Roast of Kamal Haasan (or Dasavatharam)

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1-5.00: random stuff
7-00 - 13.00: Chaos theory and its popularity (quite boring, you may want to skip it)
17.00 - 25.00: scenes in the movie
28.00 - 35.00: Kamal the sucker (and Kamal the sell out)
35.00-45.00: random stuff

Edit: This is one of the articles I referred to, to refresh on Chaos theory's application


Anonymous said...


I have to see the movie. So I didn’t listen to the whole thing. Just picking the sections based on your contents.

10 Roles was a stupid argument, Kamal shouldn’t be defending or making it as a USP. (as you said, he’s learning the marketing now and is using it I guess).
In a related note, Vadivukarasi is a better actress, who does more than one character in a day ( Villi,amma, extra, etc) in TV dramas.
She has to switch between roles more often than Kamal in a short timeframe. Where as Kamal has to do it in 2 years and that too one at a time for weeks, I assume.

Any way, I decided not to waste 50$ ( 30 for tix and 20 for gas) with out looking at reviews. So I might just end up paying 2$ for the dvd.


Subhash said...

Is kamal a sellout or an incompetent?

Suresh said...


You're right. We can think of a lot of these "gunachatra nadikarkal" who will easily qualify is some of the best actors but never spoken about (not even to the extent of 'Delhi' Ganesh). ayyo $50 would have made you go sleepless. I mean I downloaded the movie for free and I still got so pissed.


A bit of both'nu sollalaam. I've noticed one thing: if he becomes a victim of something in a movie, the movie usually turns out decent. (ok, I just said it based on Mahanadhi and Hey Ram! :p)

Anonymous said...

i disagree with one point regarding kamal's english pronunciation.

do you think texas and new york english is in same dialect?

Suresh said...

His doesn't fall into any category unless he was going for a 'southern' accent as spoken by someone who has gum disease (and few more quirky mix ups in his life).

Anonymous said...

This is Kamal's Sivaaji... nothing more... nothing less

Anonymous said...

I think you were bit harsh on the movie..i found the movie very interesting but definately not perfect. Forget the chaos theory...virus and tsunami relation is just awesome (though fiction). only kamal can think ike this. kudos to him.

Anonymous said...

"">dasa gallery

very sad. our industry is headed by old coots, practically codgers with one foot in the grave. look at harrison ford, clint eastwood etc fit and manly. now look at these old buffoons with sagelike beard and unkempt face with wrinkles and tummies. muruga!

Anonymous said...

gallery link

Anonymous said...

Can you please post the article you said you'll link?

Anonymous said...


Some comments:

1. this is after all a movie having commercial implications; so why have you roasted it avoiding this perception ? why are you expecting it to be perfect or very logical? do you apply this critic mind to all movies ? you should have viewed and commemented on the movie irrespective of what Kamal and his team may claim about it. And why view it only in terms of Chaos theory or butterfly theory ? if it matches the theory of your understanding, well and good. If not, why couldn’t it be that Kamal didn’t understand it properly and as a result this half-baked movie? In that case, why not watch it as a usual masala movie and provide comments in that view ? same for criticizing his pronunciation, the big rock idol being taken in boats, the production values of a research lab, etc. – so much of vengeance in commenting on them – it is not reality, just a movie and these are based on the budget. In ‘Vikram’ movie, the rocket was like a toy and would be lifted by helicopters – isn’t it illogical ? it was the best possible that could be done in a tamil movie with whatever viewership we have and whatever business it would bring. Hollywood movies can invest in a grand scale because they can rake in the business with a world wide appeal … is it logical on your part to expect a tamil movie with limited appeal worldwide to have the same production values? You are talking so much logic … wouldn’t that hold good for your arguments too-would you take view in context or not?

2. you have said that Kamal has never acted as a villain; it is wrong – he has acted as villain in Pattaampoochi (ditches his love interest who has eloped with him when he finds a rich woman and gets killed by her lover in the climax), naam pirantha mann (where Sivaji kills him in the climax), in Indran Chandran, he has made audience despise his role as Indran. In Indian, he played a role with a negative shade but you will anyway argue that the other character is a hero in the above 2 movies, that is why he played a negative role. Take this role of in Kuruthi Punal – a usual heroic character will never falter and will sacrifice his family for the sake of duty and country (such as Arjun’s character) with unwavering faith, but, Kamal’s role in this movie, falters and stumbles for his family and regains lost ground only in the end. In this movie, Arjun is the usual cliché hero and not Kamal. What about Manmadha Leelai where he is a womanizer ?

3. coming to Dasa, he has woven the story such that Theists and Atheists will have their own ideology glorified – to atheists, the Rama Jayam lorry will be seen as a coincidence (after all most 90%(?) commercial vehicles in India are named after Gods) whereas Theists will think it as an act of God. It is not only the lorry in one scene, all such seemingly coincident help has been made to happen as if with a presence of God’s hand. In the climax, Govind clearly makes fun of Andal when she proclaims that it was God’s act that saved millions sacrificing thousands. He ridicules the idea that God had created the tectonic plate fault 800 hundred years ago so that a Tsunami can result to destroy the bio warfare. The classic example that shows that Kamal intended to create the theist, atheist view to the happenings can be explained with Avatar Singh’s ‘so called’ miracle cure from cancer. I am surprised that you didn’t mention it in your roast; it is the most absurd logic one can expect from a Kamal movie, I guess anyone would agree. Couldn’t he have created some other plot for Avatar Singh instead of this ? then why did he deliberately place this illogical bit ? the only explanation I can think of is that he wants to say, ‘yes, scientists or atheists cannot explain all things that some times defy logic, but according to them it is mere coincidence and doesn’t indicate that there is a God’.

