Amar Singh is an Indian politician from the state of Uttar Pradesh.
He is infamous for his weakness for women, especially top bollywood actresses. He has affairs with Jaya Bachchan, Jayaprada, Hema Malini, Jayalalitha, etc.


Anonymous said...

eppidi ippidiyellam unnala mudiyudhu. Thonda thonda thangam kottudhe.

Thilak pratap selva kumar said...

haha, same question here..

Suresh said...

idhellam namm thediya porom? pillayar pudikka poi koranga maarina kadhai dhan :)).

adhukkulla evano punniyvan edit pannitananunga! konjam neram oruthan sandhosam irundha pudikkadhe.

The Individualist said...

What do you tell people who whine that because Science is ever-changing, one cannot have it as a platform to lay one's arguments on?
And what do you tell people who believe that everybody has a purpose and if X were to jump up and say, 'Please, in my opinion, there is no purpose. Nothing at all!' then the people retort back with a 'There. That's your purpose. Sit down.'
*scratches head in exasperated frustration.

The Individualist said...

And by the way, you might like this. :p

Thilak pratap selva kumar said...

இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள!

Suresh said...

Science is not ever changing. Small sections of scientic facts are - and such 'facts' are never established as the unchangeable fact. They are theories-close to facts-that best explain existing evidence.

The scientific discoveries that the Earth is spherical or that it orbits the Sun have not changed since the day they were established. But the religious idiots had to change their opinions or give false explanations to the idiocies in Bible and finally admit (at least some do) it was a "divine error." And these are just two of the thousands of scientific facts that make religious idiots look like, well, idiots.

For them, everything has a purpose only when the pupose is served. Thank goodness they are not into weather prediction. Or they'll be "predicting" the weather for yesterday and the day before that.

Fate and destiny have some of the stupidest definitions. The "discovery" that whatever happened was meant to happen is always made only after it happens.

Happy Damil Noo Yair to you too. Many more happy returnss of the day. All the best. Take care. Thanking you.
Your's faithfully.

Thilak pratap selva kumar said...

haha, dansk..

adhu aana Udit narayan range-ku varadhu.. Damilu noo yaar..LOL!

I thought you wouldn't reply to that because I know you find it pointless. Mine was more like Richard dawkins wishing "Merry christmas" in "Root of all evil?".

The Individualist said...

They come up with the Ptolemaic system as an example and say, 'Er hello, Science claimed that all planets went around the Earth once upon a time and you've since embraced the heliocentric theory. If that does mean 'science is ever-changing', what does?'

The Individualist said...

*'If that does NOT mean -

Suresh said...

That's exactly what I said, Sudhir. The heliocentric theory has not been changed since the day it was embraced, I wonder if these creationists are waiting for the day it will. It's been several hundred years and I don't think it's likely to happen anytime soon. But sure, they can pass on their knowledge and ask their future generations to continue to "wait."

But you can say this instead "you are ugly and you are an idiot. I can explain why you are either or not."

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