Best comedy movie ever: wtf?

I know Indians have lately been rating and leaving comments in popular websites. But I never imagined, notwithstanding this list, it would take them this far!

Update: As I was skimming through some comments in the IMDB page, I found this
[T]he whole idea of the teachings of Mohindra Karamchod Ghandi being incorporated was a twist unlike any other
Well, at least he didn't call him 'Behn-chod'.


Sara said...

Thats what happens where there is more than a billion population in a country and most of them trying to be internet savvy.

ofcourse, I shall not miss the IT transmigrants all around the world who want to identify themselves with all India.

There are two types of lies
White lies and

Anonymous said...

it will come down, once more westerners watch this movie, which I believe they will because imdb is quite popular.

The Individualist said...

Hmm and you might want to check out the comments section... especially one where a person called 'matt -' begins addressing a 'non-Indian' crowd because he expects abusive retaliation if any insult to bollywood is imagined.
The kind of image we portray is pitiable.
And even more so, the kind of image most westerners imagine.

Suresh said...

@ Sara - Well, the problem is not just being internet savvy, but lacking the critical sense. Because, as it stands today India still has way fewer internet users than the United States.

@ peelu - Yeah it will, but by the time it does, our 'already infamous' repuation would have hit rock bottom.

@ Sudhir - I couldn't find that particular comment, but I know what you're saying. Indians are usually overly proud about "our" products (except for some commie bootlickers). They cannot even take a simple joke, you can see that time and again in youtube. True, the 'West' has stereotyped us for a long time and they still do. But there also representations that are fairly well analyzed and we better start respecting those. Because we are headed to replace the 1930's stereotypical German for being the most chauvinistic and belligerent.

Anonymous said...

ok. Then let me help matt by writing something bad about bollywood and that movie. haha....

The Individualist said...

And that person who mentions something about "Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's teachings being incorporated" also says this.
"I have hardly any remembrance of the movie because I was laughing so hard."
Why do I have a feeling that the both are inter-linked? :p
And the page I was earlier speaking about is this :
It also needs mentioning here that I was a bit shaken to find 'Rang de Basanti' around the forty mark in the all-time comedy list.
Talk about people's sense of humour - :p

Sara said...

I need to agree that people lack the critical sense, I dont know whether it is the case only in India or it is well diversifed all over the world.

I guess most commons tend to identify the symbols which glorify thier identity and the shall reinforce it without critical sense (Your views that people know nothing shall be quoted here)

When I emphasized the burgeoning internet users.I wanted to give emphasis on the fact that there there fewer Indian Identities and more people to vote for it.

Another example to be quoted Rakkamma Kaiyaa thaatu ( from thalaapathi) was voted one of the top songs of last century

Anonymous said...

khosla ka ghosla is awesome. Without caring to rate it. its online.

1st part

2nd part

Suresh said...

I wanted to mention that. It's a very good movie, indeed (I had gotten it fron desitorrents, long ago).

Suresh said...

@ Sara
{{I wanted to give emphasis on the fact that there there fewer Indian Identities and more people to vote for it.}} - True, I agree.

And also that IMDB, for many Indian users, is probably just another site. And the ratings the give are based on an "Indian scale".

Samantha said...

Great work.

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