Toon Teaser 3: Charlie Brown goes 'metal'


Princess of Arabia said...

Hi Suresh,

I've read ur review on Aval Apadithan in mouthshut. It impressed me.

How come you are not writing reviews these days ?

Suresh said...

Hi 'Gal',

I wrote a review (if you can call it that) on the movie because it's my all time favourite Tamil movie. It had a lot to offer, as a movie, as an art form that expresses itself in a feminist perspective etc. There are very few movies of that kind (many of them KB's) and almost none in recent times.
Of course, when there's a lot of hype about a movie and if I happen to not like it, I go on ranting about it (in voice). You can try my podcasts if you're interested (I mean the ones about movies).

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