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This one was a decent show.

Try parts 2 and 3 as well. It's pretty good.


Anonymous said...

how do you search this show.. tried vijay,yugi, sethu .. couldn't get part 2 and 3


Suresh said...

you should be able to see other parts on the side (under the colum titled 'related').

I searched for Nayyandi darbar and got it. I don't think there are other episodes. I first searched for Hari Giri assembly and got th ND from the related videos.

(I've linked the parts on the post anyway)

Anonymous said...

thanks suresh..donno why nayyandi darbar was cancelled.
may be those "kalagams" dont like to be made fun of their work.

we will never be able to get a jon stewart type in tamilnadu. considering darbar wasn't even allowed..

as all parties have a channel and dont want to throw mud on others..


if you haven't had a chance to see this..




ok.. this blew me off..

sorry, if anyone was a serious captain fan.


Baskar said...

Suresh ...

Nice seen other parts also. I knew U via podbazzar.com

Ananthoo said...

hi suresh! after long time..good to see regular posts..that show with karthik was fun and nice! whatever happened to yugi?

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