Sivaji vaayila mannangatti

Sivaji's trailer gave out everything the movie makers were trying to keep in secret for a long time. Of course, it doesn't include the fact that 'Shankar + Rajini = masala trash' was always known - not many would have guessed otherwise. It's just that more people feel shameless enough to openly admit that they are looking forward to watching Rajini's masala than Vijay or Ajith's.

Rajini is almost like religion: anything goes if he does it. Because he's been doing it for a long time, with people's apparent approval. But I, for what it's worth, will say what I feel: It's disgusting, it's irritating and it's high time idiots stopped pretending like he's got an aura. My interest in this movie is just like my interest in religion -- they both follow an inexplicable pattern of idiotic following, almost unquestioned.

Anyway, I saw the trailer and I thought of predicting how the plot is going to unravel. That's what I've done in this podcast (partly). Then there's some Rajini bashing in the end (how about that for a "commercial" podcast?).


Sowmya said...

hello suresh

Ennikaathu , entha vishayathaiyathu, nalla irukku nu sollirupeengala.naan intha podcostkkaka sollala.unga product ellame enna puthusa sollida poguthu..! nalla illa nu solla porarar nu guess panra alavukku than ella podcost um irukku.athukku kaaranam enna nu neengale kooda intha podcost la sollirukeenga.

"Yarum kelvi ketkarathu illa..otthukaranga appdingara kaaranathunala thaan neenga kelvi ketkareengala.."...illa..ungalukku ketka thonuthu athanala ketkaren nu ketkareengala..

ithu maathiri kelvigal kettu , mathavangalukku entha vithathula vizhipunarvu varum nu neenga ethir parkareenga..illana..unga kovathai theerthukara vazhiya intha podcost la unga karuthai solreengala.

Gasquet Fan said...


I think that Suresh holds back a little too much. And sometimes he is unnecessarily apologetic about his views. And so on. So your view/complaint doesn't stick.

Suresh actually finds the words in tamil to express what I feel. So I am happy to listen to his podcasts when I agree with what he says.

What I don't agree here is his contention about 19yr old heroines dancing with Rajni. Suresh, that is Shankar's only chance at redemption for the crap he dishes. Atleast let us watch Shriya. I fell in love with her and will not get into any argument about how beautiful she really is.

And the imaginary story was terrible. I am sure the movie will be worse. Speaking of which I watched V for Vendetta yesterday. Atleast it had an idea that is clear. I thought of how immature Shankar makes those movies on corruption.

Gasquet Fan said...

"Makkal blue film potta pappaanga" Perfect a sonne. I have to say this to fuckers around me who argue about Chiranjeevi. In the last five years, I can name only 3 films that I liked in Telugu and Chiranjeevi's contribution to all the trash that Telugu films dish out is significant.

The Individualist said...

V for vendetta, I thought, was strikingly similar to Tamil movies in many areas. But Shankar movies or V for Vendetta? Hell, V for Vendetta, any day!
As for the Rajni bashing, well, for the poverty struck layman or for the hopelessly stagnating middle-class individual, who probably will live like that for his entire life, those three hours of his Superhero doing all those stunts and achieving all those goals that he only dreams of, probably offers him some respite and hell, probably even gives him a ray of hope in his life. I don't think the quality of the plot or the quality of the cinematography matters to him, as am sure, neither would the copied background score nor the cliched sequences. Sometimes, I even get the feeling that they badly wait for those very sequences that you or I scoff at.
Show them an 'Aval Appadithaan' and they'll probably sleep in fifteen minutes. Show them a Baashaa and they'll yell enthusiastically through the course of the movie. Am probably being very judgmental in saying all this, but well, that's what I think and I also think it's not too far off the mark.
And will I call them idiots? Yeah, with the education that I have and with the money that I have and with all my acquaintances and with blah blah and with the taste that I have acquired owing to the all the above, yeah, I'd call them idiots, though with a tinge of sympathy. Will I call Rajni an idiot? Well, no. He only caters to their needs and makes money out of it.

The Individualist said...

It's like what Vijay says in response to accusations of coming up with the same shoddy masala movies, isn't it? "I make money out of what I do. I wouldn't make as much money if people didn't enjoy my movies. I don't want to take the risk of experimenting and coming up with a product that they won't like. When my masala movies don't run anymore and fail to make money, I shall experiment."

