Caller ID

I: hi, this is suresh. I just got call from this number
other side (OS): oh yeah, I had got a call from your number
I: oh really? this is weird. I never called this number
OS: I know, but it's ok, not a problem
I: there must have been some kind of confusion, I just got home
OS: not a problem, take care
I: you too, bye


Gasquet Fan said...

adhu AT&T saydha sadhi. To increase traffic in their network.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

random dating ? were you sad it was another guy...

There is not twechnical reason for that to have happened... unles you have a secret admirer.

Suresh said...

GF-I have a voip phone :p

Escape - nah, it was actually a woman. It could be like one of those times where they get a reliance number when I call home (a new reliance number each time.)

But the thing, this is not first time. People have told me about this kind of thing. enna karumamo!

Ananth said...

Someone could have done this (just for fun). calling you and the other party thro' internet call.

Try this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Suresh,
Federer lost 62 64 to volandri. Why am I beginning to feel that Federer is finally getting his due after being let off the hook the past three years? I love it man. It's another thing that he made many unforced errors. But he is bound to do that with his high risk playing style.
That fucking Gasquet should have beaten Federer if he had finished off volandri in the previous round. But thanks to a stomach upset (a good excuse), Gasquet lost. And now I am looking forward to Hamburg Masters now. With the game Gasquet's showing the last two months, he can go deep into the tournament. He is getting better with every game. I am loving tennis now.

Subhash said...

Wow! And now Roger and his coach are splitting up. I hope he gets back to playing like he did in 2004 when he was so awesome. I'd drop Gasquet in a jiffy. May be not.

Suresh said...

Thanks for link ;)


Yeah Fed is playing bad lately, I hope his splitting with his coach does some good to him.
As for your claim that Gasquet is getting better, I don't see much tangible proof to it. He's losing in the same rounds he used to. appuram edha vechu...?

Anonymous said...

I hope dropping the coach makes him better. About Gasquet, sure he is losing in the same rounds as he used to. But he is playing a little more attacking tennis than he did in the start of the year. And he is playing lot more tournaments than he has ever done.

I thought Gasquet can go deep in the Hamburg masters. Turns out he has to face Gonzalez in the 3rd round and Nadal in the fourth round, if he gets there. I don't think he has it to beat Nadal now.

As for his results, he must have won the Estoril Open two weeks back. He played against Djokovic in the final and gave it away in the third set because he couldn't grind it out there. Gasquet, unfortunately, has to live with the hype around him. Apart from Federer, he must be the only guy commentators are drooling over
when he plays. Sometimes it is unwarranted, like it is for Federer. But most of the times he is just too good for his own good.

And since I actually watch the matches live, I can say that he is doing good. Atleast most of the time he plays upto his seeding, like reaching quarters when he is seeded 13. That is quite an improvement. It means I get to watch some more of his matches.

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