canada. How sad??
I wonder which idiot gave you
admission who needs some brain to think and write about social problems.

You are not aggressive or a picker. You are a 'SADDIST".

Suresh said...

{{A sociologitst need to be broadminded and think for the better.}} - Did you get this definition from a dictionary? That's probably what you expect, wake up. Besides, I'm not writing this blog as a sociologist, you don't see me cite scholarly sources for every theoretical assertion that I make. Sure, my being a sociolgist influences my analysis of issues, but it stops there. I have enough academic writing to do in my shcool, I don't have to do it here as well.

I'm not "underestimating many bloggers", my estimation of many bloggers is that most of them suck and the one referred to in this post is one of the 'most'. My "school of thought" is all over my posts - deconstructionism. You know what? Don't talk about it; I don't think you know jack squat on sociology. Get some quick lessons from Wikipedia.

Well, apparently all 4 universities that I applied (and admitted) to were run by idiots. After all, idiots do have a lot influence in the society, don't they?

Talking about social problems: The existence of such idiots and people who back her (well, you could be her) is a huge problem in itself. If saying that makes me a sadist, so be it. At least I know what I'm talking about.

priya said...

Suresh: Thanks for taking your time to write about my blog.
/I don't know what she's going to say, she's not that smart (as much as I know from her blog), I don't think she's going to give a clever answer. At least, I'll use it to fill my blog pages/

Suresh: I write what I think and believe for myself. I do not write for you or others.
A smart girl will never answer to someone who acts mean and rude.
Are you reading astrology a lot these days.

Suresh said...

{{A smart girl will never answer to someone who acts mean and rude.}} - And you just did! now, that validates my judgment :))

priya said...

Suresh: Replying to you is not answering the whole thing. Whatever. But I never run from fear/ego whatever u mentioned!!!!

Your judgement only values to yourself not me.


Suresh said...

Well, Priya, if only you could answer :)) appuram emma unna kenai..oops idiot'nu koopda poren?

Besides, the post is not about you, if that's what you're thinking. Unakku avalo mukkiyam tharra alavukku ni periya aal illa. I pick topics to deconstruct from what people say, this time it was your post, avalodhan. So parandhadhu podhum tharaikku vandhuru.

Suresh said...

Yeah, I almost forgot. Why did you delete the post? I hope it has nothing to do with the fact that I shredded it here. I hope you deleted it because of some random reason.

Anonymous said...

you are shameless indeed. not a bad move though

The Individualist said...

Hmm. *has a lot of thoughts streaming inside his head.
1. Why do anonymous people post naive comments? Or do they remain anonymous because they have a hunch that they are naive?
2. lol @ the poor thing, Priya. From what I read of her, she seems to be the 'innocent' kind. The kind which is content to wipe your sweat off your forehead once you come back home after a tiring day at work- You know what I mean.
3. But she did have a standpoint which she could have argued from. She could have probably pointed out that her assumption about the missile picture was that of a missile that was out to destroy civilians. But of course, I do not know if she had already mentioned that 'all missiles are bad'.
Just had a look at the picture. It looks straight out of a movie. A movie where the oppressed are finally revolting against the oppressors-
Wonder why she found it to be ignominious-

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