vetti post - 12

Because this is my blog, I'll use it make an announcement that doesn't really mean anything to others but would give me the superficial satisfaction of being "honest."

I stopped eating meat little over five years ago. When I stopped, I had some ethical, philosophical reasons; three years later, after some reflection on certain things, I didn't really subscribe to those reasons but remained a non-meat eater anyway. (I did a podcast on this topic a year ago.)
For at least 2 years I was quasi-vegetarian for no particular reason. But in the last two months I happened to cook more meat dishes than usual, because I had/I was at more get-togethers than usual. So I tried a lot of new dishes and was "forced" to taste the food. Then tasting became eating when I was lazy and had nothing else to eat.

Basically, I want to say that I've been eating meat once in a while for the last two months. So I'm now a non-vegetarian. Having returned to this status, however, I'm not all too excited about it. Somehow non-vegetarian food has lost its appeal. I think I'll become a quasi-vegetarian again, soon.


Anonymous said...

I eat non veg. once in a while too.I love veg. dishes more than non veg. dishes. Post more recipes please.


Anonymous said...

சர்தாம்பா...எமோஷன் கம்மி பண்ணு. எழுதிறது, திங்கறது உன் இஷ்டம். கில்டீய பீல் பண்ணாதே.

Suresh said...

I'll try post more video soon. Thanks.

"ராத்திரி நான் தனியா போய்கினு இருக்கசொல்ல நாலு ரவுடி பசங்க கையா புட்சு இய்த்து, படுக்க வெச்சு, தொண்டைல ஒரு கோயி தொடைய சொருகிப்டானுங்கோ. மச்சி, இனிமே நான் வெளில எப்புடி தள காட்டுவேன்?" அப்புடின்னு சொல்லி ஒப்பாரி வெச்ச மாறி நீங்க ஏதோ "எமோஷன கம்மி பண்ணு"னு சொல்றீங்க?

எழுதுறது, திங்கறது எல்லாம் என் இஷ்டம் தான். ஆனா, நாளைக்கு யாரும் "எப்போ இருந்துடா கரி திங்க ஆரம்பிச்ச? சொல்லவே இல்ல!" அப்புடின்னு கேட்டு கழுத்தறுக்கக் கூடாது பாருங்க, அதுக்குத்தான்.

Anonymous said...

Had Charu Nivedita written this post, he would have titled it "kutti kathaigal-12".

priya said...

maatrangala thavirka mudiathu suresh.....
chumma nan ipdi than irupen apdi than irupenu solitu irukaatenga.
nalla sapidunga konjam gundagunga...
atleast kanathila satha podra alavavathu........

priya said...

I love your character a lot suresh.......
YOur voice is good.......

Suresh said...



Ananth said...

Ungala partha "sirippu" blogger madhiri theriyuthu :)

Anonymous said...

hi suresh
check your yahoo IM, i wrote some complements. cos some personal. i am a frequent podcast listener and blog reader.

And by the way i tried opening your blog today i got a error in ie. but opened in no wats the problem.

goldencity said...
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Mohan said...

thambi Suresh, this is Mohan from Chicago. I was a chat buddy, nyabagam iruka ? hint: saida. Was nice to see your blog and recipes. You are the same with your idealogy and strong expressions.

Just popped to say a hi.

Suresh said...


Thanks, but I didn't get any message. Must have been some error.


It's so good to hear from you after so long. I hope you're doing fine. How did you land here?

Anonymous said...

Suresh, please try to post something every 3 or 4 days at least. I visit your blog daily but disappointing to see no new posts.

Sowmya said...

Confession aa ??? Neegala solirukeenga !!!


Anonymous said...

Hi,Vijay here.
just waiting for ur Roast of Kuselan. Did u see it anyway. Not worthy.

Ur last one Roast of Kamal Haasan and Dasavatharam. just enjoyed i just downloaded and gave to others, they enjoyed it.
And one became ur fan and asked for all the podcasts i just gave ur blog link.

I saw all ur youtube videos I like to cook and liked ur vegetable biriyani very much and by the way the animation (Evanukko dharma adi)

It was nice but I feel its something personal between u and him. So wats that all abt.

Suresh I am a system admin and also a tech person so just interested in knowing hardware and software details most important wat mic ur using for ur podcasts. Cos quality is good,then some podcasts I listen.

And most people wanted to know wat ur doing, apart from from the way u speak ur doing some research in them and u said ur sociology student. I think u keep searching for some truth, ok I saw this film "Zeitgeist" and "loose change" u can download free from their website or check youtube.

One thing more when will u finish Mahabaratham Pesukiradhu, just waiting. Ok see u later

Suresh said...


