Stuck in a loop

Caught in infinite self-reflexivity -- on my possible unlterior motives and enquiries on how 'I ' could be perceived -- and recursive disclaimers I am not able to say anything about anything. 'Gasquet Fan' once observed that I had become less opinionated. It's almost accurate. Because, it's not necessarily that I've become less opinionated but I am less open to expressing it to everyone. I don't know if it's me or the vocabulary of the 'everyday conversation' has become so much more pretentious in the last 3, 4 years. Even this very assertion (and others like this) invariably comes with a tinge of pretentiousness -- "so what are you? the 'real deal'?" I ask myself, or I hear from my imaginary critics. And this is where it goes into an endless spin of substantiation and clarification. In this era of information saturation everyone 'knows' everything. Some, in spite of that realization, write stuff like this (blogpost), to somehow differentiate themselves.

I had written till the end of the last paragraph last week and stopped. Conincidentally, TVO had a discussion on 'The Authenticity Hoax'. Don't agree with a lot of what the author says (well addressed by some of the panelists) but it's just the kind of second hand 'wisdom' needed to publish this post:

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