4. coming to naming the character as Boovaragan, why do you think only in the aspect of the pig and naming a Dalit as pig ? Boovaragan in religious myth saves the earth and brings it out of the ocean which was hidden by a demon and here our Dalit Boovaraghan argues his case to save the earth (sand). And he losing his life in the end – why again a negative view on it ? why cant you view it positively – he sacrifices his life though he pretty well knows that he is saving the offspring of the person who is his opponent and has gone lengths to get rid of him. This characteristic is usually heroic stuff in Indian cinema, isn’t it ? again, theists will view it as like this: he died because he gave away the Christ dollar or he would have been protected – the child was saved because he wore the Christ dollar given by Boovaraghan. I also have another view to this: Nambi (an upper caste) dies in the same sea water believing in a stone and is looked upon by theists as a ‘thyagi’ or ‘hero’ whereas Boovaraghan (lower caste) dies in the same sea water in an attempt to save human lives. Now, who is great or better - an upper caste who lost his life and also put his family into turmoil for the sake of religion and stone or a lower caste person who loses his life being compassionate ? who is a hero worthy material ? why cant you view positively like this ? and the intention of Kamal is evident when praises are heaped on Boova… body and an upper caste woman accepts him as her son. One of his followers also sings in praise of him … by which Kamal only tries to say that here is a man who needs to be glorified – greatness comes with one’s actions and not by birth.

5. as for Anbae Sivam, the movie was titled Anbae Sivam with a reason – the two characters in the movie are Anbarasu (Anbae) and Nalla Sivam (Sivam). This can be interpreted as all human beings are one and as shown in the movie, God is only there in the form of compassionate human beings – which is Anbae Sivam or Sivamae Anbu. I do agree that he could have avoided the cliché of showing the hospital as run by a Christian mission, but, in reality before the advent of Sankara and few other Hindu based mission hospitals(that too only in Tamilnadu I guess), in most parts of India and in the past, the hospitals were predominantly run by Christian missionaries as they had money with them to induce conversion. This is a story and it could be seen as reflecting the society … cant it be ?

Suresh said...


1. My views on most movies have to do with how they are consumed and not necessarily how they are (I don't even know if you can make this distinction). I've mentioned this several times before in this blog. It does matter what Kamal, his team and his fans claim the movie to be. So the supposed vengeance is simply to drive that point across - something you seem to acknowledge without any problem - that is movie is run of the mill masala crap. My mastication of Chaos theory was mostly with regard to the infamous email forward. I even mentioned the reason for doing a 'roast' in the podcast. My assessment, at least in a 'roast', is contrasted with how the sellers and a section of the consumers portray it to be ("ulagatharam", in this case).It's presented well within that context (read as: presented, well within).

2. I had said, "he is obsessed with heroics". I probably should have a added "since the time he got the tag of a good actor". I haven't seen Pattaampoochi, and I don't remember Naan pirantha mann. Someone had mentioned before in this blog that there's a Malayalam movie in which he rapes someone. Given that I didn't say pre 80s movies be excluded, I stand corrected.
I cannot believe you included Indiran Chandiran, Indian etc., to list. Then you might as well have mentioned the Fletcher guy. Of course, I'll argue that he was also the "hero". Kuruthi punal's faltering "hero" is still a hero that is forced into that kind of situation in the last minutes of the movie only to come out all too righteous in the end - the cause is bigger than the individual. I would have admired Kamal if he had traded roles with Nasser.
Kuruthi Punal is a movie with mixed up ideological overtones that I'll comment on in detail some other time.

3. I spoke about this to one of my podcast listeners and he even posted it as a comment in podbazaar. He has summed my view, more or less.
Now kamal in his speech is either trying to tie the 12th century dumping of the statue with the tsunami or trying to say that it's mere coincidence and people are trying to link unrelated things. May be that's why he says he'll wait till people mature. If the latter is the case he need not have mentioned anything about chaos theory. If he is indeed trying to make that link, as in the first case, how does he know that it was that particular incident that altered the course of anything? Like suresh says, we all know that one of the billions of the sperms from Einstein's dad gave birth to him. How clever is to pretend that you knew exactly which sperm it was? (refer to the article and read about the coin toss example discussed in the article).That is, there were so many things that were thrown into the sea before and after the perumal statue, how does he know it's not those things? Add to this the lorry scene which is not discussed anywhere. so it's not a scene to drive the "coincidence" point in a dialogue at a later point of the movie. care to clarify?
As I said in the end, and as is the case in any podcast, I have to leave a few things out of the podcast because of time constraints. So I didn't delve into this or the Avatar singh annoyance (and his miracle cure) .

