April 1

I don't really remember being all that creative to 'fool' someone on April the first. It's probably because I would get really annoyed after getting "fooled" by some retarded logic/process and I assumed mine wouldn't appear any better to others.

I did, however, very willingly take part in the no-nonsense ritual that was common in Dindigul and, based on some anecdotal knowledge, in few other cities (but Madras) -- splashing ink at your friends, cousins and at times, passers by in the street. Sometimes it also involved crushing tomatoes/bananas in the face. No, they don't just throw them at you; they get really close with absolute stealth and attack you from behind -- place the tomato at your face and squeeze the last drop of liquid down your eyes and nostrils. Usually there's someone to distract you, so it's a two men job (I don't really remember watching girls do this stuff).

The most irritating line we get to hear on April 1 is "annei, wheel suthudhu" from second and third grade students when we are pedaling in the hot sun. They all want to take part in this seemingly fun activity and want to feed their tiny, budding egos with being bold and clever. Little bastards.

Years have passed since then and there's not a lot of memories for me, for this day. Maybe where I lived in Madras had a lot to do with the dry spell since I left Dindigul. The schools were pretty lame too, there were no trees, no play grounds, just concrete pavements. Come to think of it, schools in Madras did not have the 'splash ink at the end of a major exam' ritual either.

PS. Try some of the featured videos in youtube (before April 2). They are all somewhat funny.


Subhash said...

I looked at the 'status bar' before I clicked on the link. Does that count as being fooled?

Suresh said...

So did you get rick-roll'd or not?

Subhash said...

I checked it too late, I guess. I did not get rick-roll'd.

Subhash said...

What happens when a genius mathematician attempts sociology?


I am sure you have come across it. I agree with him, he blasts both conservatives and the liberals. I wish he was pardoned and left to do maths.

Suresh said...

I haven't read the whole thing (read about 80 paragraphs).
He has oversimplified a lot of things with a big load of bullshit -- especially, his theories about the "leftist psychology".
Some parts seem somewhat acceptable, but it's problematic in many other levels. If nothing, his writing needs to improve a lot (starting with the male pronoun he uses all the time).

I'll probably read the whole thing sometime, but you're right: based on what I've read so far, I think going back to maths isn't such a bad idea for him.

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