Today a 50 something colleague had invited all of us in the office for a some kind of post-funeral 'traditional lunch' for her father's death. She had reserved a meeting room and laid out some food on the table -- bagels, muffins, croissants and some kind of pastry. I felt hesitant to eat anything so I just stood there waiting my turn go talk to her. Some of us were trying hard to feign sorrow while others were just channeling their hunger to their facial expression. I probably looked like I was really puzzled by the irony of life but I, too, was just 'channeling' my apprehension about something else. After a lot of insignificant details about her father's life she seemed to have hit the wall. She had to, her dad was no _____ (fill interesting Russian figure). I saw my chance and I walked up to her and said, "So you don't have any whole wheat bagels?"

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