4. I was all too aware of the all the viewpoints you've mentioned about Boovaragan's character. After all, I did the podcast after 2 weeks since the movie was released; I browsed through my share of accusations and explanations. So I just mentioned some aspects of his characterization that I thought weren't as common. I didn't necessarily have any specific take on them. As I said in the podcast, I have mixed views about this character.

5. I know the movie's characters were woven around the title (or vice versa). The view that compassionate people are Gods is still problematic. Elevation of humans on any basis will invariably lead to a hierarchical structuring of a society - in contrast with basic communist ideals. Anyway, it's not something that I take serious issue with.
It will be an unfair assessment if I said that the movie had nothing worth appreciating. It could, as you mention, can be taken as a coincidence or as being reflective of the society, only that these 'reflections' have a pattern susceptible for criticism. Even if you overlook these things, my other criticisms stand. And I didn't even get into his glorification of communism as some kind of panacea.

Anonymous said...

2. Again, this has to be viewed in context. Like it or not, he has a fan following and his business interests dictate him to play heroic roles. Just name a star (not a character artiste) who isn’t? they are all enslaved within a frame and within this enclosure, compared to other stars, Kamal is one who tries to be a bit different in presenting his movies and there ends the matter. Movies are for mass entertainment and the current trends in Indian filmi world is such that serious movies are not as well received by the masses. And everyone is good in performing some type of roles than others – Nasser can act in character roles – can he be a successful mass hero? Similarly, do you think Kamal can successfully portray a menacing villain? he can probably maximum do only roles such as the one done by Prithviraj in ‘Kanaa Kandaen’ movie. Like Nasser doing the roles he fits in, doesn’t Kamala have the freedom to choose a role that suits him? why ridicule him on that basis? why isolate him in a filmi world where the masses are still not mature enough to be expecting performance oriented roles?

3. correct me, if I am wrong - ‘chaos theory’ and ‘butterfly effect’ are ‘probability’ theories when it comes to complex happenings on earth and may not have solid scientific proof to establish the root cause of a major event to a unrelated insignificant event. A butterfly flapping its wings leading to a tornado elsewhere is too good to be true but is definitely a probability; in fact it has to be this way – tracing the root cause to the flapping of butterfly is too far fetching. When this theory is to be shown in a movie, how can it be done esp in a mainstream format? Dasa... is a fiction and naturally the creator just juxtaposes this theory on to a fictional story – is just a probability that a collection of so many things could have created a fault on the tectonic plate and this rock idol could have played its however miniscule role in it. What is wrong in his interpretation or weaving it into a fictional story to his liking? coming to Einstein story, yes, you cannot determine upfront which one of the sperm will materialize into Einstein, but, on the aftermath we can trace back that one in those million resulted in Einstein; that is why as I mentioned, it is a probability theory – a tornado created because of a butterfly flapping its wings – the naming of the theory in itself implies that it is almost impossible to identify which butterfly’s flapping caused the tornado even if it could be traced that the Tornado was the cause of a butterfly flapping. Got it?

5. The majority of the current society believes in God and does things that are at times inhuman; in this context, an Atheist, who believes that being a human is much more important, wants to propagate that human beings matter and nothing else; so the protagonist is just making the Theists to see God in another human being – like what Gandhiji said “If you don't find God in the next person you meet, it is a waste of time looking for him further. -Mahatma Gandhi” and “God is conscience. He is even the atheism of the atheist. -Mohandas K. Gandhi”. This is exactly what Kamal tries to say in the movie – he will point to Santhana Bharathi and say you are the God; you came to kill me and ended up seeking my pardon” –he is referring to his conscience. It doesn’t mean that he is elevating people as Gods; how will you distinguish between a person doing good deeds and a person the opposite? is it a natural process to distinguish people in some context or other? how has the Anbae Sivam movie been illogical or idiotic in these terms? Coming to communism, leave out what the theoretical communism is, doesn’t hierarchy exist in communist parties all over the world? Are all communist party members working in the same plane without any hierarchy? Were Marx, Lenin Marx and other communist leaders(why are they called leaders btw) same as an x or y who believed in communism? Is the reality same as the idealism? Does your criticism still stand? Show me a good example of a non-hierarchial system implemented in communism anywhere in the world. Tell me this – everyone believes in one ideal or another – theists/atheists, Congress/BJP, Democrats/Republicans, Capitalism/Communism ... it doesn’t mean that one is some kind of panacea over the other; it only means that a person x or y, thinks one to be lesser evil than the other. It is his/her personal belief... and there ends the matter. He has all the freedom to express his views – accepting or rejecting is your freedom. But why would you criticize him for having a view? You may not agree on his views but you cannot deny the right for him to have a view unless until you have a time tested, proven ideology which is an undisputed panacea.

Suresh said...


You maybe a die hard Kamal fan but I'm not a die hard Kamal hater. I cannot answer your questions within the frame you try to restrict me to.

1. This - "kamal has a fan following, so he does x" - kind of reasoning will be rubbished if it's said about any truly world famous, well respected actor. So I refuse to go by that yardstick. If you think his being an exception by some set of rules you've created is good enough to appreciate him, please suit yourself.

