Cricket: ennavo ponga

Before you think, "hmm, Indian bowling seems to have improved," please see the wickets that fell this morning. How many do you think are wicket-taking balls? 1? 2?


Anonymous said...

dude, indian bowling was much better than the previous games, have you ever played cricket in life? If you had, you wont say this,because wickets are not lost for that particular delivery,its a process of making the batsmen commit mistake,so better keep mum than trying these cheap digs.

Suresh said...

No, I haven't played criket in my life. Have you eaten orange kuchi ice before?

Anonymous said...

it happens only in india where people without any idea about cricket start critizing the team.dude i dont want to waste my time for your whatever ice.carry on with your dirty digs.

Suresh said...

You already have, twice. moodittu poda dei.

Suresh said...

On a serious note, though: It's not India's fault that WI batsmen got dismissed for stupid balls. So nobody's criticizing anybody.

Answer the question if you understand it. How many of them were wicket taking balls? It's pretty straightforward.
Don't remove your underwear and dance in protest - adhaavadhu, kovanatha avuthuttu aadatha/kodi pudikkadha - samje?
vantaanunga mayirandinga!

Anonymous said...

cricket like some other games, depends less on skill and more application. It was a warm up game and WI treated it just like that. India also treated it just like that.

The score shows how seriously each side treated a warm up game.

Well, if the wicket is not helpful I can't think of any bowling team in the world that will 'get' the batsmen out with good balls. ODI's are not contest between bat and ball. It's between bat and bat.

The Individualist said...

I think its some kind of a shady conspiracy from the West Indian team to leave India feeling a false sense of achievement for having delivered a 'stellar' bowling performance and also to further undermine themselves deliberately to appear extremely weak and hence, to catch other teams on wrong footing.
Epdi theory? Better than Da vinci code, wouldn't you say? ;)
Well, as for the question, a smartass answer would probably be 'all those balls were wicket taking balls :p'.
Since I don't like giving smartass responses, I think it was a decent bowling performance. True, they didn't bowl unplayable deliveries but well, at the end of the day, the score speaks for itself, doesn't it? Like the adage goes, all's well that ends well.
p.s. I predict with all conviction and surety that Pathan'll be singled out for special treatment in the matches he plays in. His gentle outswingers are going to be WALLOPED.

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