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Anger is not hostility, aggression nor violence. It is a human emotion. For centuries anger was considered a sin, a weakness and a madness to be avoided or contained. But anger is a signal that something is wrong. Several common themes emerged. These include injustices, denied rights, societal devaluation, abuse, harassment and dismissal
A group of lesbian and bisexual women, van Daalen-Smith's study found, coped with a double challenge – hiding their sexual orientation and conforming to feminine ideals. In displacing their anger, many were found to over-eat, overachieve academically, or use humour and wisecracks instead of confronting their feelings. Depression was a significant finding. Another group of visible minorities from South Asia, Korea, Tibet and the West Indies felt unable to overtly express frustration at cultural limits placed on them.


Sara said...

I can't agree more, I can think that it is more severe our podalaankaaa "Indian Society".I know people saying "Ponnunaa aadakaam uddakaamma irukkanum, aamaithiyaa irukannum".I hate these kind of statements, I don't know who found out these ways to supress women's feeling.This is a kind of fashion punchh dialogue by the heroes our tamil films too..

Women certainly have all the right to express their feelings.If anger is controlled and its latent in the mind, it eventually leads to regression and depression.There is nothing there is fundamental sign,the inability to handle our expectations.I don't think hiding can help it, the way out would to diagonise and scrutinise it.

It is a "Social Construct"( Sureshukaavaa)

Suresh said...

It's not just women. Anger in general is considered an negative emotion and just that. People quote Thiruvalluvar saying "thannai thaan kaakin sinamkaaka kaavaakaal
thannye kollum sinam"
Idiots. seruppala adikkanum!

The Individualist said...

*can't resist quoting, 'Mothathula pombale pombale madhiri irukkanum!'
'Lost but note the leest, adhigaama aasay padra aambalayum adhigaama kovay padra pombalayum nellaa vaalndhadhaa sarithrame kedayaadhu.'

Suresh said...

pombaLE, nElla - hahaha

Sikandar - Hot Random Stuff said...

generally feeling depends on own confidence and thinking. any man or woman can do what ever he wants.

Happy Dipawali

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