Let me, please

I'm going to Madras after quite sometime, and I can imagine how much I'm going to hate it when I have to sit at home. The only time Madras doesn't suck is when you are out in the streets -- being too busy to notice the hot, moist, sticky thing that's supposed to be air. And it's always been like this. There have been times when I would get off the train in Kaatpadi and turn back to Bangalore because it would get stickier as the train got closer and closer to Madras. It's not "vellakara aatam" or "veli naatu mogam."
So please, let me whine and complain. Let me act it out. Don't call me pretentious for feeling uncomfortable in this damn place.

Sivaji vaayila mannangatti

Sivaji's trailer gave out everything the movie makers were trying to keep in secret for a long time. Of course, it doesn't include the fact that 'Shankar + Rajini = masala trash' was always known - not many would have guessed otherwise. It's just that more people feel shameless enough to openly admit that they are looking forward to watching Rajini's masala than Vijay or Ajith's.

Rajini is almost like religion: anything goes if he does it. Because he's been doing it for a long time, with people's apparent approval. But I, for what it's worth, will say what I feel: It's disgusting, it's irritating and it's high time idiots stopped pretending like he's got an aura. My interest in this movie is just like my interest in religion -- they both follow an inexplicable pattern of idiotic following, almost unquestioned.

Anyway, I saw the trailer and I thought of predicting how the plot is going to unravel. That's what I've done in this podcast (partly). Then there's some Rajini bashing in the end (how about that for a "commercial" podcast?).

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