'New' Start

I've been planning to do a documentary for over a year now, on Dalits in Tamil films. Until last May I just wanted to "finish the paper, present it, and get on with the production." I'm putting it in quotes because I've said it so many times since early 2008 or so. I did present the paper back in May 2009, but nothing has moved forward since then. Hopefully I'll get it done before the end of this year. It's been at the back of my mind so much that I don't need this blogpost to remind me. But at least now I have a written 'announcement' that will help me keep track of things.

Meanwhile, however, I'm planning to do a video series/podcast to snap out of the dry 'creative spell' I've been going through. The working title is 'How the World Works'. I know it sounds rather presumptuous. Nevertheless, as the title suggests, I'll probably talk about/interview people on the forces that are central to the 'human civilization' as it exists today -- historicism, means of production, consumption, art, identity, statehood, human rights etc. Needless to say, a lot of the discussions are likely to border on the perfunctory if not downright stupid. But it's probably a risk worth taking. Worst case...hmmm, I can think of many, but why mention 'em? The best case, on the other hand, is saving humanity from its utterly destructive path; rescuing our most cherished institutions from moral decay; enlightening the masses; and world peace is a possible outcome too (isn't my every action aimed at that?).

I have already sketched out some topics, their corresponding narrative structure, and some people who I'm going to interview (mostly over the phone, I think). So if anyone wants to contribute -- by doing the research for a topic, finding 'experts', or simply be on the other end of a brief conversation -- you're more than welcome. The format I have in mind is fairly rudimentary. One/two talking heads in front of a green screen (which will then be replaced by an 'appropriate' background), accompanied by slides/graphics/movie clips that are common in any televised ppt presentation (watch CSPAN, you'll know). It will be in colloquial Tamil. I don't, however, intend to thrust Tamil 'purity' in these videos. I'm doing it in Tamil because of two reasons: 1. there are much better videos/lecture series in English 2. there aren't many in Tamil (my observation in this podcast still remains largely applicable).

I have to thank CBC Radio and Radio Netherlands for reviving my interest in vid/podcasting. Hopefully I'll get things rolling in a week or two.

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