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I'm so unlucky. I'm so weird. I'm so blessed. It was all my fault. This kind of shit happens to me all the time. It was my destiny. I'm so lucky. It was my fate. I'm such a freak. It was like I was meant to do this. I must have been the happiest person ever. There is not an idiot worse than me. I'm such a masochist. This should not happen to anyone else. For some reason I always endup having the worst job. I'm totally jobless. I hate myself.

PS. I don't use all of the above, but I do use some. I don't know if that irritates others, but when others say any of it they practically peel my skin. I won't reveal it when you do, but just know. How do I feel when I use one of the 'some'? Well, I hate myself.

Mozhi - meh!


An Orkut scrap: now that india has lost, the presence of "god" has come under heavy doubt

Reply: now that india has lost, the effect of money has come under heavy doubt

Toon Teaser 5: Life

Toon Teaser 4: It's not my problem

Bangladesh beat India. naan appove sonnen!

Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi - one of the best Indian movies that I've seen in the last 12 months

People, products, whatever man.

This is a conversation that a very good friend and I had. It was based on another conversation and the exchange below is quite self-explanatory.*

I didn't ask my friend before I published the conversation and I think that was a terrible mistake on my part. To an extent makes me an untrustworthy person and an asshole. For that and just that, I sincerely apologize to my friend and to my 'better side' that I didn't care to respect when I published it. Thanks.

The topics, argumental points rather, in the exchange above have been discussed extensively in feminist literature. In fact, it's been the topic for several daytime talk shows in the US. Nevertheless, it is not a bad idea to ponder over it once in a while with new and "absurd" perspectives. Run through the follwing pages to have a rough idea - ref 1; ref 2; ref 3; ref 4.

* - The exchange has been edited spatially to fit the margins better

Random quote

The cultural guardians would sleep unconcerned if people perished in tsunami, if floods hit the State, even if news of rape and torture occupied the front page every day. They would watch Tamil films with songs full of double entendre, they would gush if a top is rolled on the heroine's stomach or an omelette fried on it. But the moment a woman mentions the body, all hell would break loose and the sleeping Kumbakarnas would wake up with a roar to save culture from getting corrupted by women. And that is what women are seen as — as those, who, if not guided properly, would ruin the great Tamil culture. Tamil men have to constantly pull women back from going astray and whatever women do is seen as a gesture of going astray, whether it is writing poetry or giving interviews.

Cricket: ennavo ponga

Before you think, "hmm, Indian bowling seems to have improved," please see the wickets that fell this morning. How many do you think are wicket-taking balls? 1? 2?

Paruthi Veeran varuthi eduthan!


Random quote

While Tabu was a big hit with the cameras, Zuleikha Robinson got even bigger attention with her cleavage-friendly dress.

Random quote

Anger is not hostility, aggression nor violence. It is a human emotion. For centuries anger was considered a sin, a weakness and a madness to be avoided or contained. But anger is a signal that something is wrong. Several common themes emerged. These include injustices, denied rights, societal devaluation, abuse, harassment and dismissal
A group of lesbian and bisexual women, van Daalen-Smith's study found, coped with a double challenge – hiding their sexual orientation and conforming to feminine ideals. In displacing their anger, many were found to over-eat, overachieve academically, or use humour and wisecracks instead of confronting their feelings. Depression was a significant finding. Another group of visible minorities from South Asia, Korea, Tibet and the West Indies felt unable to overtly express frustration at cultural limits placed on them.

Only two?

Why is it always Hindi vs. Tamil, where are the rest of the idiots?
Hey dude, at least people in Bollywood movies dont look like fucking idiots. People in tamil movies where the gayest ass clothes you could posibly think of. Tamil nadu makes india look bad.
The only language [Tamil] in india that doesn't sound gay. less gay than i.e. hindi, punjabi, bengali, gujarati and other north indian language which are know to be extremely gay, and those speakers tend to speak like women.
It is a beautiful language [Tamil], and does sound delightfully gay in an artistic silk and chiffon way!
karumam da sami! But I'm so proud.

Fashion in Iran: WTF?

Tamil pride: cherry picking


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