2. Please read the article I've linked. And read point 1 again.
As for whether or not he can give a bullshit spin on chaos theory in the name of fiction? Sure he can and he has. And we are making fun of it. You see any conflict in this process?

3. I mentioned already that I do not take serious issue with it. So I don't see the reason to explicate on my stance on this issue. (And I don't take Gandhi's words for granted.)

{{Coming to communism, leave out what the theoretical communism is}} - I made a comment based on this assertion. I don't have to answer any question that doesn't follow this statement.
But because you've asked: yes communist parties function much against basic communist ideals. Marx envisioned the abolishment of the State and today we have these "parties" that are thronging to be the State. What exists today, especially in political parties, is an aberration.

I'm surprised you didn't choose the easier logic: it's a fictional character that talks about communism. Why should that character have a perfect understanding of everything? Doesn't the creator have the freedom to create characters that are imperfect?
See? That seals it.
If your point is that Kamal's character was just propagating a slightly imperfect version of communism, take my criticism as making that imperfection obvious. Of course, you can try to show how my criticism is imperfect too (isn't that what you're trying to do?).

And when I said my other criticisms stand, I meant the heroics he employed that ended up subverting the purported theme of the movie.

The last part of your comment follows a poor logical order. While I'm glad that you grant me the freedom to reject his views, I hope I also have freedom to choose how I reject him. If you thought rejecting = ignoring, I think we have a basic disagreement right there.

I don't know where and when the idea about "rights" creep in. I never questioned the legality or the moral, ethical "right" on his part to say anything. He can say whatever he wants and I'll say whatever I want about whatever he says. It's cyclical. One cannot expect me to replace his propaganda with mine (although it may happen anyway). That's not how deconstruction works.

{{He has all the freedom to express his views – accepting or rejecting is your freedom. But why would you criticize him for having a view?}} - What are you doing here now? Just replace 'He' with Suresh and see how it reads (as if someone else is addressing you).

Anyway, I don't want to get dragged any further into this Kamal's-face-saving mission you seem to have undertaken. Because, I'm not in a mission of the opposite nature. If it makes you feel any better, I do like Mahanadhi and Hey Ram (with some qualifications).

Anonymous said...


I too do not want drag this; you seem to have not got my point. everyone has a right to criticize and differ from a view put forth; but there is a difference in criticism and ridicule ... just hear your podcast again and try to identify whether you had criticised the views or whether you have ridiculed the person by launching a personal attack. hear each comment you did on Kamal and see if it is for the movie he has made or it is a ridicule of either him or the viewers. btw why do you brand me as a die hard Kamal fan - is it because I tried to differ from your views? I havent ridiculed your views just put forth opposing arguments suggesting you to think in a different perspective.

Suresh said...


No offence, but you didn't make any worthwhile point to get. If anything, it was already obvious and understood.
You just framed your arguments within a moral outlook/artistic world view that I don't share. You've constructed straw man arguments and non-sequitur points twisting what I said to fit your replies (as pointed out in my previous reply). Of course there is a difference between criticism and ridicule. I've done both. I don't understand the importance of making this distinction in a podcast titled "Roast of Kamal Haasan". I never tried to say "it's not ridicule! It's criticism" or anything of that nature. I wonder if have you heard any of the 'roasts' done in Comedy Central?

{{hear each comment you did on Kamal and see if it is for the movie he has made or it is a ridicule of either him or the viewers. }} - Read this line again: "[m]y views on most movies have to do with how they are consumed and not necessarily how they are (I don't even know if you can make this distinction)."
So please stop stating what's already been overruled as some kind of pointer.

I have criticized/made fun of/ridiculed Kamal the actor - on screen, the perceived individual by his fans. I didn't say anything about his love life or whatever; I don't know how it's "personal". I've just spoken about whatever is out in the open.

As I I said at the end of the podcast, there are multiple perspectives to look at anything and I've chosen one to present myself in the podcast. Choosing one doesn't mean you're unaware of the existence of the others. If you want to choose the one that paints the world as a rosy warm place where everything is fine, please, by all means. But I choose to politicize, problematize and deconstruct whatever I think are hidden under the layers of a presentation (or a form of reality). (I feel really uncomfortable to say something that sounds so pretentious, but what the hell?)

You can actually ridicule me, what you can't expect me to do is change my perspective unless there's something fundamentally wrong - within my own terms - with my outlook.

{{btw why do you brand me as a die hard Kamal fan - is it because I tried to differ from your views? }} - No, because you left 4 page replies that addressed only the points - from the podcast - that had any room for showing Kamal in a better light. (And I didn't brand you as such, I just said you maybe one. I'm sorry you're offended because I hinted that you could be a Kamal fan.)

Subhash said...


hahah.. comes with the territory man. That is you should avoid disclaimers and read from a script. Several bullshitters take you too seriously.

Valan said...

I Suresh, how are you? I was waiting for your podcast about kamal's movie for a long time!! BUT I cant't hear it: BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK!!!
Please do something...

I had listen all your podcast, and I like your opinion, I konw that you dont know me, acctualy I found your site via your recepice site(you tube).

ok Suresh, bye and please repair the page. A++

Anonymous said...

