"surplus of women": WTF?

Whenever you read/watch stuff in books/internet/tv etc., you often run in to things that make you go 'wtf?' This is one such video.


Anonymous said...

Ippa antha doctor thallayan enna solla varran?

Suresh said...

Avanukku naalu ponnunga porundhurakaangalam, aana oru ponnukku dowri kudukka dhan kaasu irukkam. so modho ponna kalyanam panravanukku adutha moonu ponnunga free!

Bharathram said...


Is this a joke. first of all i don't know how this guy became a doc, and he seems to be undecided on whether to support or oppose abortion, gay marriages, polygamy and prostitution . Looks like John Kerry has finally found a friend.

Priya said...

Really, what's the point he's trying to make? How can having a surplus of women be a problem? He's such a sexist fellow. Atleast, that's how he portrays himself as. Such an asshole! (Sorry for that harsh word here. Suresh, you can delete this comment if you want.)

Suresh said...

@Bharath (good to see you here)
Zakir Naik is the new hero for a lot of Muslims. Because, he is, as you can see in this video, capable of justifying every other nonsense told in the Koran with so much ease. With no hesitation, with no shame and with complete authority.

Take his point about female infanticide. He's saying over 1 million females die because of this every year and if it weren't for that even India will have the same "problem". We have over a thousand million people in our country, a million a year practically has no effect in the balance of sex ratios. Only a certain crowd can and sit and listen to this bullshit (some even applauded).
And he has left out lesbians out of the equation while talking about gays (or sodomites as he puts it).

@Priya - Well, he is an asshole of sorts, but in this video he's just being a "true Muslim." It's a different fact that they both often coincide.

The Individualist said...

*falls down laughing
What blatant absurd bs!
Man. I wish this guy lived somewhere in my vicinity. He is not as irritating as he is funny. It has been two minutes since I watched it and lol damn see.. I can't stop laughing.
Now that I mention it, he is annoying. And the crowd :O
The phrase 'public property' seems to sound to them like some wonderful sophisticated joke!
Manaangatti. Mavane. Ivanalaam nikka vechchi - **vaaila varudhu**
And he is some president or some bs for some muslim group?
Damn. All this doesn't assist in any way in suppressing one's prejudice.
****, avanum, avan pechchum, damn, come to think of it, adhunaala enna problemne avan kadasi varaikkum sollavella.. lol
Avana modhalla shave panna sollunga yaraavadhu. :|

Bharathram said...

HEY SUresh,

WHAT about the topic we discussed last week, remember "personal hygiene" - waiting for ur podcast or blog on that dude.

silanthimanithan said...

Karumaandhiram pudicha thulukka panni...Naayi...Ivanellaam vechi sumakkaradhunaala dhaan namakku tolerant society nnu peru...

ivana vida ivan pechu kekkudhunga paaru...adhugala sollanum...ivan sollradukku sirippu vera..eera vengaayam....

ivanukku yedhira mookkayana(Karunaanidhi) pesa chollu...andha yelavukkellaam vakkilla...right from the days of periyaar....the assholes in TN think opposing just hindus is radical...indha naaya edhirthu pesinaa biriyaani dhaan...

Durga said...

well said silanthimanithan.
Suresh, Who is this guy Silanthimanithan? Does he have a blog. Sounds funny.

Suresh said...


I suspect he's one of my friends, but hasn't posted this comment under his ID. So I'm not sure if it's him. I'll confirm if it's him and give his blog link.

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