Sorry, I've been busy with a few things. And I haven't had the will to really post something for quite sometime. I hope I get over this phase.


eppudi keeringa?


I haven't seen the movie yet. I think the movie is far too stupid to watch, let alone do a podcast on it.

I'm glad you like the podcasts and videos. The "animation" video was made just for fun; there's nothing more to it.

The mic that I use is actually very crude. That's why the quality isn't that good; probably good enough for amateur podcasts. It's the equivalent of Rs.70 Frontech mics you get in all the computer stores in India. I just 'pad' it with some soft cloth to cut down the extra noise from the surrounding. Of course, not living in India is a big noise reducing factor in itself (especially the never ceasing honks).

I'm not a student anymore. I'm working in related field at the moment. As for my "quest", it's not necessarily "seeking the truth" and definitely not in a clichéd "spiritual" sense. It's more like a child's curiosity - to dismantle a toy and try to understand how it works. So I'm not really a big fan of conspiracy theorists, regardless of their claims' veracity. Thanks for mentioning, though.

MP: I'm not sure if I'll restart.

Anonymous said...


Did you hear about Inbox 1305, a new mag by MK's grand daughter!

Pretty much sucked, except for the front cover which was a great shot of kamal (not that I am a fan of kamal) and his interview was decent..


Sharepoint the Great said...

Hi.. suresh,

We are expecting Kuselan Roast from your podcast.

Please roast it for us.

hopikrishnan said...

I was just floored with laughter at this "vetti" writing. This reminded me of the analysis of whether you should wear a Boxer or Brief in the type of underwear. Veg or non-veg as a personal preference is this genre of a very complex issue. Briefs are supposed to make your scrotum get too hot ( some nonveg dishes, when consumed in excess do exactly the same thing too !!) and therefore make the semen less motile. Somewhat like eating half a roast chicken at one sitting, and then getting up to do something motile, eh ? ;-) !!
On the other hand Boxers allow some amount of free range for whatever that wants to move or make an idle boner. Is this a good thing ? In a dark movie theatre when your girl friend's hand is moving over your lap, she would feel tremendously complimented. However, in some social circumstances a boner may not be a good thing, especially if the outer garments are such that it is completely obvious in its outline or one is not suitably seated behind a desk to hide this untimely exhibition. Crossing your leg just increases the pain. Too much veg cuisine consumption causes you social embarassment the same way: the fibers have a way of creating that tortuous path for the gases to soak up the odors of the solids and escape, become at large and seep into the noses of the 2nd party in the neighbourhood. Your neighbour, colleague, fellow grad student who is not using a scent blocking perfume on her own etc.. Extremely annoying; wouldnt you say ? So you are in a fix, whether you are eating nonveg or veg. Too much of either thing will cause you grief. This obviously leads to the question that had been asked before . I am not the first one to raise this question. Is it OK just to wear pants and a smile on your face ....meaning.. no underwear at all ? An Indian Prime Minister from the past (M. Desai) swore that a liquid only diet ( water, juices and even somewhat stronger liquor from inside a coconut ) is the best for mixing it up with society without fear or embarassment. However, Morarji Desai also drank the water that he himself processed within his own corpus.
People who prefer to drink water from sources other than themselves, would like to wear an underwear in some form. While many discuss thongs, bikini briefs and the indian classic called "komanam" that is a cheaper variant on the Brasilian thong, the jury is completely deadlocked as to which one one is the least socially compromising. Unless you are to wear nothing but the Komanam or Thong -- which causes the need for waxing and suffering electrolysis to remove the excess hair that is visible outside the cover -- the whole examination is really MOOT. The same goes for whether veg or nonveg .. unless you expose yourself ( so to speak ) in a blog, noone would suspect what you put IN -- unless what you put OUT into the public causes people to wrinkle their noses in disgust. I see that such bloggy confessions often go with hardly any comment ( except some references to rat's ass ) this note has many friends applaud you vehemently. Hooooooraaayyyy. I surely expect you to write something about your underwear habits right away...

Anonymous said...
yenna kodumai saravanan.

Bharathram said...

Dai suresh ,

Wanna talk about india's performance in the Olympics??

genius-I-idiot said...
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Ranjani said...

I cam across your blog through your youtube videos- and spent the last 2 hours watching a lot of them.

I really enjoyed your videos, they are very commendable for someone who's filming on his own- way to go!
I particularly liked the fact that you were speaking in Tamil- it sounded really nice and un pretentious- it's particularly useful since I'm trying to improve my Tamil language skills- keep posting more videos:)
Your posts are very interesting too- pity I can't read Tamil though:(
I'm linking your blog to mine now!

Tamil Short Film said...

Hi.. how is it going?

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