I am no accident visitor to your site; I have marked it under my favourites and keep visiting it often to look for new posts. I have been accessing your sites for many years now - your policeman interview in Palani, Coimbatore visit - response from CBE viewers for Sivaji, your roast on VV (how Kamal pronounced 'Semen', on what dialogue he spoke to the homo villains, etc.,), started listening to Gnani pesukiraen after your post on it. I have also left my comments before one thing I particularly remember about is on homoerotica - why it was named that way. So my comments are not because I am a die hard Kamal fan and landed on this site and wanted to counter your arguments. It is foolish to do so - there are thousands of such blogs out there and what do I achieve by opposing anyone? I liked your blogs for a long time but was taken aback by a bit of 'high headedness' in your ridicule some times. So I thought of putting forth some counter arguments to see whether you realize that and whether you break at some point. You broke too easily ... you were irritated by the second post. My intention was to see if you could refine and fine tune your criticism and reduce the ridicule esp. the rude/offending language. It will polish your comments and outlook. I know you have a disclaimer at the beginning .. but that doesnt prevent me from expecting you to refine with time ... maturity ?

Hawkeye said...

I listened to your podcast and agreed with most of your views. I felt most of what you felt.

A minor thing.

1.Your criticism on the dalit character was 'konjam over'. I think it was a nitpick. The character wasn't all the great and I dont think it was path breaking.

2. I think it is a marketing effort to pull in dalit crowd but the sub-text that you read into it may not be there.

I agree with your strawman arguments too.

I have a curious question.

A dalit finds Boovaragan offensive, telugus find Balram Naidu a caricature and offensive. Iyers of course are boiling over showing them as villians in 12th century. Muslims find kalifullah offensive. Brahmins overall find the movie and Asin and the stereotype offensive.

Do you think if a person belongs to category X, would he overread into that depiction and find the depiction of category X offensive? For example did you find his depiction of muslims, telugus and brahmins are stereotypical caricatures?

Anonymous said...

Hey this is a well made podcast. I liked your opinions. I had mostly the same feeling when I watched the movie - Too many Kamal hassan, Too many Characters. It just wasnt good. I wrote a comedy blog post myself on how Dasavatharam Part II will be. Give it a read when you have time -

Martian said...

I fail to understand why are you using different yardsticks to roast different movies. wasn't that a creative fresh script in kollywood?

I liked the movie just for the fact that he has atleast tried to give something afresh, though it was not without mistakes.

My request to all dasa bashers is not to kill the new kid in the block. If you insist, better be prepared to stereotyped recycles of pokkiri or kuruvi for ever.

Suresh said...


It's a well known fact that I get irritated very easily, you need not have tested. I've made elaborate confessions on that and my "high headedness". Nevertheless, a critic, by virtue of criticizing something, tends to take a tone that seems "high headed". It's a professional hazard (subash: amen to that).

As for whether I can/want to refine myself: once again, your understanding of maturing and refinement, at least in this regard, are completely different from mine. You should listen to George Carlin's stand ups (he died recently). Your criteria for refinement etc., may change after that.


The nitpick things were just some that I had come across. I don't really have a take on that.
Aside: It's unfortunate that such criticisms are hardly ever clarified by our movie makers. After all they are delving into their intentions, beyond what is discernible from the screen alone. And it's not a simple "were you thinking of Mylapore maami or Mambalam maami when you imagined Avvai Shanmugi's costume?" kind of thing (although that's what interviewers ask all the time).

I do think distancing from one's identity does help in not misconstruing/over reading something (like how my take on Anbe Sivam changed from then) [1]. But on a general level, as someone who has a taste for good movies (or simply art), we all have this basic yardstick that offends us invariably: insulting one's intelligence and aesthetic appreciation. I did find their depictions clichéd and caricatured. My hope would be that everyone be able to read into every depiction than just what they identify with.

Charu Nivedita has published his review on the movie today. Do go through his review.

[1] - It should be added, however, that being an insider (exposed to a relevant literature or art forms) - by virtue of operating from a different level of consciousness - let's one pick things (good and bad) that often go unnoticed.


Thanks. I'll sure try to read your post too.


Because Prabhu Deva did not say Pokkiri is going to be "ulaga tharam". He admitted it's ordinary theruvora moothram. Hence different yardsticks.

Dasavatharam is as fresh as soggy bhel puri. And this "kid" has been around for 30 years. His new weed needs to be killed before it grows into a parthenium field. It’s because we failed to do it in the 80s we still have Sivakasi, Kuruvi kind of nonsense.

Hawkeye said...


can you give me the link for charu nivedita's review and also the thamizh blog that said 'fascist..' thing. I am interested.

Sara said...


Roastunu parthavudannae.. vow appadinu ninaichaen... seri nalla ooti irupaenu ninchaen.. Infact i too was disappointed by the movie.. it was never a kamal film if it was even intended to be..

I thought you were trying to demean kamal/movie rather than ootify him.. sirikalamnu ninaithaen!.. satireayae kannum !

Looking for a podcast where you would take him for a ride :)

Ananth said...

