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Yeah this is one of those 'yes, I do want to post something but it's just that I'm a little busy with other stuff' posts. It's not so much that I'm really busy, a decent post won't take more than an hour to put together. But then, with that you invite comments, rebuttals and what not. There were a few issues that I wanted to talk about last week. One was about the news report about the cleric in Australia blaming the women for sex crimes ("pig meat kept out in the open" as he put it). It wasn't so much what he said. Even idiots in Indian media say things like that; only in the name of culture and tradition. It was his attempt to escape the criticism he didn't foresee. When he was cornered tight he resorted to the good old "I was quoted out of context" strategy. I don't think people bought it though.
And then there was this program in BBC - the one about press freedom (and its responsibilities). It's actually a conference in which some world renown journalists and other people working for NGOs (and organisations like the UN) had come. The discussion is definitely worth a post. As I mentioned earlier, I don't have the time (or the guilt free mind, if you will) to open up those topics here. Anyway, I have them all recorded, I can pick it up anytime. This post however, is just to fill the gap. I thought I'll link a video that I found very touching know "sema peelings ba."

I spend at least an hour everyday in youtube. Given the length and nature of most of the videos, that's about 20 to 30 videos a day, easily. Three months ago if you punched 'Chennai', 'Madras' or anything like that, you got no more than 3 pages. Now the pages are overflowing with all kinds of videos for the same search strings. So I had to narrow down my search string to something like 'IIT Madras.' No I'm not from IIT. The only connection I had with IIT was that I would go there 4, 5 times a year during 'Saarang' and whatever 'cultural event' that let you bunk college. So I thought of connecting to my recent past by watching some videos - videos with wannabe singers, dancers, drummers and the whole 'koothu kaara' bunch.
I found this video below. It's amazingly well conceptualized (well, a few clichéd sequences with the girl in the coffee parlour and in the library). The background music is a little DDish, but has an R.E.M like depth that touches you. The guys in the video have done a very good job of acting like the camera isn't there. The main guy (the soda buddi) isn't too bad either. He reminds me of my friend Badri, with his whiny face and confused looks. It's well edited. The video is mostly steady. It's like watching a mini documentary done by Kukunoor. Ok fine, just watch the video.


Priya said...

Oh my, it's so touching! It
reminded me of my baccalaureate service in my college, the last day of my college. We took a lot of photos and a similar slideshow was shown to us in the hall:))

Zero said...

Was the misspelling of Kukunoor intentional?

Suresh said...

haha no, it was a known mistake (but wasn't meant to be). I searched a few combinations in google and I got results for all (mostly from discussion forums). So I thought I'll leave it as it is till someone points it out, and thanks.

I should have probably searched 'Hyderabad Blues.'

Suresh said...

@ Priya - very true. The music at around 3.30 took my mind to vague wistfulness (the second time I saw it). I'm glad I found the video.

The Individualist said...

Cute video. Yes, like you mentioned, a few cliched sequences but considering that most of us walk through those cliched paths, it's rather tough to omit them.
And yes.. the music lingers around, long after the video is over. An indication on why Ilayaraja made such leaps in the music industry. I thought he always kept it simple unlike most ones now who rummage for all possible sounds to include 'em all... Almost as if saying, the more the "instruments", the more the enjoyment, which obviously, isn't the case.
I hate these videos sometimes. They bring a lot of longing heartache that one could do without. But well, impressive video, nevertheless.
I thought that the soda overdid the 'confused looks' in the video but never mind. After all, it isn't a Mani Ratnam movie. :D

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