Day Dream: News Media Production and Consumption in India

This is a new podcast program titled pagal kanavu (day dream). The title is open to interpretation but it's generally supposed to reflect the broader motivation behind something like this. The program is done in colloquial Tamil [1].

In this episode:

I talk to writer, journalist, academic, activist Krishna Ananth about 'Radia Tapes' and try to understand the current milieu in which news media are produced and consumed in India and its wider implications. It was recorded about a month ago (I know). I've split the conversation into 3 parts for easy download/listening.

Edit: There seems to be a problem with the audio player embedded earlier (playing part 3 in all players even after editing it several times). I'll try to fix it soon, meanwhile please download and listen from below.

Part 1:

2'-8' 'Radia Tapes' scandal - a well known secret
9'-13' Press's erstwhile approach to corruption
17'-19' Public perception of conteporary news media; corporate power
20'-25 Media outlets' collusive attitude in corporate profiteering
29'-32' Media's actual clout
36'- II Media's contribution to public discourse

Part 2:

'1-6' Media's contribution to public discourse (contd.)
7'-10' People's contradictory expectation of 'real' news and its cynical dismissal
10'-13' Activists, NGOs and lack of alternatives
15'-21' The much apprciated virtues of corporate corruption and 'meritocracy'

Part 3:

1'-7' The 'educated youth'; why some of us complain? What's achieved?
8'-18' Would the marginalized people of urban India turn the Maoist way? Why/why not?
21'-23' The missing ingredient in a large scale anti-establishment movement
23'-29' State and demography of aspiring journalists (media producers).
(There's a small technical problem between 34'-34'40")

Download as mp3: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3.

1. It would probably sway between 'proper' Tamil sentences to complete sentences in English depending on the guest.


Anonymous said...

good to see podcast after a long time..haven't listened yet..


Hawkeye said...


for some reason google reader is not picking up the adio link/embedded player

Suresh said...

Don't know what's happening, Bharath. Tried to modify the player type, still the same. Put up download links for now.

Naveen said...

Suresh - Very insightful. Thanks for sharing.

Raj said...

Gr8 Interview Suresh! Very candid and clear views. Its a shame that such discussions never happen in mainstream media. Keep up the good work

Ananth said...

Excellent podcast/interview after a long time :) keep doing it!.

Did you get a chance to watch Thugluk's annual celebrations. watch when you get a chance. really good one.

Suresh said...

Naveen, Raj - Thanks.
Ananth - Thanks. I'm yet to watch it, but I really doubt if I'd share the same feeling.

Ananth said...

//Ananth - Thanks. I'm yet to watch it, but I really doubt if I'd share the same feeling.//
@Suresh: You don't have to share the same feeling :-). But surely would enjoy his humor.

Tamil Movies said...

such a nice post :) :)

Anonymous said...

Would love a contribution to my blog

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