Thiru said...

all well said... but what is the use? Unless the society changes massively in their living conditions you can't expect a change in their taste to appreciate quality.

Sekar said...

Hi Suresh,

It's heartening to see(hear) someone who has a similar opinion(Well, it's a fact anyway)

I think, Rajini is the sole if not the major perpetrator of this malignant phenomenon that destroyed the sensibility of our people from what it was in old days when they not only accepted but celebrated movies like 'Mudhal Mariyathai' to what it is now. He has unconsciously(or perhaps consciuosly) trodden this path(or rather made to tread by the unethical businessmen and irresponsible directors) in the process has victimized the wonderful artist in him who would have been our answer to Robert De Niro. We have to accept that he had a unique style that he imprinted on almost all the characters -be it positive be it negative- that he enlivened. But, seeing what he had come to now, one feels more pity than anger for him.

It's not all. He had inspired these shit heads(simbu, vijay et all) who assiduously try to tread the same path as he did. Only Heaven knows whether they know how socially irresponsible their deeds are. And they have their obvious truce."People like our films".we only wonder If you do whatever the people want you to do, are you an artist or a prostitute?"

There is no truth in blaming the audience. The same if not poorer audience had accepted the films of BaluMahendra and Barathiraja.
Ofcourse, we cant expect our audience to appreciate 'The 400 blows' or 'Aval Appadithan'. Thinking about 'Aval Appadithan', i wonder if it did well commercially. I saw that movie only two years back and it was a sort of revelation to me because i had always thought that our movies lacked depth. It's true that some directors like Bharathiraja, Balachandar and BaluMahendra had done some wonderful works of art within commercial confines. But, most of their works are either shallow or incomplete. But, this film was so complete, be it the content, be it the cast, be it the direction that it could compete with any art film abroad. But. I personally felt that the film would have been well over the heads of most of our audience.

I feel the problem is mainly because of lack of film appreciation because films like Sivaji are waited upon not only by the uneducated and fanatic fans but also by those who are better off(the so called A class audience).I don't know what to expect out of a Shankar film that too with Rajini in the lead. The fact that it is a Shankar film makes the story pretty obvious and the execution will definitely be third rate. I feel even watching these films on screen is in itself an irresponsible thing. Even people like Mathan(I saw his review of the film Chandramukhi in Vijay TV) are dumb enough to suggest that the fact it's a Rajini film makes it worth watching once. I never understand how artist becomes superior to art itself..A course om film appreciation(just like literature) in schools would help to a certan extent, I think. May be, I sound a bit over-reacting. But, seeing the impact films, have on our lives, it's worth while to do so. The kind of hatred and violence that these movies show case are not suitable for our audience.

Gasquet Fan said...


I don't see why you have to feel sorry for them. They are idiots if they care more about a person on screen than their daily bread. That's all there is to it. Any amount of education or wealth doesn't do any good.


I don't think we need any drastic change in the society for the sake of having good movies. Movies may only be a means to an end, which can be a desirable society.

Anonymous said...

blame it on SP. Muthuraman who also got the best from him. Later he used Rajini for few potboilers. Other producers cashed in. Finally, Rajini the actor was dead and Rajini 'the living joke' was born!

Gasquet Fan said...

I am not sure about this discussion on who to blame, the audience or the artist.

It should be clear that artists are to blame. From my observation, I realised that the reason they act in films is not to make money (after a certain point in their career). In fact I consider movie making as one of the most wasteful businesses to involve oneself in. That is why I never understand the extreme commercialism in Vijay movies. I am sure his earnings from movies would be less than 10% of his entire wealth. I am speculating ofcourse with parallels I find in Telugu film industry.

The only reason I can think of for existence of these kind of movies are to brainwash people. To provide means to make influential contacts and hence make much more money than they could ever make out of movies.

So all this "they like it, so they get it" is absolute nonsense.

Durga said...

i've got pre-booked tickets to the movie for the 15th. haha..

But ey neeyum naanum, Rajini movie June 30th? (if u can wait so long without watching it)

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Shankar says... "We go to Singapore... England... we see clean roads, no corruption... but in India we dont.. why?"

We could ask the same question to Shankar... you go around the world, we see people making different kinds of movies... but Shankar alone makes the same movie again.. and again... and again... AND again.

Suresh said...


