Groundbreaking Material

I was listening to Sarah Silverman on Q earlier this morning. She noted that her brand of humour draws its inspiration from her swearing when she was a toddler. She said her dad used to teach her swear words for the fun of it and all others would react positively and laugh when she mouthed them. As she grew up it's her gender that took that toddler’s place – extrapolating a little here. It's somewhat shocking for a man to do/say ‘those’ things, but it’s outrageous when it’s a woman (outrageously funny, too, quite often). Her approach to political humour is often to assume the bigoted ignoramus and make exaggerated arguments for/against something ('uncle' Ruckus from The Boondocks is a good archetype). It is subversive but more importantly it avoids the self righteous tone that could subdue the critique's potency.

Meanwhile comedians in Tamil television continue to do groundbreaking material by impersonating 'Rajini sir' and 'Kamal sir'.


Anonymous said...

Listened to the interview myself. Some thought-provoking comments by her. She was pretty accurate about some double-standards on TV, the comedy field, etc.

But, I don't think the Tamil audience, for various reasons, could accept the same brand of comedy associated with America. Besides, comedy as well as most things, is hugely influenced by film culture in Tamilnadu.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't self righteous tone sometimes add potency to the critique?

Doesn't subversive jokes mostly cause outright dismissal of the critique?

Just wondering...

Priya said...

Though, this comment may not be relevant to the post, Im writing here to reach you. Why have you stopped doing podcast? I accidentally came across your podcast link when searching for some audio books.. And it has been one week now. Each and every recording of yours was interesting to me.. I have heard almost 50% of them and when I think that it is going to get over soon, I feel like the radio station which was so interesting to me was suddenly shut down. Will you be doing recording to do podcast anymore? By the way, you have a powerful tone.


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