Narcissist alert

I'm so unlucky. I'm so weird. I'm so blessed. It was all my fault. This kind of shit happens to me all the time. It was my destiny. I'm so lucky. It was my fate. I'm such a freak. It was like I was meant to do this. I must have been the happiest person ever. There is not an idiot worse than me. I'm such a masochist. This should not happen to anyone else. For some reason I always endup having the worst job. I'm totally jobless. I hate myself.

PS. I don't use all of the above, but I do use some. I don't know if that irritates others, but when others say any of it they practically peel my skin. I won't reveal it when you do, but just know. How do I feel when I use one of the 'some'? Well, I hate myself.


Anonymous said...

LOL very witty

The Individualist said...

I use one or two of them too, mostly when am being sarcastic. For instance, when discussing an idiot, I'd probably say, "Yeah, I haven't stopped talking to him yet. Am such a masochist." :p
Well, and yeah, am too much a narcissist to say 'am unlucky', 'all my fault', etc. and 'hate myself' is totally out of the question.
But when said seriously, all of those sentences definitely sound annoying.
And lol @ the last one.

Thilak said...

I use most of them at different times. I think it must have been irritating. These frustration-venting rants must have peeved others. Will take notice.

BTW Veyil getting screened at Cannes. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Veyil at Cannes may actually work. Just like the movie 'Cinema Paradiso' worked at oscars. Though veyil's charm is considerably less than CP.

Thilak pratap selva kumar said...


I don't know much about Cannes. But I seriously believe Veyil isn't good. Atleast CP had Tornatore's cinematography and that amazing Ennio morricone music presenting a decent storyline. In a way, it's about all of us, who are passionate about movies. While Veyil is such a cranky movie with blatant cliche all over it. I can't imagine how it's going to impress the Cannes makkal.

Infact I like Tornatore among the current italian filmmakers. He has a very good presentation skill. I can watch the movie for Ennio's music and his wonderfully visualized images. (Just like how Sergio Leone used to make those westerns)

I said...

idhukku nee reservation pathi eludhalam oru postu..

Suresh said...

reservation pathi dhan ella payalum edhchum solranuva, idhula naan pudhusa enna sollira poren. And it takes too much for a topic that everybody is tired of hearing insights about. irukkra nerukkadila adha vera seyyati enna?

I said...

is it snowing in londo?

Suresh said...

yeah, it's been snowing since last evening - on and off. I hate it when it gets all erratic like this.

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