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I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but just after I had published a podcast, I found this story. I posted the following comment in IBN’s website,

Isn't this ironic? It's so funny that you should do a story on your own wicked ways. The article is so conspicuously contrived. You're showing clips of people who are making general claims about press freedom and trying to equate that with press's assumption of moral high-ground (rightly pointed by Jeth Malani). IBN, since its inception, is known for going by CNN's motto – ‘sensationalize everything’. Look at the bloody music you use. What's up with that? If news channels are about informing people, why the hell do you have to use such dramatic loops and beats? Cheap!
I don’t think it’s going to appear in the site. I expected it; that’s why I had it saved. Anyway, I said it’s a coincidence because, in the podcast, I had mostly talked about the news items that had appeared on IBN’s homepage last night. Of course, as usual, I digressed to other unwholesome issues as well. This podcast is just a ‘filler,’ for it’s been close to month since I published my last one.
I forgot to mention the little boy’s kidnapping episode. The media, especially the likes of IBN, must be glad that their week long draggy story had a 'happy ending'. Now they get to dramatize it further. It might also bring the good old “is a CEO’s son’s life better than the thousands of Biharis who are kidnapped everyday?” debate. What’s worse? The debate will be staged in IBN (it hasn’t happened yet, but it will). It’s irritating, really. Then of course, there’s the weekly dose of judgmental nonsense, ‘The Verdict.’ This week: Do today's urban youth have contempt for the law?
A loaded and a clichéd question/topic. What do you mean by "today's youth?" Have the youth of any time period valued law more than the youth today? Is there even data to support your claim? What percent of those who are accused or to be accurate, convicted, belong to the 'youth'? The kind of spurious correlations you make are stupefying. How about having a value free debate for a change?
This is another comment I had left; it might not appear either.

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Suresh said...

I know (if you listened the podcast) I had referred to Manu Sharma as 'the criminal.' It was a mistake, it should have been 'the accused,' sorry about that.

Priya said...

Actually the podcast is quite good. I felt like, “at last someone is actually doing some kind of criticism on these totally pointless news reporting and polling.” Sometimes news reports are so sensationalized, I kind of hate it. But you could have avoided some of the generalizations you have made. Otherwise the rest of the content was quite good. I was laughing pretty hard at the point where you talked about the ‘kissing in public’ poll. Lol!!:D

prem said...

Good stuff mate! Im badri's senior from school.. stumbled upon ur orkut page and here Im wastin my time over ur blog.. but seriously entertaining stuff.. envy ur command over the tamil language.. naanum tamil than.. but your tamil lang grasp makes it so good to listen.. keep up the good work.

Suresh said...

@ Priya - yeah I had generalized quite a bit but I take no fault because I had confessed it too :p.

@ Prem - (By school I take it as wisc-mad) thanks for your time. aamanga sila pera galeej'a thitta Tamil dhan correct'a varum (juut kidding). I'm pleased that you like the podcasts. cheers

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