Rajini Says

"Ritch is getting ritcher, poovar is getting poovarur"

Same side goal

Anchor: We have the CBSE exams topper Divya who scored 493 out of 500 with us. Congratulations Divya, you've got 98.6 percent just 7 short of maxing it up. Not to undermine your stupendous achievement, Divya, but do you think that academic performance is the best way to measure one's intelligence?

Divya: Yeah!



TV ads are almost nothing without music - most of them are. But sometimes the jingle is so catchy that it completely blinds the images.

Tamil Media: a reality check

The podcast is quite long (36 minutes), so I'll give a rough outline of what I've spoken about.

3': How we address celebrities in TV (Kamal sir, Rajini sir etc.)
5': Lollu Sabha. A historical moment - Pokkiri's parody - Bakery.
12': "Experts" in TV
15': Nayyandi durbar, Ari Giri assembly
17': Standup comedy in Tamil TV channels (Kalakka povadhu yaaru etc.)
23': Internet's influence on mainstream media
26': Lack of Tamil social commentary in audio-visual formats in the internet.
30': Mainstream hangover in non-mainstream mediums.
34': Interviews in Kumudam.com

Aside: Lollu Sabha issued an apology the week after 'Bakery' was aired. But the sentences were structured in a way that it was obvious that they were being sarcastic about the apology. It's good to see that these people not only have the guts do such parodies but the wit to deal with potentially serious repurcussions.

Caller ID

I: hi, this is suresh. I just got call from this number
other side (OS): oh yeah, I had got a call from your number
I: oh really? this is weird. I never called this number
OS: I know, but it's ok, not a problem
I: there must have been some kind of confusion, I just got home
OS: not a problem, take care
I: you too, bye

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