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Novak Djokovic was upset in straight sets by Marat Safin in the second round Wednesday, ending the Serb's chances of testing his theory about Roger Federer's vulnerability.


Subhash said...

Djokovic played below his best and was surely surprised by Marat's pushing today. Marat played very safe the whole match. All in all, a very bad match to watch. Hope Safin continues his pushing and takes federer on in the semifinal which he will lose definitely if he played like he did today.

Safin's backhand is second only to nalbandian's.

Subhash said...

and like you said, Djokovic should be worried about his game than trying to fluster Federer. After all, he won't achieve what Federer did. So all the talk is only gas.

Actually his parents are much more irritating. Nadal is like an angel compared to these clowns.

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