Have you guys see Sivaji's Navarathri? That was better. They had some story in it. We need good tamil writers who can write intelligent stories.

Kamal should know he cant become ulaga nayagan (not even ulloor nayagan)with out choosing good story.

-- Ananth

Anonymous said...

i know some brahmans who has physique like undertaker or rock kind. so your point in his physique is wrong.

and moreover, a person who is fully tensed mentally, no one can control him even he is a like a pencil.

Bharathram said...


Semma roast of 10 Avatharam.

You pretty much said.. everything i wanted to say about the movie, even thought i am a die hard fan of Kamal.

bala said...


I'm not a fan of your blog as I personally have different perspective in taking things. I'm a fan of Kamal..but I do admit this movie is no way close to his best...He has made a mockery of everyone, the system , etc..I was so pissed off watching it first time that I couldn't believe kamal pulled off this crap...but once u think of watching as a masala movie, it is time pass..i liked it second time since i didn't drill too much on chaos...Too many people have taken chaos theory in hand and added more chaos to it...I personally felt that kamal was brilliant in making people stupid for his commercial success which he is deprived of recently...
he has to sustain in market, no way he could have done it better with DASAVATHARAM.

On 'secularist kamal;, i don't believe him completely.,...anbe sivam was the culminating point of his idealogy getting exposed...The concept was Good...i didn't find it disturbing..He should have stopped at that point..continuing in DASA was bit of over chew but he has to do it for commercial success.

On your point about heroism...Tell me whats wrong with being heroic..Remember he isn't a hollywood actor...he has to have that image..An avg kamal fan won't allow him to be like that.

But the way u analyse is always nagging..something not neutral..

Kamal failed as a hero in this movie..Kamal failed as 'The Kamal' we know who is capable of delivering Mahanadhi, anbe sivam , hey ram , thevar magan..

Kamal's repeated atheist cum faith propoganda was boring a bit

But surely he isn't sell out..!!

"Fool me once, shame on you..Fool me twice , shame on me"
TN people have made him feel so much that this time he fooled everyone. i'm happy about it..
I'm happy to see people caught in awe about DASA since this is nothing more than a masala but with some difference..

sure he can spring back with great performance...he has the talent..

To me kamal is an icon for his guts, professional attitude.

But he is overdoing in his communism which is nauseating.

Suresh said...


Thanks maapla.

Martian said...

a neutral comment at last on kh and dasa.

Prabhudeva's marketing caption should naturally be 'come and enjoy the masala', but it certainly can't be the same for KH even if he does a new version of masala, for the simple fact people don't expect and appreciate it from him. They take him and his works for granted as 'ulagatharam' and want Heyrams, Vikrams & mahanadhis from him and when given, they themselves make sure it fails @ BO.

Its getting boringly stereotypic of you to bash at anything just for the sake of doing it.

Suresh said...

{{Its getting boringly stereotypic of you to bash at anything just for the sake of doing it.}} - seringa.

Anonymous said...

this guy bala and martian are friends in orkut. first one guy links the blog to the other and they both come here and scratch each other's back. this what they do in all forums and think that nobody knows that they are kamal bootlickers.

Bala said...

this guy bala and martian are friends in orkut. first one guy links the blog to the other and they both come here and scratch each other's back. this what they do in all forums and think that nobody knows that they are kamal bootlickers.

To the anon who posted the above..
i'm in is pity that there are countless Bala in orkut.
Get yourself a life and don't post as anonymous if u criticse any particular person.

If u want my orkut profile..i shall share it and u can scrap me if u wish

Anonymous said...

as you say, posting something with the name bala is as good as posting something anonymously. why don't you share your orkut profile here and let everyone know whether or not this martian guy is some random person who came here few hours after you posted your comment or one of your orkut scratch buddies.

look at you, a self proclaimed kamal fan trying to pass a judgment about neutrality. and this martian scratcher approves it. dude, i've read your silly posts in orkut communities, keep your nonsense there.

Anonymous said...

nalla adichikangada...savunga. mari mari kathunga...poiyi savarathukku munaadi vaazhungada chellam.

'B @ l @' in orkut said...

to the anon,
if u have identified me in orkut, can u scrap me or send me a mail with exactly the same comments u posted for this blog ?

Poda !! un madiri periya "_____" neraiya parthurken.

Anonymous said...

dei, the truth is, you haven't seen a lot of people like me. while the opposite is true. this is you

now you can say that's not you and there's little I can do about it. you can hide easily saying that is some other bala. that's why i said, being a bala is as good as being some theruporikki.

B @ l @ as in orkut said...

Thats not me.
let me give mine..i have no problems sharing my identity..
but will u come out of your shit and reveal urself ? Just to see how is the pathetic disguised as 'the Anonymous'

Search in orkut : B @ l @

B @ l @ as in orkut said...

for ur corrrection :
change the uid to '1023047557047657781'

i wrongly pasted the id u mentioned

Anonymous said...

just so that I nail you down let me add some scraps and show how your comments match. only few can have the stupid punctuation styles like you do. especially few anons, I mean, few balas.

exhibit a:
dei...eppadi daa irruka..
201 234 7784
eppo us return vanda ?

exhibit b:
dei..appo complete-a india-ku move pannitiya ?
Restamping ??? H1 expired ?

