The Sabarimala shrine in Kerala is in the news again this time about a divine light, which they have admitted has no celestial origin but is a manmade fire.
Both the government and the temple have for the first time admitted that it is not a celestial occurrence but a fire lighted by men.


Hawkeye said...

ha ha

bangaaru adigal has said that he wants to increase traffic in Sabarimalai to be more than thirupathi.

nxt-in-line sai-baba's magic viboothi.

Suresh said...

It's funny though. They are still maintaining that 'magarajothy' is celestial (apparently the explanation cited applies only for 'magarvilakku'). ennangada dei?

You know what I would really dig? If Sai Baba confesses that he's a child molester (as accused by several people).

Anonymous said...

With respect to "appadiyE maindain panRadhu" bit, a similar case (but in a different context) that has always beat me is this.
To this day, whenever a film-related discussion/interview/talk turns towards 'Aboorva SagOdharargaL', people talk about how it's still a big secret as to how Kamal appeared like a dwarf in the film. Now, if only someone cared to reflect a wee bit on that before saying so, he/she would realise that all that was done in the film is pretty apparent now. But yet, the constructed truth (the truth of a magician, if you will) is more interesting to them, and every interviewer asks the same damn question to Kamal every time.

Suresh said...

haha I know, and there was this ridiculous story involving Karunanidhi. That Kamal was willing to share the "secret" with Karunanidhi on stage, in the movie's 100th day function or something, and Karunanidhi being a statesman that he is(?), politely declined saying "it should be a secret for generations to come, so I don't want to be burdened by the responsibility of keeping it safe." And this story, I think, was published in a few magazines then.

(This line of story telling is so pervasive - recall Satyaraj's story about MGR.)

Tamils love to construct all these stupid anecdotes over paisa peradha matters, don't they?

Hawkeye said...

agree with zero.

i think we knew the explanation all along but had .0001% douubt. When the magician explains his trick that small fraction of a doubt dissappears.

I wanted to write a post on sai-baba's desibaba activities but desisted from it because i didnt want more controversy than what i had. saibaba-exposed blog had done a detailed and fantastic analysis on this. very interesting.

Sugmad Eshwar said...

When i was a kid, i use to watch this magaratheebam on tv. I still remember my whole family will start praying while seeing the live telecast of the theebam.

Tsk...i always wanted take a chopper and get down directly at the spot of light and see if it was god or human flashing the light.

I got few more wishes,

1. enter and see the real secret of sithaparam.

2. find out what is inside the black box at mecca.

3. Kumarikandam the real cradle of civilisation.

but then again, we not messing with god but human faith.

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