V-three: Streets of Coimbatore


Nostromodnezzar said...

Wow. Nostalgia! Thank you thank you thank you! I spent two months in Coimbatore for training. I used to stay in Avinashi road. (I see that the clip starts near the Lakshmi mills junction and when you actually cross a petrol bunk is near Nilgris).

It's actually a much better place than Chennai IMHO.

1) Crowd - less!
2) Teen, youngsters, people - They don't meddle with you and behave 'hippie-wannabe' putting Vethu scene - Saves the torture!
3) They are generally friendly.
4) I like the slang which sounds good on ears :))
5) It's not as dirty as Chennai.
6) The temperature is good.
7) As you said, nice hang out spots within reachable distance and much lesser traffic than the horrid Chennai City! My favorite places are:
Gandhi nagar. Ice cream shops, restaurants, etc -you name it!
K.G complex,Senthil kumaran, Carnatic theater - all of 'em are good!
Peking chinese restaurant, Pizza shop - both of 'em are close to Avinashi road.
Actually the coffee shop Barista which is bad in chennai was decent in coimbatore. The cost is pretty much the same, but the service, and the product served was nice too!
Peelamedu, opposite to PSG, two places: RV, Laden, and Boomerang.
Nilgris - You get good shavarmas, and rolls there.
There is bar above which you may wanna check out, it's cheap.
Of course, BNB (bikes N barrels) in Avinashi road just rocks big time. At least for my group!
8) Low Cost-Of-Living Index. For what it's worth, it's great I feel!
9) The bus facility is great. Less rush and less distance to cover. Dead cheap! No need for autos!

I love Madras more than Coimbatore. But that Madras is dead long back! Asingamana Chennai has replaced it!

Baski said...


Very nice.Romab setai. Nice try.Pogola "Just for gags" partha mathri irruku

Nee engaium adi vangalaya ...?

g said...

baski..appo suresh is a fuckin clown to u?

G's conscience said...

and you're a fucking pussy to the whole world?

Nostromodnezzar said...

enga ponninga?

Anons, unga sandaiya paaka remba paavama irukku :))

Nostromodnezzar said...

Do you watch Woody Allen comedies?

Suresh said...

Tilak - Sure. The video was mostly meant to be that - food for nostalgia (although I didn't have you in mind :)).

Baski - Thanks. Adi ellam vaangaleenga, naan eppovum aal pathu dhan aatam poduven.

G and other anons,

vera engayachum poi adichukonga.

Lone Crusader said...

Super da...naan coimbatorekaaran..indha video,padicha PSG Tech ellam paaka sandhoshama iruku! expecting the next video.

Kuttibalu said...

Superrrrrrrrr... you did the same in chennai too.... Adivangala ?
I truely agree with you.. cbt is always the best compared to chennai... eagerly waiting for the next...

Dilip said...

Kudos Suresh.....twas a very genuine effort and has a very strong appeal...ofcourse I like it even more being a Coimbatorean.....but I certainly do think its not a paradise and has a lot of cons compared to Chennai....still I belong there and I like it....The presentation was genuinely funny and entertaining and was way better than most of the tamil TV shows, eventhough Im sure u didnt have a script and shot most of the footage on the run ( not to forget the efforts you put in editing !!) .... Jus proves a point that ppl can make quality TV shows but they refuse to do so...Awaiting your remaining CBE videos...


Dhana said...

Loosappa Neeeeeeeeee....

gr8...expecting more creativity....

Muthu said...

Hi Suresh,

its a good one but when you make a comment about a person who did not reciprocate when you asked him to say "Vanakkam" is very bad (again its my opinion). probably you might have thought of adding some humour to the video but that part has come out very badly.

after viewing this video i immediately recollected your comment about shivaji movie and more particularly that "angavai sangavai" comedy. I dont know why but this sounds as bad as the "angavai sangavai" comedy.

Hoping to see more video.



Suresh said...


Thanks. But I'm not sure if you'll like it so much when hear what I say about PSG in the next video. :P


Adi ellam vangaleenga. I was just being childish, and they put up with it.


No place is paradise (even paradise isn't, after a while :p). So yeah CBE has some major flaws too, but like I said, I think it's still the best in TN.

Yes Dilip, I didn't have a script or an agenda. I just held the camera in my hands and was talking along as I was riding the bike. But I wonder how many would have liked it if this same video is put in TV. Because, what you expect to see in something has a lot to do with how you see it. And TV viewers wouldn't like it unless some celebrity is involved in it. But other than that, I agree with. Our TV channels aren't really creative.


Thanks. I don't think the videos are going to be any creative. They are all recorded with no agenda or planning. May be the next time I'm in India, I'll probably plan something out. Ippodhaikku ivalodhan irukku. :p


Are you talking about the man who was staring at me? And I said "sattaikku mela thundu potrukkuvara pathu vanakkam solla sonnadhu en thappu dhan?."
It's a reference to a Goundamani sketch - "sattaikku mela thundu potrukkuvar" means, someone like a 'naatamai' or 'pannaiyar' who expects a high degree of respect.
The second guy who I called a "paradhesi" was a reference to Goundamani sketch too. But they were both impulsive and I didn't "add" it just so that it sounds funny. That's how I am whether or not I have a camera in my hands.

Just as a clarification: I do make rude comments about people once in a while. And 99% of the times it won't be racist or sexist. It's just the 'generally rude' kind. And when I do that, I try to make sure that the people themselves don't hear it.
But this is not an excuse. It's a confession. Yes, it is problematic and I probably shouldn't say these things (whether they hear it or not). But again, these are some of my flaws that I don't really try to address. If that's your criticism, I'll accept it.

But I don't understand how this compares to 'angavai sangavai' "comedy" which was problematic in many different levels, not just because they are in bad taste.

Rajesh Anandakrishnan said...

Good show & few places your video was very professional.

But I don't like you teasing a stranger in public road. And some people would have really hurt. Even the chat with police man is also too much. Its my personal opinion.

Read your previous comment :) reply to muthu.

And more over you were looking like a comedian with that shoes. Looking like Thulluvadho ilamai dhanush. lol.

Good show - like to see you more videos.

சிவபாலன் said...

Nice Video!

Thanks for sharing!

Priya said...

GREAT VIDEO SHOOT! Coimbatore is a really nice place. Eventhough I have been there for only a week or so, I love the place. My dad had his college education in CIT. We went there for his alumni reunion. I fell in love with the place once I reached there. Cleaner than Chennai! People there were friendly too:)

Anonymous said...

Suresh, a very good video and nostalgia...Iam from Pollachi, Cbe area and brought lots of memories when i saw Avinashi road, RS puram Agarwal sweets..OMG, enga oora romba miss panren..And I agree Cbe is the best in TN.

looking forward for your further videos.

Anonymous said...

aiya ... wheres the fourth video as you mentioned in the 3rd vide...being from coimbatore would love to see it ....btw nice commentary

Anonymous said...

nee adanga mattiya da
periya paruppu masuru nee...ivuru appadiye Mr.Bean's Holdiay yeduthuttaru, athukku intha lossu kooooo,.... paarattu vera... dei vera velaye illaya da...nalla shaving panna korangu mathiri irunthukkittu...moodittu oorukku poi pulikku p.... aatta po da pannada

Anonymous said...

Suresh -- Never been to Coimbatore ana endha short YouTube trip romba nalla errunduchhu.

karthikeyan said...

your voice is nice and the way you see things is easy .

which camera u used? havea camcarder and do this job, results will be good

I am karthik, coimbatorian

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