This is the usual question (or criticism) I'm asked. The simple answer is, yes, many times. But I can't do podcasts or blogposts just so that they are "diverse." As if that will give my views more credibility.

As for why? Well, that's how I react. We can probably pyschoanalyse why I react that way I do (if the reasons you can get from my product isn't satisfactory, that is). And my products are aimed at "social reform" necessarily. I just want to shout my views loud so that others' views, that are similar, get reinforced.


Shreya is a konakaal koothukaari. Watch her legs again, especially in 'Enakku 20 Unakku 18.'


I think this has been discussed this a lot of times here (especially under the 'I hate these people' post's comments). And it's become common to mention the LCD -- the poor, the busy daily wager -- for everything. They are not the ones who logon to youtube to leave stupid comments or create websites titled "" And they are definitely not the ones who would listen to this podcast or a read a blog post that calls them idiots.


The society at large may not change soon or ever unless people who have the power to humiliate bad products do exactly that.


Thanks for the detailed comment. The thing about 'Aval Appadithan' was that it's a very simple realistic docu-drama. It had budding actors who were willing to experiment. Their wages would have been the only real expense. It didn't have to be a commercial success. I think it would have made just about enough money to break even if not make any profit. And a similar movie made today will make a good % profit if only it's marketed well. Take 'Bheja Fry' for example, 90% of the movie happens within four walls. It's a very average comedy with a ripped off script. It was made with 50 Lakhs and it has already made close to 8 crores. Tamil film industry badly needs a wing that is relatively independent from the union and all the other nonsense that deter creativity.

You're right: movie analysis should be a part of the school curriculum. An academic understanding of movies is very essential in my opinion - at least in some level. I think it's a lot more relevant and worthwhile than deconstructing 'Silapathigaram'or 'Pandian Parisu.'


Paakalam. :p


Hahaha. May be that's the point: he won't stop till we (or at least one of us) rise against him. He's actually preparing us for artistic revolution.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Don't you think it is ironic that two of the most expensive movies made in TN history, are about improving the standard of living in TN, yet NOT A PAISA of the vasool goes towards the betterment of the same society?

Bala (Karthik) said...

Haven't listened to the podcast yet. Will do it later tonight.
For now, let me just say that its a freakin big relief to read posts like these. Thank you :)

That comment to Sudhir was spot on!
ethanai naalaikku dhaan LCD-kittaye buck-a pass pannuvaanga?

And for all that talk about Rajini *was a great actor* who has chosen this path (as though he is a VICTIM), Rajini was never a *great* actor. He was always a one-dimensional actor who was good in acting in stylized negative roles. He sizzled in films like Aval Appadithaan, but that's about it.

P.S: unga sila karuthukkaLudan vErupAdum undu. Not that it matters :)
anyway, thats for another day

The Individualist said...

If you're only against those people who are educated enough to browse the internet and listen to podcasts, then, yeah, I agree that they are stupid and I admonish them for being what they are.
But as am sure you know, the rasigar mandram fans and the thousands that flock to see a Rajni so as to cheer him to glory needn't exactly have internet access and are probably not the ones who create What about those? Isn't their poverty and the blah blah reasons for they being what they are and for having the taste that they do? Am sorry if this has already come under discussion and you are starting to think, 'Ah christ. Yet another one with this argument.'

Bala (Karthik) said...

The Individualist,
Why this dichotomy between experimental movies (or actually movies that are not crappy) and commercial success? Does Vijay think experimental movies have never run? Or are all successful movies masala craps, by his logic? So, Vijay saarukku endha padam odum nu correct-a theriyuma? That's why he has never given flops in his career?? hah, the list is looooooong........... :)

The Individualist said...

In recent times, I can't think of one Vijay movie that flopped. And when I say flopped, I mean the inability to garner the amount spent to make the movie. And anyway, am not siding by him. Am merely saying that as long as it continues to have commercial success and as long as people throng the halls to watch such movies and as long as he is approached by dozens of producers and directors to direct the same shoddy movies, one cannot expect him to change from acting in 'formula' movies. Something that he unflinchingly mentions, everytime an interviewer quips with the 'Why don't you act in 'different' movies?'

Anonymous said...

i think suresh dealt with it in the cast..vijay, rajini, etc know dat dey r goin 2 giv substandard films..dey expect it 2 b bashed by ppl nd accepted by deir end users..but juz dat f its rajini da name behind dis crap..ppl dont trash it..and f v do!..his fans will threaten and disrespect u and ur family with abuses..dis s da general scenario..

