The Invisible Other: Caste in Tamil Cinema

The Invisible Other is a documentary film that explores the presence of caste in films and film production in Tamil cinema, especially since the 1990s.
The documentary is just a central node that is meant to connect the corollaries that are to follow in the coming weeks/months. Hence there are several lose ends in films that are intentional; it’s meant to trigger tangential questions (possibly directed towards one of the corollaries). The collection's chief purpose is to serve as a knowledge base of sorts -- if it doesn't do much towards social change, it would at least serve as an archive, I hope.

Some of the planned corollaries include:

Awareness of caste in general and within cinema - interviews from various students.

Thevar Magan's influence on the film industry, Tamil audience, politics and its legacy.

Dravidian movement's effects on caste in Tamil cinema and in public discourse.

History of Caste in Tamil Cinema

Censorship and caste

Challenges for aspiring film makers

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