Was watching Nayagan to clip out a scene or two. Just realized: this kid goes to Bombay when he's around 10. He spends the rest of his life there. But he still cannot speak Hindi. It's not that he does not speak Hindi, he cannot. He actually has someone to translate stuff for him. ennangada dei?


I'm looking for certain clips from certain movies. I was hoping to get it from friends and others who have the movies either in Divx or DVD formats (or high quality WMV etc). I'll be specific if you're interested in helping me. It basically involves editing some clips from the movies you have and uploading it to a public server like rapidshare. Each clip will be no longer than 10 seconds, so uploading should be relatively easy (unless you want to splice different ~10 second clips together before uploading). Of course, if you want to upload the entire scene (say 3-5 minutes), that's fine too. Finding the 'appropriate' clips themselves is probably the most time consuming part of the process.

Ex: I don't have Nayagan or Guna with me, I would very much like to have some scenes from those movies. If you have either, you can help me.

I need clips from half-decent to really good movies (you be the judge). I hope the scenes to be somewhat visually compelling even if it's for a very brief time. Either that or scenes that are popular in general.

No Smoking

The movie was alright. Probably a bit pretentious in that Kashyap even chose to do such a film, except for that there's little in the movie that is self-indulgent (or, again, pretentious) as claimed by Rajiv Masand and a few other "critics". He even went so far to call the movie "one of the worst of the year." Some "critic" he is. Interestingly, the scenes which seemed to impress him the most were the ones I found hackneyed. (Well, he is, after all, the one who gave 4/5 for 'Black Friday.' It showed how much he loves manipulative BS.)

Given the kind of dreams I have myself I have had little trouble 'enjoying' movies like this. I just love the screenplay. But again there is a scene that was self-indulgent: the last part where Kashyap is probably trying to say "huh, you thought you figured it out?" and you feel like going "well, I don't give a damn, really!"

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