Bala (Karthik) said...

"I can't think of one Vijay movie that flopped"
It's difficult to believe that you don't know that Vijay (his father mainly) makes his films "run" even if the operator is the only one watching it. This is a 'legend' in TN, especially Chennai.
Here goes. (Recent times):
Aadhi - Monstrous flop
Sachein - Flop (stretched for 200 days but mostly without audience)
Sukran - flop
Madurae was average/flop but projected as a hit.

Thirumalai - Average
Thirupachi - Superhit
Sivakasi - Hit
Pokkiri - Superhit

Sorry for the digression

Escape.... Great Escape said...

I do not quite agree to the idea that Rajini started this mindless trend in masala movies. MGR movies were no better. They had similar storylines, rich girl poor boy.. evil father - bash-up movies. They were masala movies in their own right plus it had a political agenda to it too.

And do not please talk about those remakes of Do Ankhen Bara Haath and Yaadon ki baarath.

The Individualist said...

Aadhi is the only movie that I agree didn't run for too long. As for the rest, they all were hits that made more money than was spent. The first few weeks is what decides if the movie's a hit or not. And almost all Vijay movies run to packed houses during that period. Something that seals the fate of the movie. It's quite irrelevant if it is then forcibly run for two hundred more days without an audience because by that time, the movie makers have made the money that they spent and more.
Anyway. The point is that unless they fail to make money, Vijay and Rajni'll continue to exploit the people.
And it's quite difficult to expect the thousands to have the 'refined' taste that you or I possess. Education and poverty plays a major part. And we know how developed we are in both those areas.
So, yeah, we can go on calling them names. Idiots. Stupid people. That they are. And they'll continue to be. And we know what causes them to be.

Prabhu S said...


You are right..but I tend to concur more with what Sudhir had written..

Suresh said...


I'll link you to one of the comments I had mentioned earlier. Run through this. I'll quote a line from that comment:
"This is what my friend was referring to as fetishizing the poor. The "poor." Because they are poor they gain a "credibility," an immunity - "oh don't you criticize the poor." All of us doing what the circumstances and environment allows us to do".
To address your comment again: I think it's a falsely conceived idea - that the poor get into the theatres to watch some nonsense. Something that will let them "escape the trouble of their daily lives". This notion has long been circulated with no proof whatsoever. There's not been a qualitative study or even a one page survey done to understand this. So everybody throws out random theory. Results don't explain phenomena. It's just connecting random dots that seem to give the 'right' picture. I think you should see Director Mahendran's interview in He gives a very satisfactory (imo) answer to this question. He says, "watching movies is very casual, habitual activity for a lot of people. They go their friends place, they talk for sometime and then they go to a movie, sit there in a A/C hall for sometime. Most of the time they don't even care what's on screen. They don't think about it."
You should watch the whole interview yourself.

So anyway, being poor doesn't mean that I'll refrain from criticizing them. Keralites have their share of poor too. They aren't hero worshipping anyone or churning out a hundred masala movies every year. Intellectual depravity is not explained by economic poverty (though the reverse is often true).

That's the thing. I never really cared so much about these people as long as they shut their pie holes about "delivering social message" in TV interviews. But no! They have the bloody nerve to be shameless posers and none of the interviewers would question it. I can imagine the possible answer though: "we as artists try to spend our money in creating art that brings about social reform. We don't necessarily have to spend the money directly on the people. Social reform as an end is what matters, not the means." idheppudi irukku? :p


I recommend Mahendran's interview (in to you too. You need to create an account but it's free (as of now).

Anonymous said...

luk @ 1 f da best reviewers.. even he cud praise it.. u fools can keep moanin..prejudiced ass!

The Individualist said...

