Peopal who is leaved motherland is no under standed what CHAK DE INDIA movie is it is. Only peopal who is has DESHPREM and DESHABHIMAN can surestly and sincirestly preys doesing this movie it is. THANK YOU .JAI HIND.


Jai said...

I did not know you will be so hatred to the NRI's. Being a NRI, I would like to clear one thing... though we have personal intention in coming out of India... it is because of us there is lot of money flowing in India and lot of investments happening for Infrastructure and other things... you could see that difference in our economy growth for past few years.

Durga said...

post= so true.

GasquetFan said...

durga = partly true.

Suresh said...

Guys, what's the matter with you? I posted it just because of his English. I thought it was hilarious. And you're trying to make sense out of it? Come on!

Anonymous said...

Well, you must have given an intro or soemthing saying that this was a Comment written by someone for a rediff article. Because the source link takes only to the article and the comment isnt there anymore, so people obviously thinks these comments were made by you, and seems like your readers arent that smart enough to figure out that such a bad english could come out of you.

The Individualist said...

Well, I, for one, found it condemnably hilarious.
And it's a load of dung, anyway.
'Surestly'. Sounds like your name, doesn't it? :p
And who 'preys'?
p.s. I really didn't think you'd written it. Just in case. :p

In Want of Being Me said...

Lol ! I did realize that it's somebody's comment that you posted and even funnier is that Jai taking it seriously ! Bhoo ha ha :))

But on the other hand, wat'dya think about this..

"it is because of us there is lot of money flowing in India and lot of investments happening for Infrastructure and other things..."

Is that true to it's entirety ?

Durga said...

gasquetfan...u obviously don't get sarcasm.
Thanks for playing, anyway.

GasquetFan said...

do you think joining the mormons church would help?

The Individualist said...

Does the seeming purposelessness and futility of one's life not get to anybody else at all? Or is it just me?
Yeah, I know, it's got nothing to do with the post.

Suresh said...

'being me',

There's obviously some truth to the claim that NRIs bring a lot of money to India (as 'investment' or bank deposits or whatever it is).
But I don't know about the "infrastructure" argument. Corporates in India still haven't grown strong enough to wield politic power at their will. Reliance managed to lay FO cables in all major cities without a lot of digging, but they couldn't ensure that the roads will hold tight and save the cables during monsoons. That's the kind of "influence" they have on infrastructure, as far as I know. Now, you can think about NRIs.

Aside: Who have the NRIs benefited the most? The host nations or India?
Either way, I think the perspective is quite stupid. The whole idea of "you have to give back to your country" is total BS. If someone wants to, good for him/her. No one is obligated to.
Patriotism and nationalism are irrelevant for individuals who strive for bringing efficiency in life-systems. Ex: my interest in the Indian HR development is mostly out of the frustration towards an inefficient system that affected me personally. So there's some emotionally driven passion, but it's definitely not patriotism. Whether or not it will make India "proud" is extraneous and immaterial. Connecting the two comes out of brainwashing by state propaganda ("mile sur mera tumhara" etc) and shameless surrender to intellectually inferior yet numerically superior public perception of 'nationhood.'

I had once said in my podcast that I'll become a spy (if I could) if there's a war between US and India. But now I wonder if I'll do that. After all, it's the state that you're spying for. And I know that I've never really trusted it. Then who was I going to show the loyalty to? Anyway…


Answer GF's "question of the month."


Not "seeming," it's a smack-realization. Yeah, it does get to me all the time. I think about suicide, but then I say "what's the point?" and get back to watching TV. Situation neutralized. When one gets over the other, one of the two happens: you experience joy or you lie dead on the floor (or hanging from the roof).
But I think, a big majority of us live in a neutral zone (either forced by fear of suicide or the futility of it).

This line of yapping has become so common in blogs these days. Damn clichés.

The Individualist said...

"But I think, a big majority of us live in a neutral zone"
Are you sure? I've always thought that the 'big majority' comprises all those people that argue staunchly for the purposeful nature of life and blah.
And you won't beliieve me when I say that it's extremely heartening to hear that other respectful people contemplate suicide too.
I sound evil, don't I? But you understand what I mean.

GasquetFan said...


You very well know the great Nilu's site that dealt with such stuff and more about cutting one's arteries and veins. I never understood the things he wrote, only enjoyed his pukes.

The Individualist said...

Really I don't so much care about all the slitting of one's veins and blah. I don't care much for suicide too.
It's just soothing to know that there are other people who are frustrated by the purposelessness and the futility of one's life. (See, no 'seeming' this time.) That's all.

Durga said...

Well u'll just have to find that out all by yourself. That's how it works.

ppl like him don't know how to play fair- ya know with wit...they just go for all the personal remarks and hence fail miserably.


GasquetFan said...


If I wanted to make a personal remark, I would have said

"I don't have to go to a mor(m)ons church to score a white chick. They cost much less at only $1000/week in Sydney."

But I am not saying it. I am just giving you an example. Any self respecting man, after being riled as stupid, should provide proof that he is not.

Anyway asking to play fair is a religious concept. It's like begging to play to your opponent's strengths.

p.s. A smiley at the end of each of your sentence doesn't make the stuff you write friendly, unfortunately.

Durga said...

GF: no, u've just said it.
Plus u don't know me, I am friendly and my smilies are genuine.
But who cares, we are just strangers.

GasquetFan said...

Glad you noticed. The next time you are being condescending, you would do well to back it up with some intelligence.

I am not one of those children at the orphanage you support, right?

HAL said...

Wow...Cut the crap guys. Let's move on, Shall we?

Suresh, your videos are nostalgic indeed. Excellent stuff.

GasquetFan said...

yeah. You are right. I took it a little too far.

Suresh said...

Edited version of an earlier comment (now removed).


No I wasn't talking about 'that' majority. I was talking about the ones who even stopped to think that what we have here on Earth is probably it and there was nothing before or after. You know, the ones to come to the 'smack-realization' that I was talking about earlier. A vast majority of them.

We've talked about suicide here before. I'm not going romanticize it, nor am I going to vilify. But yes, it’s comforting to know that you're not that deviant for having suicidal tendencies. After all, we all come out of one of the few moulds available for individuals in our society.


I think my previous comment was unwarranted and I apologize for that.

You're right, let's let it settle down.


Durga said...

Suresh, ur apology is accepted.

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