I'm looking for certain clips from certain movies. I was hoping to get it from friends and others who have the movies either in Divx or DVD formats (or high quality WMV etc). I'll be specific if you're interested in helping me. It basically involves editing some clips from the movies you have and uploading it to a public server like rapidshare. Each clip will be no longer than 10 seconds, so uploading should be relatively easy (unless you want to splice different ~10 second clips together before uploading). Of course, if you want to upload the entire scene (say 3-5 minutes), that's fine too. Finding the 'appropriate' clips themselves is probably the most time consuming part of the process.

Ex: I don't have Nayagan or Guna with me, I would very much like to have some scenes from those movies. If you have either, you can help me.

I need clips from half-decent to really good movies (you be the judge). I hope the scenes to be somewhat visually compelling even if it's for a very brief time. Either that or scenes that are popular in general.


The Individualist said...

Somebody post the dining table conversation scene in American History X.
I've wanted to see it over and over again, for a long time now.

Suresh said...

Oh btw, I meant just Tamil movies. Here's the scene from American History X -

The Individualist said...

Ah, thanks. Lazy me.

Manki said...

Hi Suresh, can you be a bit more specific on what kind of videos you are looking for? Although I don't have a very big collection, I have a few movies. I'll see if I have something that you may need.

KayKay said...

Is dis fr dissing someone again?..hey dont take it wrongly..i listened to ur Sivaji,Paruthiveeran,Pokkiri's really been the same..when have u said something which people already havent..everything sounds too familiar and a rehash of what u read in the web..Its easy to criticize completely like u always do.

Suresh said...

Hi Manki,

The following is roughly what I have in mind:
a. decent profile shots with little or no cuts and breaks. The scene doesn't have to be intense or anything, even a 3-second pause with slight grin/grimace/gloom etc., would do.
b. shots that showcase excellent photography/artistry etc (can be from songs, but probably not more than one or two people in the frame)

It could be either a or b (or both). I would also prefer little or no lip movement (no dialogue being spoken).

You can choose these clips from any movie you think is 'decent' (as I mentioend earlier). From 1970 till date. I really appreciate your interest to help. Thank you so much.


haha no. That's not what I have in mind.
About my podcasts (and the movies): if that's what you think, that's what you think. I think otherwise and I'm not going to defend it.

Manki said...

Hi Suresh,

I guess you can find several such shots from Aagaayam Aagaayam song from Chithiram Pesudhadi movie. If you don't have the song already, download it from

Also, let me know if this song doesn't exactly have scenes that you are looking for. (If you have already collected a few clips, share with us so we understand the requirement better.)

Manki said...

I think you can also try Paravaiye engu irukkiraay song from Katradhu Tamil.

Suresh said...


Thanks for the link. I've got quite few movies (scenes) from other sources already. Thanks again.

Sid said...

still looking for intense movie clips? I might be able to help.

Suresh said...

Sure, it would be great if you can upload some. Thanks.

SHUBHA said...

scenes from anbe sivama re good.. hey by the way saw ur cooking videos in youtube.... liked it a lot.... gonna try the biryani that u showed,...:) thanx... check my blog if u have time...:D

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