Based on some superficial research and a lot of painful experience, I want to say that maida and 'all purpose flour' are not the same. Maida has some minor percentage (I don't know exactly what %) of tapioca flour mixed in it, making it more elastic when made into a dough. Maida is also quite finer and whiter than 'all purpose flour'. Although the difference may seem insignificant, you'll feel the difference in the outcome of many dishes; especially when you try to make South-Indian style parottas. So all you cooking enthusiasts please start making this distinction in your recipes. Please don't continue with your dubious ingredients list and give others a hard time.

What prompted this post? The Patel guy who owns the Indian store where I buy my stuff, sold me a bag of 'all purpose flour' crudely labeled as maida. This is not the same pack I usually buy, so I ask if it's actually maida? He first argues that they are both the same. I almost refuse to buy this new bag because I get a strong feeling that, with the increase in wheat price and everything, they no longer export maida from India. And this guy just made his own little bags out of the regular 'all purpose flour'. Anyway, I bought it, got it home and got screwed up 'ceylon parottas'; disappointing my Sri Lankan friends and embarrassing myself.

PS. Both 'all purpose flour' and maida aren't the best food products for "healthy" eating.


Subhash said...

Indians are being insulted, laughed at, spitted on and here you are worried about your Maida.

Sad, very sad.

Suresh said...

Well, when you invite your non-Indian friends claiming that you make great parottas and end up with dry cow dung like stuff, you will be insulted, laughed at, spitted on etc. This post is to prevent that from happening to my "fellow Indians".

idheppudi irukku?

subhash said...


Subhash said...

You should've tried your podcasting disclaimer techniques on those friends. haha...

I am agitated at the way Indian cricket team is treated and I am going to break my promise to never watch that boring game by going to the SCG on Sunday with some objectionable posters without being racist. Its one thing for Mathew Hayden to comment, and another thing for commentators, writers to gang up against India and put a negative spin on anything India do.

Seriously, whats the big difference between these assols and the ones back in India? Ian Healy with that "I am so humble" smirk on his face deserves to have his teeth bashed.

Suresh said...

I know. I'm just mad pissed that this monkey...oh no, that's racist. How about Gorilla? Ok. I'm just mad pissed that this gorilla is getting more than a million dollars to play in IPL. I so wish he was sold for the same money, if not lesser, as Ponting was.
Man, I wish we had beef eating meat machines like Shoaib Aktar in our team.
"I want to take him on a boxing ring"? How about I take your whole team for a stone pelting competition? How about staging it in Bihar? cha, thudikkudhu bujam (whatever little I havee).

And to be honest, the constitution of India had no provision to arrest those spectators who made "monkey gestures". Whether it's racist or not, Symonds can be called a mad gorilla and he actually has no case against it in India.

Subhash said...

And if you didn't already know, a friend who plays club cricket in Australia told me that he is constantly sledged as "black cunt" and when he once complained to the umpire, he was told by the opposite captain to shut "black cunt" and play.

So I gather that these things are common for them and it was a bit rich for Symonds to be 'hurt' on being called monkey.

Our city team sucks. First Dhoni is there, he can't hit shots. He funnily claims that he is holding back to provide solidity to middle order. Where's the timing man, to hit those shots? And after that I decided not to look into the rest of the team members of the chennai team

And they have a stupid name. Chennai superkings. Whoever came up with this name deserves to be stripped naked and hit on the balls (like James bond movie showed). Let me wait for a couple of years for all the transfers to happen and see if the guys who run the chennai team change the name and get someone who can actually bat as their prized player.

Also for reading pleasure,

that final bit is hilarious. read it before it gets edited. Indians rule Wikipedia.

Subhash said...

OMG, it was edited. I am sorry. But I will reproduce verbatim what was written.

"He is known to be always involved in fights with opposition players. Apparently he is not a very likable person. Some Indians cricket fans think they will throw stones and spit on him when he comes to play in India in IPL T20 or any other match"

Suresh said...

Dhoni! paradhesi dog. 36 runs in 66 balls. Sure he was trying to "build a solid partnership".

I don't know how they come up with these names. First it was the ESPN-Star hockey league - Chennai veerans(?), then ICL - Chennai Superstars and now this. You know what? I hate "Chennai." I think that's what is messing it up more than anything else. So no matter how inventive they get I'll still hate it.

I'm just going to root for Sachin's team. Screw others.

Shankar said...

i thought this blog was for the maida Vs all purpose flour ..... it turned out to be for cricket again !!!!!!!!!! ;)

tamil said...

But the sole purpose of my search is to find out whether maida is an english word...but then I had fun in reading all these comments...rocking

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