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I had mentioned in my previous about my podcasts, I’ll just include the flash players here, so that you can listen to them from here. All the podcasts here are in Tamil Tamil Podcast.

Thotti jaya pola kevalamana padam paakradhu, pathuttu vandhu comment adikradhu, idhellam ellarum panradhu dhan. Adhaye dhan naanum panni irukken. By the way, the boy in the picture is the comic character Suppandi. Well it's not all that explicity really, the word that I have used (ma**ru)is actually used in a lot of movies (and i've used it only once). But I'll give the warning anyway!

Autograph and Thavamai Thavamirundhu have been regarded as some of the best movies in recent times. Are those movies really worth all those praises? I think they are two movies that are a bit over-rated by our generation (people in their 20s and 30s). I enjoyed this rant, it was quite relieving for me, but I think it'll give you the opposite feeling :p.

This may not be interesting to those who are in their teens or 30s. I recorded this podcast when I felt exteremely nostalgic, not about home, but about my past, my childhood; my childhood which started and got over in the 80s. It was then we had Doordarshan, just Doordarshan, TV ads that keep sreaming the product's name end to end, 'mile sur mera tumhara', goldspot, sprint and a bunch of things that were unique to the 80s.
Of course I would be romanticizing if I say everything was pure and innocent back then, for it seems special simply because it is associated with my past. In any case you might enjoy it.

Disclaimer: The main segement of this podcast was recorded long back, when I hadn't acquired any "recording skills". So please excuse the annoying "blows" and "puffs".

The podcast could be boring, so if you decide to skip, try minutes: 1-3, 15-25

The following podcast was a reaction to a small incident in my university. My angry reaction to that incident brought back some old memories of my life; it threw light on the hidden sexism behind some of the setups I had to live through, try it.

Listen to the rest of the episodes (if you’re interested) from:

And then there are my podcasts based on Cho’s Mahabaratham pesukiradhu (not my favourite but more popular than my other podcasts). I’ll just give the link for the episodes and the player for the first episode.

Listen to the rest of the episodes (if you’re interested) from:

It's sad that there aren't many Tamil podcasts that deal with subjects other than "interview with a celebrity" or "how to make paruppu rasam".


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