On standing up to the State

Tweets from April 2016 (before the 2016 assembly elections):

In spite of the inherent flaws/problems in any form of nationalism, Tamil nationalism has deserved a decent mind to voice it and Anna, perhaps, came the closest. In Seeman’s hands, it’s just a travesty. He’s taken it to such ridiculous levels that no one would want to re-invent it anytime soon.

Keeping the merits of his ambitious plans aside, how does he plan on tackling the judiciary (and the looming art 356) if gets to power? At what point would he openly declare that India and TN cannot get along and we need to go our separate ways etc.? Doesn't he foresee it? Obviously I'm not talking about the individual, Seeman, here, but the ideology that seems to have some sway among the OBCs online.

Incidentally, the ones who have thought about that situation seem to be fine with an eventual 'violent' struggle, but not strong on details. And this has to be the Indian State machinery's greatest success: the disenchanted’s faculties are saturated by the impossibility of sustained resistance that they don’t venture into imagining the ways they could counter it systematically (the Maoists might qualify to be an exception).

Others continue to peddle the lie that things be done within the system. Except these are things that one couldn’t care less about when history is zoomed out to view decades and centuries together.

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