Same side goal

Anchor: We have the CBSE exams topper Divya who scored 493 out of 500 with us. Congratulations Divya, you've got 98.6 percent just 7 short of maxing it up. Not to undermine your stupendous achievement, Divya, but do you think that academic performance is the best way to measure one's intelligence?

Divya: Yeah!



Ananthoo said...

still tuff for them! no entrance in 95 shud not suffice actually, i mean to get thru to govt colleges (low fees, nothing else)..i hope they all come out of the standard feeling (esp in our days) that only engg or doc was bindaas,rest all bakwas!

Suresh said...

yeah, I suppose. But that's not what I meant to convey though. Just to make it clear: it's an irony that a person who has scored 98.6% is stupid (or unintelligent) enough to think that academic performance best reflects one's intelligence. By giving that kind of answer she made the point clear.

Anonymous said...

ithayum vilakavendiyatha iruku..

this girl got tons of marks.intellegenti of 5lakh 10th students.

i dont understand the evaluation thing.. how can you score a 100 in science/language or say history/geo?

does this mean, you know everything about science?

there used to be a way to filter divya from getting in to grp 1 or anna univ. It used to be called ent.exam.

our popular kulapavadhi, adhayum mudichitar. intha year counselling mudinja theriyum..
kudumbatha mattum kannum karuthuma paarthupar. kalaka kanmaniku single tea+alwa kudupar..

enna kodumai ithu..


Anonymous said...

out of the topic here....but i think u have a good command of language use and vocab for an indian! maybe u speak as well as sendhil in heroes! congrats!

Muthu said...

Hi suresh,

Heard that lot of money is getting exchanged for rising the scores through re-correction and re-totalling of the exam papers.

People are ready to pay some big money instead of paying some 4 to 6 lakhs to get in to engineering college.

Now there is double bonanza for those who were able to raise the scores by bribing because they dont have to pay the donation and at the same time govt will subsidise the tution fees also.

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