Saravanan inga varan christmas time-la...nothing much
my # : 201 234 7784

exhibit c (you scratching a fellow so he'll scratch you back sometime):

hi *****, i'm doing good..nama work as usual....its fetching me some $ didn't mind abt it :-)

so how was ur new year...
infact u made my day in this new year by sharing it in Kamal community...ppl wud love it...

Gentle, sattire, effective - only a rationalist can talk like this.

exhibit d, e:

Cool..if possible get these movies.. : Pesum Padam, Namavar, Devar Magan, Kuruthipunal (if u get this it wud be gr8), Sathya, Virumaandi
B @ l @ !!:
which movie ?? VV or Hey ram..
if u want i have even mahanadhi - my favourite movie and even anbe sivam...hey..try to get some kamal movies when u go to chennai next time.

thambi bala, you basically like sucking kamal's dick. if you like it so much please do so, but just know that everyone knows it.

you thought you are some smartass by deleting scraps in your profile, but your stupid scraps in other profiles are still there. now that we've had this conversation, i have saved your phone number, photos and what have you. when i find you really annoying i'll find them very useful.

bala said...

:-) I didn't understand one thing..
whats the point u r trying to say ?

[i]just so that I nail you down let me add some scraps and show how your comments match.[/i]

What post of mine are you trying to compare and contrast.

If u don't like kamal or his movies, its ur idea and not a problem for me.

Inspite of sharing my orkut id , you haven't revealed yourself. Not a cultured fellow will post as anonymous against a person who has revealed his identity..Atleast don't be afraid to come out and speak..

Anonymous said...

dei, you revealed jack squat. i put your profile link first and being a moron as you are put the link again. now we have two links and one uid correction, but they are all the same. you'll know who i am when you get random phone calls when you're sleeping.

you can talk about culture and all other nonsense, but in the end, it's not my name, date of birth and phone number out in public. i hope no one uses the details in combination and crack your bank account or something. i know, unakku nenju bak bak'nu adikkaadhu because you are a kamal fan.

bala said...

Why should i be afraid of ?
anyway best of luck !!
Expecting your call soon and btw don't be a coward to reveal your name that time :-)

bala said...

Mr .anonymous..check this post
in firefox...
you will find the UID to be truncated there..and hence re-posted..
Ennamo ivaru periya Einstein madiri pesararu..Pongapa poi Pulliangala Padika Veiyu

Subhash said...


Thank you man for posting Bala's orkut profile. I got to watch a stupid motivational video by Shankar Mahadevan from his favourites. And I like the girl that looks out of the bus. I think I am going to marry her. I will send you the invitation too.

Sudhir said...

The podcast was, as usual, fun. It's always a treat when somebody's getting criticised.
I must admit though that the comments section, especially the latter part of it, has bored me to death. Especially after having been a part of CGC and getting used to such mundane squabbles and 'threats'. You must have been too, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

One of ur best podcasts, I should say!

On a rather loosely realted note, check this out:


redcentredoc said...

I was recently in Singapore and got a few Tamil VCDs as I normally do hoping there would be at least a 10% hit rate with regards to watchability. Got Dasavat because it was a new release and KH was in it. Watched it halfway and was glad to dispose of it! In fact I have to thank you for filling me in with the rest of the story as your podcast was far more entertaining. Also prevented me from vomiting any more blood which started as a trickle when the guy was singing whilst hanging on flesh hooks and certainly became a torrent when Asin's character came in to the picture. Such an irritating role and the overacting didn't help. Also what was KH thinking with the stupid make up and multiple roles? The Segway segment - I should have expected that from past KH movies. His accent/accents - no comment!

redcentredoc said...

I was recently in Singapore and got a few Tamil VCDs as I normally do hoping there would be at least a 10% hit rate with regards to watchability. Got Dasavat because it was a new release and KH was in it. Watched it halfway and was glad to dispose of it! In fact I have to thank you for filling me in with the rest of the story as your podcast was far more entertaining. Also prevented me from vomiting any more blood which started as a trickle when the guy was singing whilst hanging on flesh hooks and certainly became a torrent when Asin's character came in to the picture. Such an irritating role and the overacting didn't help. Also what was KH thinking with the stupid make up and multiple roles? The Segway segment - I should have expected that from past KH movies. His accent/accents - no comment!

Anonymous said...

A very vivid review of the movie,but I wish to say the movie isn't all that bad.Why am I not seeing kuselan review.Didnt u get to watch?..What ever said and done Dasavatharam was a wholesome entertainer.When you people can appreciate hollywood movies which have all virtual impossible technical magna why not appreciate the effort from an Indian???

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you said your podcasts, but this tends to make sense too!

- Padmanabhan

Suresh said...

No, it's run of the mill bullshit.

Narendran said...

as far as i know, Kamal is still a samana by his feelings. Never portrayed a saiva character great. i have noticed this from "Maharasan"(Mens toilet named as Paramasivam and ladies as Parvathi). (You can correct me if im wrong but dont pick anbe shivam, coz it is a movie that says there is no god). Of-course im still confused that god is really there or not.

