Just wanted to post this as a filler until I make a real post.


anudivya said...

Pscyhed me out... I thought it was a non-stick pan at first! My bad.
Nice video, nice recipe and finally it made its appearance. You rock Suresh!

Sudhir said...

Shouldn't have seen it, first thing in the morning. Hungry now. Grrr.
And not that I've gambolled along with you for years, but seems to me that you've put on weight. -envious.

Ranjani said...

Awesome video- WOW you talk really fast:)
Never heard of shredded paranthas with onions and tomatoes...going to give this a shot- thanks for sharing!

In Want of Being Me said...

First class recipe, sure looks delicious !

For some reason, I couldn't hear the audio, has to be something at my end.

Also, I am toying around with my template, I like yours. Which one is this ?

Suresh said...

Anu - thanks.

Sudhir - Actually I've reduced after gaining quite a bit of weight. But yeah, I might be slightly bigger than in my last video.

Ranjani - Sure do, you'll like it.

IWBM - I started with a blogger template and then started customizing the CSS script. I've done so much "customization" that it's completely different from the parent structure. I can share the code with if you want (it's not bug free, though).

In Want of Being Me said...

You modified the CSS script ! I thought you were in Sociology. Now, you are a socio-techy. :)

Ok, I'd like to have a look at that if you don't mind. I don't know CSS scripting, but assume, it wouldn't be all that difficult.

Many Thanks.

anudivya said...

Suresh, I have been meaning to ask you... I saw one of your videos where you made dosai, and in between you were spraying the bottom of the pan with water. If you mentioned why you did that in your video, I missed it... :(

And won't that warp the pan?

Suresh said...

IWBM – haha, my knowledge about coding is quite rudimentary. But I know just enough to take some quick lessons online, whenever I have to, and get little stuff done.

Can you please leave me a test mail? englishtamil at gmail dot com. I’ll mail you the script.

Anu – I do mention why I do it: it’s to bring the temperature of the pan down while retaining the thin coat of oil that’s necessary. Doing it on top disperses the oil out of the pan and you may have to re-grease it before you pour/spread your dosa. Again, it’s only beginners. Others can just go on the fly, one after the other.

Warping: You’re right; doing so may not be advisable for light weight pans (you can still try it once to see if it has an irreversible effect).

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