No country for feudalism

I was trying to find if it was writer Sujatha who first used the word 'robo' in Tamil. Even though his novel was titled 'en iniya iyanthira', I suspect that he might have used robo as well. I haven't got hold of the novel yet, but I landed on something else ('kanayaaliyin kadaisi pakkangal' - கணையாழியின் கடைசிப் பக்கங்கள்). I've read parts of the compilation before. It is archival history, if nothing else. This time I read a column (Nov, 1975) in which he talks about Shyam Benegal's film Nishaant. He concludes his brief 'review' of the film with this question (among others): what is the relevance of (a film about?) feudalism at a time when the socialist state has eroded it? (Actual quote: ஃப்யூடளிசம் என்பது தற்காலத்தில் சோசியலிச சர்கார் வந்து தேய்த்துவிட்ட சூழ்நிலையில் எவ்வளவு தூரம் relevant?)

I don't know if he's talking to the feudal lords or film makers. Either way, is he serious?


Rama Lekshman said...

Not related to this topic,

I felt that noetic's review has failed in film freak central on Inception (at first time?!). Their deconstruction elements are not hard enough.What you think?

Suresh said...

If you're talking about this review (don't know who/what noetic is), I thought it was 'adequately' reviewed. As Walter Chaw evaluated in the blog, Inception is a "smart film for stupid people" ( Any deconstruction is too much effort. Especially in light of better films that have explore the dreams, subconscious conundrum crap.

Prasad Venkataramana said...

Since the comments have hijacked the original topic, I'll continue.

Rama - Inception is a commercially smart film, which can keep you munching your popcorn without looking at the watch (well, except for the snow fight which went on and on like an energizer bunny), but doesn't offer much in the way of any food for thought. With concept-bloated films like this and 'Matrix', the quality of after-movie discussion is as good as the people discussing it. There's not much to deconstruct here (unless you want to get the 'kicks' and 'jolts' right, which wouldn't count much as deconstruction).

Suresh - The great film critic Stanley Kaufman (TNR) once wrote that people these days use the word 'masterpiece' in their reviews with the frequency of 'pass the salt' at dinner tables. Man, it's No.3 on IMDb's Top 250 list.

Suresh said...

{{Man, it's No.3 on IMDb's Top 250 list.}} -- haha, but it still doesn't beat this.

InWantOfBeingMe said...

Hi Suresh,

Sorry off topic. Was listening to an old roast of VV and having fun listening :)

Would be interested to listen to your roasts of Varanam Ayiram and Vinnaithandi Varuvayaa ?

Why not many podcasts and movie reviews these days ?

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