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Caught in infinite self-reflexivity -- on my possible unlterior motives and enquiries on how 'I ' could be perceived -- and recursive disclaimers I am not able to say anything about anything. 'Gasquet Fan' once observed that I had become less opinionated. It's almost accurate. Because, it's not necessarily that I've become less opinionated but I am less open to expressing it to everyone. I don't know if it's me or the vocabulary of the 'everyday conversation' has become so much more pretentious in the last 3, 4 years. Even this very assertion (and others like this) invariably comes with a tinge of pretentiousness -- "so what are you? the 'real deal'?" I ask myself, or I hear from my imaginary critics. And this is where it goes into an endless spin of substantiation and clarification. In this era of information saturation everyone 'knows' everything. Some, in spite of that realization, write stuff like this (blogpost), to somehow differentiate themselves.

I had written till the end of the last paragraph last week and stopped. Conincidentally, TVO had a discussion on 'The Authenticity Hoax'. Don't agree with a lot of what the author says (well addressed by some of the panelists) but it's just the kind of second hand 'wisdom' needed to publish this post:


chandana easwaramurthy said...

got reminded of ur podcast in one which you say "I" is a totally fluid concept. why aren't you audio podcasting anymore?

Anonymous said...

Suresh, this is unrelated but I thought it'd be interesting to get your thoughts.

Prasad Venkataramana said...

Sorry - off the topic: What do you think of Wikileaks?

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since you published a roast. Is it a conscious decision or just lost interest?

Suresh said...

Chandana: I'll publish a podcast before of the end of week (no, really, I just have to edit it).

Anon1: I agree with the author on the following points:
1. The maoists face a predicament. If not now, soon will.
2. Identity politics can and should only used as a temporary means to achieve a collective, concrete, class identity (which should at least transform an essentialist identity -- like caste -- into a quasi-political identity -- like dalits).

While the maoists’ approaching predicament calls for a thorough investigation of their praxis, it does not necessarily have to be directed towards merging into the mainstream (whose form could either be electoral or otherwise). For the very historic comparison invoked by Prabhat presents the case for the maoists to do the opposite of what he seems to suggest: "[CPI is] the most significant national force that exists in India today in defence of democracy, secularism, and modernity and the only consistent." The maoists would say, "that's exactly the point!" CPI, in spite of all its claims of anti-imperialism and what have you, was not able to stop Vedanta and other dozens of corporations who have been plundering from the tribes people's lands. It was the maoists (and their 'flawed' praxis) that was able to halt it at least temporarily.
The withering away of the CPI's ideological temerity and their irrelevance in today's mainstream polity over the last few decades only affirms the maoists' praxis.

Yes, the maoists are headed towards a dead end (or an indefinite deadlock) but they can still 'fix' a lot of things on the way.

PS. The article in general has a noticeably pro-India slant.

Prasad: In general, I'm all for it. But what we expect out of it should be measured. Except a handful of politicians (and media houses) there's been a unanimous call for Wikileaks' shutdown (and possibly imprison/kill Julian Assange) in the US. So what one can glean from it is that the US state, as a collective, has certain interests and it transcends political parties (nothing new). As far as the rest of the world is concerned the pro-American camp will state that even some of the damning stuff as necessary tactics to ensure American/global well being etc., and the Anti American camp 'knew' all this already. Locally, the Americans will still have to choose either Rep or Dem (and Obama was arguably best outcome yet and you know what he's been able to 'achieve'). Globally, America is the biggest super-power (i.e. consumer, military machine etc.), so they'll shut the fuck up after a while. Either way, Wikileaks will end up being inconsequential. Really, does anyone truly believe that Bush or Cheney will be prosecuted for war crimes or something?

Anon: Although films can be 'flawed' and vexing in so many different ways, Tamil films stick to the tried and tested modes. If what irritates one isn't new how could one rant about it new ways? I didn't consciously choose not to do roasts, but I could see myself getting monotonous (and aging could have something do too).

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