Sexual innuendos: WTF?

This is one of those excited/good natured wtf moments. I was watching 'Aan Paavam' after a long time. I couldn't believe the sexual innuendos I had missed earlier. Here's one for sample (conversation between a woman and her husband in hurry to leave for a "big function")

Man: enna pannikittu irukka? seekram kelambu
Woman: kolandhaikku paal kudukkanumnga
Man: adha dhan naan kudichtanla!
Woman: adhilleenga, naan butti paala sonnen

Don't believe me? Here's the movie - the link will take you the exact scene. I think this movie will easily qualify for one of the top 30 comedies of Tamil cinema*. It can be called the Tamil village version of the Clerks series. Pandya Rajan's 'Oora Therinjukitten' also attained a cult status among certain sections of the audience - late 70s and early 80s born - but the movie had a weird mix of tracks. Cheesy sentiments, slapstick styles lifted from 'Project A' etc., and some genuine sequences. They didn't gel together all that well. It had some memorable dialogues though - "rendaayiram, naalayiram...bimbilikkibilikki(?)" was the most catchy. That's what makes 'Aan Paavam' more special. It has its share of tragic moments and cheap sentiments, but nothing that will derail the comedic flow of the movie. One of the first few movies to bring the comedic sense of the rustics.
I've enjoyed almost all his movies in the 80s, especially 'Kadhaa Nayagan', 'Vaai Koluppu' and 'Nethi Adi'. He is someone who's definitely worth doing a podcast on (just saying, it's quite unlikely I'll do it anytime soon).

Watch out: Rajini be damned

* - If I put that list together.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you unearthed a gem. I'll watch the movie today.

Thilak pratap selva kumar said...

I watched this movie much before. appo indha dialogue-a avalo gavanikala. A true 'wtf!' moment.

I've always liked Bhagyaraj's comical sense than Pandyarajan. Because of the former's dialogues. Maybe the latter was good, but I've always thought of him to be slapstick. Maybe lack of attention to the dialogues could have been a reason.

Rajini be damned-a! I think that quote was used by Rajini in numerous movies by compulsion. It has become corny, I agree. But the crowd likes it. So he can't be blamed. It's his fans who needs to be damned.

And finally, Where would you place 'Indru Poi Naalai Va' in your list? Is it there in that list? Because I've lost count of the innumerable times I've watched that movie (few scenes especially) in tv.

Anonymous said...

veyil vaatuthu, paruthiveeran varuthi eduthan.(super padathukellam nakkalu??????)

katha nayagaa!... kapsa vidarathukkum alavu irukku..

Nethi adi adichu pesarathu eppavume vaai kozhuppa pochu umakku.

innorukka aval appdi than padatha pathi puhanznthu pesitu nethi adi padam nalla irukku nu vaai kozhuppu adicha blog dummeel than.


Suresh said...

Yeah, it's movie worth watching over and over (FFing the most part, of course)

Yeah Bagyaraj introduced one of the most authentic versions of rural humour - 'Thooral Ninnu Pochu' comes to my mind. Pandya Rajan added his own flavour to it. He has more 'landhu' in his dialogues. He has some really good counters in Vai Koluppu. ManiVannan as another guy who was pretty good at it.

About Rajini: He uses the exact the same dialogue in Valli. I mean, what the hell is that? I'm not blaming him or anything, but just an expression to pull in some curiosity :p. Most of his punch dialogues are nothing but BS.

IPNV - I think it will easily feature in the top 10 comedies. It's one my favourites too. The dialogue that I often quote was "then merku thisayilirundhu naangu karkal sar sar endru." And of course, the usual "ek gaon mein ek kisan.." is quite popular too.


unga limited sense of critical approach'ku andha padangal ellam "sooper" adhukku nan ennanga panna mudiyum. I know it's a condescending comment, but sila vishayangala appudi dhan solla mudiyum.

oru padatha pathi thitradhula gapsa ennanga vendi kedakku? avalo dhooram solra neenga, enga gapsa enna matter'nu sollungalen.

Aval Appadithan and Nethi Adi have little in common. Just because I say I like them, I don't mean I like them or rate them the same way.

Anonymous said...


i listened your varuthi eduthaen pod after watching it..
in dvd, itlooks good as it seems it was shot in "mottai veyyil" mostly. it adds a pleasantness to the picture..
reg the unwanted climax.
i think lorry drivers thought priyamani was a "case" as she mentioned paruthiveeran when they actually plan to exit assuming that she was a family girl.
since lorry drivers and paruthi already had "alliance" for this sort of things..
either case, dir would have thought the tragedy will make it a "classic" as most of the love movies are termed when it ends in tragedy.

its painful to watch, theatre owners obviously would have trimmed it..

dvd should also have that option where there is one watchable option..(too much to ask for!!)

Anonymous said...

unga karutha eppo publica sollareengalo appove ellathukku ready ayidanum.

unga karuthai solla evlo urimai irukko appdi , en karuthai solla ennakum urimai irukku.

nakkal, naiyandi kudutha ella padathayum thalaiyil neenga thooki vechukara mathiri , sila perukku centiments , emotions pidikalam , athukkaga antha padangala pathina unga karuthai unga blog la poda ungalukku entha urimai irukko athey alavukku ennaku ,mathavanga unarva kaaya paduthatheenga nu solra urimai irukku.

Padam pathi thaaralama neega pesalam.aana , eppavum ellathayum thuchama nenachu pesatheega.Evlavo peru unga karuthai kettu antha padathai parkamal kooda pogalam.