My personal opinion is that why dont we just enjoy a movie when we are spending(our own money) for it. Why are we so concerned about what the director or story writer tries to say? lets not bother about their opinion, coz we have our own valuable thoughts that are proven truths to our heart. lets just go by what can really change our thoughts. let us not let this cinema to impact us so deeply. These kind of discussions shows that we think, film industry is a media that can change our life. it is just an individuals idea(Director). if i get a chance being a director & hero of a same movie, i would say Hitler is the best human being, keep your religions in pooja room or temple/church/masque/what ever, keep your culture till your door of your house, when you come out of it, see every one a animal in this world(if you find some one as lion, respect but be careful/ if you find some one as a fox, jus be careful and always keep away/ if you find some one as deer, dont use them for your hunger but leave the person alone/ be the same as you are with every one"Unless u are harmless". if you want to show your anger show it when you have a problem with a guy who is more powerfull than you, if you find him less powerfull just warn and let him go. Are we ready to do all these, "Definitely No") . All these are jus not gonna happen on this earth. Iam no kamal fan.

But all im trying to say is, find those scenes where you can enjoy, forget about those that you can not agree. Never Never Never be a fan for Just JUST a movie actor. A Movie actor is there to entertain us.

Pls bare with my bad english coz This is all that i can do.

Let us live this short span of life happily. Instead find reasons to be angry, lets find reasons to be happy.

Anonymous said...

A disgusting podcast. For people who want to just bash Kamal without understanding the

This idiot Suresh is just sitting behind a computer and making a podcast based on a famous movie

Naaye....pechu thiramayai vechu mattum pozhaikka paakura naaye....Unakku Dasa puriyalaida moodhevi...Poi Kamal sir kitta padathoda meaning kelu.

Anonymous said...

I dont even want to explain the movie to this guy. This guy just sees from scenes and commenting about it, without understanding the sheer brilliance in details and interpretation and coincidences spread across the film.

That comment of asking Kamal to play all characters is bullshit. You dont know what is the implication of the characters. You expect all 10 characters to have great background and character building in a 2.5 hour movie.

You are a shameless pig....why dont you disclose your face on TV and make the comments?

Anonymous said...

Unakku endha padamdhanda nalla irundhichu? Padathoda popularity use panni fame sambadhikkaravnadhane nee? Unnellam critic-nu sollikaadha...nee kakoos kaluvura velaikku kooda layakilladha naai. Oru nermayana Kalaignana namma TN people nadathura vidham...aaha...arpudham.

Makeup is just as important to cinema as music is. Kamal sir makes use of it often. And his screenplays are not for unruly idiots like you.

Anonymous said...

The movie's theme is not chaos theory. Kamal just makes a statement to tell about chaos theory to tell that lot of things happening in this world are not because of god, but because of chaos theory. Had the movie been based on chaos theory itself, the screenplay itself should be different. I still wonder why the marketers made the mistake of marketing this film is based on chaos theory.

You have not understood this itself. So you are unfit for even making a statement about this movie.

Anonymous said...

Un medhavithanathai nee niruthuppa...Kamal fans pathi nee solla thevai illai.

Anonymous said...

Racist guy....Sivaji roast-la racist-nu sollittu Iyengar eppadi arms vechirukkarunnu kekkura? Yaaru racist-nu neeye decide pannikko

Anonymous said... this disclaimer before reading my other comments.

"These are the thoughts of not an average youth. But a rational guy. Still my comments on you might be little harsh and uses strong words. So increase your open mind before reading my comments"

I am sure you will indulge in an act of deleting the comments as you want to gain fame through your blog.

Anonymous said...

Naan koodathan unnoda roasts ellam kettu un fan-a irundhen..So un fan-a irundha naane unnoda review-a kaari thuppitten

What the hell was are doing a pretty good damage of yourself. Idhu unnai neeye kevalapaduthikkira review. But nee solluradhai rasikkira level-ladhan unnoda blog audience irukkanganna...i dont know what to say

Anonymous said...

Kamal sir is the first actor to become a hero after appearing as villain in so many movies in 1970s

Anonymous said...

Periyar kooda hindu madham mattumdhan edhirthaar...he was more affiliated to christians and hindus

Anonymous said...

Periya arivaalinu nenaipaa unakku? Oru strong logic or reasoning irukanum even in a review, u r so opinionated that u can never think in a neutral way, first learn to develop urself, then try showing off ur review skills

High time u start improving, Y don't u first make a film and show how good u r

Empty vessels like u make the most noise!

Anonymous said...

Intha postil varum comment anaithum konjam harsh aa thonalaa, apdi irunthaa mannithu vidavum (Un style thaan!)

En daa wiki ya padichuttu 4 topic pathi burudaa vutaa nee periya aalaam, SICK ku explanation vera, naan solren sadist itching cranky kazhutha!

B4 u comment on a genius like Kamal, think what have u achieved? We are more open to proper reviewers, not half baked people who make it a point to make 40 minute lectures, dei padam lengthey 2 30 illa 3 hr thaan, nee athaye adichiduva pola!

Poi pulla kuttingala padikka vai!

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