TV ads are almost nothing without music - most of them are. But sometimes the jingle is so catchy that it completely blinds the images.


Escape.... Great Escape said...

The song is from a group called major Maker apparently.

I know there is no connection... but was reminded of the opening song in the 'Nachos Libre' soundtrack. Probably the opening was similar.

Suresh said...

Yeah, it's an upcoming Canadian band. They did it just for the commercial. This one - 30 seconds long - is the only version of the song.

Kuttibalu said...

Hayooo intha adv reminds me of da song 'Come into my world' - Kylie Minogue.
Adapavingala musickum copy .... video vum copy yaaa...

Reached ur blog following podtech (Kirubhas recommending podbazaar and then ur 'Sexual offenders' podcast... I was ROFL... officela matikiten... yennada vizhundhu vizhundhu sirikaranu.. Nalla topic.. atha azhaga humorousaaa sollirukkael.. ummaku oru fan count yeriduchu.. :)

Suresh said...

Yeah, the video's theme is lifted from that song. But music copy ellam onnum illeenga, andha paatukkum idhukkum sammandhame illa. thirumba ketu parunga.

Kiruba valiya oru listener kedaipanga appudinu nan nenachu kooda pakala. :))
Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.

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