I miss the odour

Today is Deepavali. One thing that I miss most and have not been to able to replace with is crackers (no, not the white folk). For me, that's what Deepavali was mostly about -- the odour of gun-powder, the noisy environment and feeling the blast waves on the face. I miss them all. Just them.
I have too many thoughts and memories that I can put down in a blog-post. I instead chose to record it all in a podcast.

Timeline (in minutes) of what's in it.
1-13 : types of crackers and how we use them
13-23 : "Cultural events" in Dindigul; Nostalgia
23-30 : Deepavali in the past and present
30-end : Diwali or Deepavali? End.

Download: 96Kbps; 48Kbps.

PS. Crackers mentioned in the podcast include hydrogen bombs in the page.


Anonymous said...

excellent speech man
lol@chikku bukku raile song. coming from dharmapuri I know exactly what you're talking about. very long but very funny, nice.

Priya said...

Can you pls clear your email inbox? I can't send a particular email. But if you already have my message in your mail box, then it's ok. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The stage songs were hilarious, well done.

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