Toon teaser-1: Why do you need ‘em?

This clip from 'Home Movies' pretty much sums up the futility behind most of what we do; especially when Brendon asks why the Coach needs “them”. It's also one of the funniest exchanges ever.


Anonymous said...

is supposed to show your cute side?

Suresh said...

what are you talking about? Since when did boobs and "pecs" and all that sexist stuff become cute? karumam da sami!

Anonymous said...

Heheh.. Love your sense of humor.. Whether its your own flash video or clips from youtube.. Very nice.

Priya said...

Suresh, aren't you sick of these anonymous people posting in your blog? Why aren't they brave enough to reveal themselves? What's wrong with showing your name or identity? Come on, you people. I know you have some freedom of privacy and all. But you also have freedom of expression. Nobody is going to come and find you to beat you up or anything right? Why are you hiding your already masked faces with another mask called 'anonymous'?

Suresh said...

@anon - thanks ;)

@Priya - ayyo romba tension aagadha.

Anonymous posts, though not always, let you answer their comments and just that. If it's a sharp criticism you have no other option but to respond to that criticism (instead of getting to personal attacks).
It's not a big deal, like you yourself say how does it matter if we know who's saying what? What are we going to do if we have a name instead of anonymous? Remember the post 'impulsive prejudices'?

And there's a simple reason: It's quick. If you don't have a blogger ID you just leave the comment.

{Why are you hiding your already masked faces with another mask called 'anonymous'?}] - This is waht I was referring to. If they already have a mask what difference does it make if they mask it further? 1 mask or 5 masks, the person is masked. Chill ;)

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