Oh no. I never ask you not to criticise them because they're poor. I only mention why they're what they are.
To quote myself,
"So, yeah, we can go on calling them names. Idiots. Stupid people. That they are. And they'll continue to be. And we know what causes them to be."
From our standpoint, we can sport a smirk against all of them.
From their standpoint, they'll probably never understand why you enjoy an Aval Appadithaan so much and why you are so much against a Sivaji.
I understand that no qualitative studies or one page surveys have been done to establish the idea that a poor man has more chances of possessing an unsophisticated taste in comparison with a rich man. But do you really need qualitative studies or one page surveys to hold that idea? Can't one safely reason that a poor man is more concerned about satiating the basic needs of his life than about art and its quality? Isn't the latter, more often than not, the subject of a prosperous man's discussion? And considering that one's economic status and education is directly proportional to each other, isn't it easy to conclude that a poor man'd have an unrefined taste in such matters, since a refined artistic taste is heavily dependent upon one's education? You can quote exceptions. But again, exceptions are just that. Exceptions.
As for Kerala, we all know that it boasted of a higher literacy rate than most states a while back. When all those 'quality' movies were made. We can now see that with their literacy rate degrading, the quality of the movies are too, aren't they?

Suresh said...

anon (who quoted sudhish) - aama van oru periya mayirandi, solla vantan. saathikkittu pode dei!

Sudhir - never mind.

The Individualist said...

I got on your nerves, did I? If I did, I didn't mean to.

Suresh said...

nah, nothing like that. It's just that I didn't feel like replying on the lines of the direction the discussion has moved to. If you thought I got pissed because of my reply to anon, it's a very simple and short response to morons like him. nothing to do with you. ;)

The Individualist said...

Oh, okay, then. A 'never mind' just sounded too terse for my earlier rambling. Stung a bit, that's all. But yeah, I see what you mean.

Anonymous said...

yeppa..soltaru vignani..dei..unakku yenna vanduchu? smart ass talk s easier. Whatever Mr.Individualist said s true. ppl luv it man...its nt just fr dem..Sivaji luks spectacular wit slick shots....Rajini luks great n bald getup...dey hav used time slicing doesn cum cheap lik oder vijay r ajith films..its a confidence booster fr ppl especially dark and poor guys to hear dialogues like "vellaiya poranda aluku ayiduva". ..thalaivar can nly give such moments and dialogues.. cud ne1 do da same? nee solli paaru..yaar paarkuraanganu paarppom!

Viswa said...

hi Suresh,
I visited ur blog for the first time in the last week and I am enjoying all ur podcasts and ur useful tips in the cooking videos! I only wish there r more people like u doing social commentary.

Anu said...

Deivame! :)

Anonymous said...

Dai Suresh,
Nee enna periya solliti neeya sirikira?Unnaku enna periya guessing king-nu ninaipa.Enna scene podriya (that u r going to come to india to watch the movie).overseas intha vantha nee enna periya king-a.poda

U r talking about shankar trying to give message in every movie wat the hell u try to do here.Dont try to comment on others without knowing exactly wat u r doing.

Nee unmaila aambaila iruntha un address-a kudu.I will come and meet u and give u wat u deserve.

Suresh said...

Point 1: Shankar movies aren't free. My podcasts are.
Point 2: There is no message in this podcast. I bash some people up and people who like to hear it, do.

(without knowing if I am one, enna mayithukku "dei suresh"nu koopudra? adiye suresh'nu koopturka vendiyadhan dhana da koomutta?). So nan aambalaya illaya appudingara araichi ellam appuram pannalam, ni modhalla oru peru vechu comment vidu.

adhan anoynymous'a post panra, appuram enna ""? mulusa type senja reputation poiruma? anonymous pasangalukku edhukku reputation pathina kavalai ellam?

unna maari vetti naingala kanda enakku romba bayam dhan. so address ellam thara mudiyadhu, poi engayachum thoon irundha muttiko.

Note: indha maari vera evanachum comment vittinganna adhukku reply varaadhu. This is the last one.

kumar said...

dai potta,
unnaiya dai kupita unaku koram varuthu.U will tease everyone with vada ,poda n u laugh for ur own ideas.No one knows u outside ur home and u behave as u r the president of the nation.Fuck u.

I will give my address and if u have guts give urs.U talk as if shankar is only giving messages in his film .y the hell u give the same when no one asked u a tip to change the society.Whenever i hear ur smile i want to kill u. vignani nee solriya enniaya vetti naiye-nu ,states irunthu nee tamil padatha pathi message anupra nee busy pun... naan vetti naye.un pechu mathiri un logic-kum semma weight machi.

ennada potta reply panna matta,naanun new jersey than irukan address sonnina unnaiya thara thappatai oda vanthu parpen.
Innama veetla pondattiki samayal senchama,ava lingerie wash panama mattum iruku.Time waste panni blog post ellam panni un karumathiki naal kurikatha.