..Yen.. Naane appdi than parkamal ponen.padam partha appuram ivaru solra alavukku enna kevalam irunthathunnu yosichu than pona comments eluthinen. neenga solra karuthu ungalai poruthavaraikum unga blog la neega podara karutha irukalam.aanal, athai pathu peru padikanum nu thane neenga podareenga.

Antha pathu peru othukitey aganum nu neenga nenaikareenga pola.

Sila neram, sila manithargalai santhikka vendi than irukum.

Suresh said...

Anon 1,

Yeah it could be because of their assumption that she's one of those "cases." But she still resists sex, it's still rape and they know it too.

Whether it had logical link or not, as you say, it's manipulative either way. The movie actually was going nowhere till then. It was a loosely tied together series fof events that came to an abrupt ending - a "tragic" one at that.

Anon 2,

Point 1: I don't expect everyone to agree with me (and vice versa).

Point 2: I don't always say "don't watch the movie" or "go watch the movie". Even if I did, it's just my stance - it's what I recommend. I don't expect everyone to follow my recommendation.
You may follow my recommendaton only if you think you share the same wavelength about understanding movies. If you think your expectations are different, please ignore what I say.

Point 3: I never questioned your right to question me. So your point about "urimai" is irrelevant.

Thilak pratap selva kumar said...


haha, you will have to live up with Anons. They are bringing up some points but if they did with an ID, they would only be respected more.

"unga karutha eppo publica sollareengalo appove ellathukku ready ayidanum."

classic! I couldn't stop laughing!

BTW Saw 'Root of all evil?', I can't believe that Dawkins was that patient with arrogant evangelicals like Ted haggard and the other Islamic fundamentalist. I take back my words about him being on-the-face, I think he is justified doing so. Some of the extreme-passion shown by theists (some really stupid ideas), no wonder about RD's straight-forward answers to the questions thrown at him. And he has a terrific yet subtle sense of humour.

Prabhu S said...

'Aan Paavam' also had the best of IR's BGM score.

sk said...

hey dude

how can you forget Kanni Raasi, Pandiyarajan's first film as director. Athuvum one of Koundamani's best.

I would rate that above aan paavam. but i have "emtoional" attachment to Aan Paavam because of Raja's bgm. Btw, sexual innuendos are there in even B&W movies, esp MGR's.

Suresh said...


I'm fine with anonymous comments, I just hope they would post under a pseudonym so that there is some continuity in who I address.
Yeah, it's scary to listen to that Zionism-Islam convert. He's a bad face for the Palestinian cause, really. (The documentary was titled much against Dawkins' disagreement.)


I agree.


Kanni Rasi - Like I said, it's one of PR's movies that I like. I wish he used Goundamani more often in his movies (and Bagyaraj too).
Yeah I know, old movies had it too. It's a part of our "drama culture." MGR is such a mollamaari - no surprise there.

Thilak pratap selva kumar said...

Suresh, It was shocking and disgusting to see the guy mouthing dangerous ideas. Why RD was against the title? Is it because he doesn't believe Religion is root of ALL the evil?

Suresh said...

Yeah, he is not naive enough to think that it's the root of all evil. But later to its defence he asserted that it should be read with the question mark - that it's just asking a question.
But for all that's shown in the documentary, the question's answer would point to religion.

Anonymous said...

Aan Pavam is associated with umpteen precious moments in my life. After watching that film in Guru talkies in Ariyalur, my cousin Magesh in 9th standard became so crazy he ran away from his house to become moviestar. They found him a month later in Chennai and brought him back. Now he is a fat mines manager with one fat kid in'la yenna madiri thirupangal :)

There was a brilliant idea in that movie - video parlour ie. show movies in an idli kadai, so ppl eat idli & watch movie - that idea actually took off in Bangalore for a while.
Then ofcourse it became commonplace in all the Thiruvalluvar/ JJ Travels buses.

Its one amazing film.

There was something in those times. Yenna adhu ? Magic-nu daan sollanum. Everything somehow came together - excellent bgm, comedy, timing, sentiment, authenticity.
Ippo yenna na, they aim for authenticity+bgm (kadhal, veyil )& forego comedy, or aim for bgm+sentiment like every mani rathnam film & lose out bigtime on authenticity.

You should really do a podcast comparing humor quotient of Bagyaraj, Pandyarajan & Visu with some snippets from all their movies. That'll take lot of effort on your part, but who cares about you, for us audience it'll be definitely worth it :)


Vijayadevi said...

Ha ha hah very funny one.....

Anonymous said...

yes agreed. one overlooked point.(though it's a "case", it's still a rape... not that i have anything against cases)

reg. anon2's point.
in essence, suresh's views/reviews may be biased,still in one way better than reviews by vikatans/kumudams/suntvs/rajs..
as they have something to gain from their views as they all are dependant on cinema to fill their most of their content.

aanpavam was one wonderful movie.i still consider that as a first attempt by some one with so many dreams and put everything together.
luckily in a watchable manner.
after watching padiarajan's later movies,couldn't belive how he came up with aanpaavam and kanniraasi.

reg. anon posts..
there's nothing to hide ,just makes it easy to post.. rather than maintain an account,signon and post..
Anon1:- nathan

Sree's Views said...

Aan Paavam is a fav comedy of mine :)
I like the scene where PRajan guides the ambi car driver while he is backing out and finally says "idichiduchu" lol
also the scene where sita goes to the river bank and Prajan is dressed up like a woman...and sita pulls her hair out :)
Cant forget the thavakalai and the 'gundaan' track :)

//aanpavam was one wonderful movie.i still consider that as a first attempt by some one with so many dreams and put everything together//

very aptly said...its the first venture that has years of dreams and the foll projects are usually watered down. I see that with Cheran too :)
Nice post !

Anonymous said...


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