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I was running through a few comments for an article in a news website and an annoying exchange caught my attention for a brief moment. Because this is a common phenomenon, the site or the article is not really important. This is the pattern:
person 1: As long as we have blah blah blah, India will never improve (or something like that)
person 2: (in reply to person 1) It's easy to point fingers/criticize, but what's your solution?

I hate person 2, just as much as person 2 hates person 1. Maybe I hate person 2 a little more. As I've been asked this question several times and I've answered it a few times myself elsewhere, I'll mention it here. (It's often two stupid men, so let's go with that gender.) Why is he so obsessed with a solution? As if "solution" is the only problem. Except for a number of "purely" scientific questions, almost all other economic, political, sociological issues have been reasonably analyzed and 'answered' one way or the other. Only that the said answer, or "solution", if you will, would often exist as a moot point. So the "solution" is simply pushed aside and the queries are "analyzed" again with false teleologies; meanwhile funding certain brown men to upload cooking videos in youtube.

Applied, mutated versions of Marx's socialism to unapplied, much romanticized versions of anarcho-syndicalism, none of them can be a "solution" to anything. For the very notion of "solution" is inherently flawed, at least in the socio-political context. It can only exist and operate from within a continuum that transfigures the status-quo with respect to the new entry -- "solution" -- into the hitherto itself. And status-quo can't be anything but a problem, can it?

Anyway, you might want to ask, "so why is person 1 more agreeable than person 2?"
Well, person 1 is pissed off, and he wants to put his testosterone into an activity that will stop him from breaking his neighbor's wind pipe -- like, playing football, basketball or simply "whacking off" to porn (or "point fingers" in a blog). Person 2, wants to be the neighbor who wants to incriminate an innocent civilian to feed his masochism. Who would you rather?


Hawkeye said...

:-). i dont know how to express the 100% agree.

also hate the karunanidhi types who 'avan mattum seiyalama. avane solla maatiya"

LOL at the label. use the same one myself.

Subhash said...

No your honour,

Have you considered that this person2 may be in the transitional state trying to find solutions to the country's problems. How can you hate him?

May be he is 15 yrs old. Is this

Suresh said...


It seems almost like a typical Tamil expression. Reminds me of the Hardtalk interview in which most of Jayalalitha's answers was "did you ask him that? you go ask him first" - a literal translation of that expression.


{{Is this}} - same blood!

Sudhir said...

I know. I remember how in one of our earlier exchanges, you'd once said the same. That mere pointing out, sometimes, paves the way for change. And that the person who points out need not be the person who causes the 'change'.
Well, come to think of it, that person probably did.

Sudhir said...

Should've said 'probably does'.

Anonymous said...

Well I feel the urge to say the same that ur label says...MN to the vetti arattai b/w person 1 and 2.


Btw, came here thro ur intro video frm Youtube.
Class'a samaikaringa.

In Want of Being Me said...

I think, I would regard 1 and 2 the same.

moot point
false teleologies

"none of them can be a "solution" to anything. For the very notion of "solution" is inherently flawed"

..that explains why you are a nihilist, but why a wobbly one at that ?

Reading this post, gave me the same feeling, that I got watching Matrix for the 1st time.

I think you get a kick out of doing this to people ;)

richardvasanth said...

Hi, Hm, Got into this site, while watching suresh's podcast.
Agreed, Solution is not the answer for all the problem. It depends,how feasible is the solution.
1. If a guy keeps on torturing me, there are many many to solves this solution. (
a. I can kill him
b. Police complaint
c. Just ignore him
d. Make friedship with him
e. I may start torturing him so that he never comes on my line
f. avan veetula ponnu eduthu, avanukku maapilai agiradu
g. Pooi, kaalla vilundu "aalai vitudu da saamy nu kenjuredu" )

Dont' you think, all the solutions will directly/indirectly solve the problem. but what matters most is, what's the feasible solution.
I want this problem to be solved but either I am not willing to spend money for that or dont my prestige go down i.e I should not be sufferer while solving a problem which I hate. Almost most of the guys are like that. One more important thing is Ignorance.
The above mentioned one is my problem and it directly affects me. That's y, i will definitely choose one among this and try to solve this. If it doesnt directly attacks me (like asking for bills while purchasing something as i may get at low price, even though i dont get warranty), road la fight panravungala paarthu edho action cinema paartha satisfaction oda poradu, the corruption that politicans are doing).

If people are made to know that these problem not directly but indirectly will affect them and a feasible solution is given to them,for which they should not suffer in implementing them), i think , almost all people will try that.

sorry for my mokkai.

By the way, have you ever thought, if people do not feel hungry at all, half of our problem would have been solved.
They would not be interested in gold, land either corrupting other's money.
But Life willbe boring na.
Once again, sorry for my mokkaies.

Anonymous said...

"Once again, sorry for my mokkaies" - you better be!

Anonymous said...

oh btw, what the hell is a christian moron doing here?

Richard said...

Hi anonym,

If you r really interested in what I am doing, I will give my mobile no. Please call and I will let you know.By the way, U should have a name to be called na. Is it "Anonymous"?

By the way, Thanks for calling Christian moron, In a public site and especially while addressing a person whom you dont know, the way that u use these highly civilised word, I am able to judge your high level attitude & intellectual capability.Good. Keep it up.
Narukkunu irukka thalaiva!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh boo hoo, stop crying already richard thambi.

Richard said...

Hi Anoymn anna!
Thank you very much, ennaiye thambi ya ethu kittadukku,neenga sonne madhiri kannatha thudachuten. inime ala matten :)

Anyway, i was expecting some useful comments for my post. neenga vandu adhe keduthitteenga. But no problem, enda idathikku ponalum, anna madhiri sila peru iruppango.

But for others, read my "3:17 AM, February 15, 2008" comments & tell me what do think about that, if you have time.
Anna, unga comments venom. anna enna think pannuvaarunu thambikku theriyaadaa enna?

sundar said...

hi suresh,,

i've been hearing u jus for the past 2 days,,ur really good,,thx for the good posts mate,,,i jus wanna clarify that ur the one who appears on the coimbatore roads(i've seen in youtube)

good job mate,,try to reply if u can

ctnue ur job


innoru kiruthuva appirani said...

Jesus! guys! plz be more reachable with ur posts to normal morons who do not give a 2 worth for such decorative writing style. Ive seen such lavish decors and show offs only with tamils writing english. Resort to normal styles for normal articles, show ur professionalism elsewhere on prose on other occasions please. thirundhungappa.

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