Anonymous said...

Hello Suresh,
I really appreciate your so called Guts....You know one thing people doesn't have the back bone and who wants cheap publicity only talk about hot topics and get noticed....Illa na unna sorry ungala oru naayum monthu kooda paakathu.... So followers of Mr.Suresh please try to be matured...I really pity...because he is still a 15 year old boy (if at all he is a boy)

Anonymous said...

I agree to you....Intha payyan ellam chinna vayasula veral soopikittu veetla ammovada mathyanam viluthugal paathuttu...night ellarum thoonginappuram midnight masala paathutu irupaan...inga vanthu peria ivanattam paesuvan....vidu da ivan sonna enna antha padam odama poida pogutha..." Oru koodai sunlight"a paathu Naai kolaikkuthunu vidu da...ivanellam oru manushanaa mathichi comment elluthathe...

appa suresu....buthisali pooo....nee muthalla un samana sathikkitu iru...vartaa....

Anonymous said...

Suresh rasa,
pocket -la nallu dollar patha udana nee tamil cinema pathi comment panra.Shankar and rajini wont teach u how to write a program without urinating ur pants(which u do all time i guess,this is similar to ur guess abt this movie) and for hell sake u dont teach them how to make a commercial movie.
As ur podcasts r free u can say watever u want but without insulting millions.nee enna parthiban rasigana unnoda nalluku(the way u think it is) neeya sirikura.
Unnaku cinema vita entha velliayum kidaiyathu and i will sum up my thoughts
u had gone thru rediff and u talk about shriya kumkum
u had listened rajini's interview n number of times and u say occurrence of words in order.
I want to write everything,but i cant listen u audio for 5's irritating.

u had gathered all news abt him to blast him to gain cheap publicity.U shld have guts when u comment on certain things.If u think u r filled with that u give address to kumar and he is right guy to teach u lesson.

Suresh said...

Ok, since you are so desperate, here's my address:

Number aaru, Vivekanandar theru,
Amerikka main roadu, Amerikka kurukku sandhu. Amerikka - aaru latchathu muppathi ettu.
(pin kurippu: America bus-stand'la "vettiya oorukku ubadhesam panra Suresh'oda veedu edhu?" appudinu keta ellarum vali solluvanga)

Armpit, oops, New Jersey'la irundhu romba pakkam dhan.

P.S. From a simple anonymous to a random Kumar, you've really made a big leap. Bravo!

The Individualist said...

'(pin kurippu: America bus-stand'la "vettiya oorukku ubadhesam panra Suresh'oda veedu edhu?" appudinu keta ellarum vali solluvanga)'

Anonymous said...

sooper macha..i like ur podcast..honest attempt

Gasquet Fan said...

The best thing to do under these circumstances is to make copies of Sivaji in 1000's and just distribute it free through small 'tent kottai' all over Madras.

And watch who gets there first. The police or the fans. If I was in Madras, I shall work to make sure that everybody associated with this film loses money.

kumar said...

Suresh Hero(Thats wat u think of urself),
Antha sirupuke unnaya oil-a posukanum.
sir tirunelveli pola.nee comedy panran perla unnake kevala paduthikira.(vettiya oorukku ubadhesam panra Suresh'oda veedu edhu?")
Sir US ena vadivelu (unga dialogue vara padathil) panna vella panniringa pola.Ahthukuthan hint thareengala.
Nee kandippa US iruka mata,u will be roaming somewhere in the roads of bangalore or chennai.U think urself a hero,isn't it ?then y cant u post ur address.If u have guts .then we can solve this issue face to face without any third party interference.

Busy-nu solli malupatha.

Suresh said...

cha cha I was high on pot, adhan sirippu thaanga mudeela. mathapadi nan chinna payyan.

aana neenga pesradha paatha periya serial rapist'a iruppeenga pola (adhan edukeduthaalum "ni amabalaya?" appudinu kekreenga. American History X'la varra nettai vasthaadhu mari iruppeengalo?).

unga comment padikkum podhe enakku odamebellam nadungudhu. nerla paatha moothram penjuruven, appuram unga shoe veena poidum.

PS. Kumar is not a fictional character that I created in order to amuse others.

murthy said...

enna suresh, ni pona podcast'la sonna mari sila per correct respond pannirkangale.

podcast vida your replies to kumar are super funny. but really, did you post those yourself?

