adhu matter!


ByStanderWatchin said...

Got here from a link of your worst flash movie kicking I and Nilu's butt.

Really liked that - some brilliant creative stuff.

Listened to some of your podcast's too. Thoroughly enjoyed lisening to them and find your theories intersting.

Waiting for your PKMC roast. Not that I hate Gautam or anything like that. Infact I liked Kakka Kakka, rather I liked many aspects of Kakka Kakka.

I hated VV though.

Ok, so do post your podcast with the review of Pachai Kili Muthu Charam.

And some of the things that I like about the way you talk are your usage of 'Enda dei' :) and other native tamil terminiologies.

Other things that I noticed constantly being used was 'cliched' , 'social construct', 'deconstruction', 'instinct'.

Just my observations.

prathap said...

Hey Suresh,
Nice podcasts! You sound like one of my friends! Keep up the spirit! Will love to talk to you :) I have a friend like you who talks and comments all the movies like you.

Suresh said...


haha, that was a long time ago, thanks. I've been planning to watch PKMC for so long now. I'm kind of unsure about the podcast though - I'm afraid it's likely to be a "over buildup vetti matter" kind of stuff. But I'll do it anyway, I suppose.

If I can put it in a sentence, "it's because I think we should deconstruct as many cliches and social structs that prowl around in the name of 'isntincts' in order to have a better understanding of whatever we do."

So yeah, my view is somewhat narrow in that regard. I constantly look for things that are embedded under the cloak of 'facts' and other such terms - to bring out what's essentially untrue, at least in my opinion.


Thanks. Yeah, I'm sure we all have at least one friend like me or that friend is yourself. Either way, this world needs a lot of bitching and we are here to serve that :p.

Thilak pratap selva kumar said...


"All I know is, we're hard-workin', tax-payin' people like you, and we don' take shit from nobody. You got that, asshole?
AFSCME. The fuckin' union that works for you."
-from youtube.

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