Spongebob said...

This is one of the poor podcast from you in recent times. The reason is not Rajni or Sivaji trailor; but your uniquness on giving an indepth view was blatantly missing. It sounded me very shallow except for the last couple of minutes.

Durga said...

I found a profound quote that may piss u off. hehe

"...the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic-the man who actually does the work,
even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done." Franklin D. Roosevelt(1891)

Anonymous said...

Roosevelt must have been on dope. I heard he craps a lot. But this is the worst I've ever heard.

Suresh said...


sathiyama solren, Kumar nan illa.


I wouldn't disagree with you. But this is one of my trash-talk podcasts. It's not new. I started with one and there'll be more like this. Can't help it. But I'll make sure that I don't try to portray it otherwise.


FDR has said some really stupid things, thanks for finding a good example.

Anonymous said...

if kumar is indeed a real person.why don't kumar put his address/real photo/real email etc..

still think this is suresh's new prank.

reg. FDR..
etha potaalum ,pesama thinga ithu enna hostel saapada.


Suresh said...

{{etha potaalum ,pesama thinga ithu enna hostel saapada}} - ROFL! illa idhenna Satyabama college'a?

Thilak pratap selva kumar said...

Oru padathukku ivalo comments-a? And to say, Suresh is all about movies. LOL. I think, he is way too patient answering few dickheads and living up with this bullshit. But suresh, please stick to movies, a great 'commercial' strategy to evoke interest and eventually they get to hear and read your old 'gems'. Like how Aandavar keeps doing a 'vettaiyadu velaiyadu' and then a Dasa. :-D

Aduvum indha madiri Veriyans kitta irundu abuse varum-nu avarukku theriyum, aana Kumar yaen ipidi mokkai poduraaru! Mr.Kumar, why don't you list out all the 'flawed' views in Suresh's podcast. Neenga 'theotherSuresh'-nu slight-a doubt varudu :-D

Rajini 'the actor' is dead for a longtime. But, he is one of the most clever, crooked and contrived marketer. Pinna inda madhiri oru padai-yae vechu irukaaru! Suresh ada arumaiya "an inexplicable pattern of idiotic following" solitaaru. :)

Anonymous said...

Normal tamil movies in US costs 10$.

Look at sivaji..
Rajini saapida en kitta valikaranuka..

June 16, 2007 @ 1:30 PM VENUE:
12232 Totem Lakeway
Kirkland, WA

Ticket Type Price
ADULT $16.00
CHILD $9.00

enna kodumai sir ithu..

Gasquet Fan said...

Arivuketta Anon,

Why pay $10 or $16? I will upload it for you on google videos or metacafe or dailymotion. The pirate copies should be floating around within the first three days.

The Individualist said...

Maybe it isn't just about watching the movie. Maybe it's about watching the movie in a theatre.

sowmya said...

thamizhagam yen urupadama pochu nu ivlo post intha podcost ku parthappo than thonuthu..!

Thilak pratap selva kumar said...


"thamizhagam yen urupadama pochu nu ivlo post intha podcost ku parthappo than thonuthu..!"

unfortunately true. Not just his other podcasts. His podcast on "Aval appidi thaan"-ku ivalo comments vanda parava illa, sandoshama iruppOm.. parunga yedukku madippu, expectation and hype irukku-nu!

Gasquet Fan said...

I am enjoying it. Where is Kumar?

Durga said...

There is difference between being critical and cynical.

I think that's what most ppl are tying to say abt ur Sivaji pod.

But then again, they don't know your sense of humour...So it's understandable

g3p said...

rajinis muvies r 2 entertain.. i m goin fr FDFS $12. nd i m sure it wil b worth it.

aazad said...

ippidi ellam unnai thituvan appidinu ninachiya,chi chi naanga ellam unmayana thalaivar fans.appidi ellam unnai thitti unnai mathiri oru kp imp kuduka virumbale.engai irunthalum ithu mathiri veliyele sollikitu thiriyadhe ellaram ennai mathiri iruka matanga.ok.

Priya said...

Great podcast. Really enjoyed it. Rajini thatha deserves such bashing!! haha:) Seriously, that's how I call him.

Anonymous said...

konjam mariyaathayaa pesalaame

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