Roast of Sivaji

I saw the movie in a theatre. Was one of the worst 3 hours of my life. (Yes, it was worse than the time I felt like my eyes were gouged and buried in sand--because I had looked directly in welding sparks for too long--and I could feel the sand in my gouged eyes.)

Note 1: The author of this podcast claims to know everything and is a 'periya vengayam' who does not respect anyone who liked this movie. He's also scared of getting beaten by wimps who leave anonymous comments. So his address will not be revealed here.

Note 2: If you think this podcast is done to attract comments, do yourself a favour and don't leave any. Comments: If I don't like it or feel the need to reply but don't feel like because it's too immature or too smart for me to handle, I'll delete it.


Anonymous said...


Mattamaana padam daan. Shankar a kandippa adikkanum.

Ada vidu. Gasquet vs Roddick parthiya?

Suresh said...

Yeah, I saw the game from 3rd set tie breaker. I liked Gasquet's game a lot - especially is aggressive backhands. I loved how he pummeled Roddick with his backhand each time Rod got to the net.
The commentators were saying something like "this could be the rise of a new star, like the time Fed beat Sampras in a quarter-final match a few years ago." But he lost quite ordinarily in against Fed. But well, he'll probably get more consistent as you've been saying for almost a year.:p

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to catch the clip of a game against Albert Costa in French Open 2002 when he got around his forehand to hit an inside out backhand shot. It was the most incredible shot I have ever seen. He was 15 years old then. He curbed his aggression a lot though now.

The loss to Federer was disappointing, but expected. I hope he will return the favour very soon.

murthy said...

just when i thought that you are losing your style in your roasts you come back with a bang. i wasn't too sure about the length, but it was perfect. i hated the movie, pathu dollar nasama pochu.

hope you do a podcast on your trip to India.

Anonymous said...

btw, the intro music was really good. enga pudicha?

Ananthoo said...

hey suresh..good one (yes, i did hear it fully)..enjoyed it and ROTFL many too felt that it was a kuppai padam..tho many of my friends did have such an op the business its doing is mindboggling..
ha ha - abt Raja's 'acting..abt that singam dialog- man he visibly entered the scene with vivek apuram enga 'thaniya thaan varum'..

keep up the good show..
and abt anon commentors- thats what they to ignore them..they dont hav the guts to even come up with a name (even if in disguise)..such guys who cant tell their name aint worth telling anything..forget them
(i was happy that anuradha of ibncnn panned this movie so well, but she was pummelled with 1000 comments,hmmm)

Kannan said...

Dei Suresh.. Chumma Alpa publicity-kkaga.. enda ipdi pandra...

Sara said...


Intha kanraviyaa pathi ivalavu decentaa pesuratheee periyaa visyam...

I dont know what the fu**old Shankar thinks of us.. is he thinking that he can make a mockery of tamil cinema.

He could perhaps take a adult film, the way he potrays Shreyaa like a sex doll is itching.. Why doesn't he understand that there is a difference between masochism, erotism and sensousness.

It's a pure embarassment when tickets were sold for Rs 300 in black and the film talks about eradicating black economy.

And for people who say that it has grossed 150Cr, You need to hear how the theatre owners are facing losses becos it was realsed in any santhu and bhoonthu.

It was not even a Rajini Cinema where I could atleast cherish it.
for the people who say that what else can we except from generally a Rajini film, obviously it was not even a enjoyable ficition!

The only thing I liked about the movie is that Rajini didn't have his sterotyped punch dialogues.He did not have a image or aura in this movie.

I dont know whether a lion would take such a hyena path in the later half.. why motta boss.. perhaps.. we can say it *ota boss!

Lets the fu**olds and cu**olds of our tamil cinema by stripped sooner or later !

Suresh said...

GF - paakalam

murthy - You say this all the time. Thanks. ;)
People were spending Rs.500 plus in Madras, adha vida unga deal mosam illa.

Intro music: Nuyorican Soul - I am the black gold of the sun

Ananthoo - Thanks. Yeah, I read her post too. It was quite embarrassing to see the stupid rascals there.

Sara - haha I know. This 'roast' is actually from Shankar-Rajini's level.

Shrek said...

The immegresen part was very funny , LOL

Anonymous said...

I actually have a hard time to choose who I hate more between Shankar and Goutham.

I guess I will choose Goutham, because he tries Maniratnam dialogues in his movies and makes his actors seem so stupid. And chooses Jyothika constantly.

Shankar is not too far ahead.

suresh said...

Suresh ,
Ithu than yennudaya muthal comment .
yes i Accept this is a bad movie and not at all acceptable from the So called Great director and So called Super Star..

yenna thaan nee pesinalum .. unnala onnum maatha mudiyathu ..
I think so like others who criticise the Rajini movies and pubilize it .
You are also doing it for your own publicity . anga thaan Super star nikiraaru ..
avaru unnaiyum vazhla vechitaru .
Thala Vazhlga,,,

Anonymous said...

The other Sureshu,

Kalakkitta po.

Anonymous said...


About Racism - I posted about it in TC community. The immediate response was, 'you're a racist, or else, why would you pick on it?'- Banged my head! Fair and lovely Ads and songs like 'karuppu thaan yenaku pidicha colour-u', should be abolished! And Rajini has used such dialogues and songs in his previous movies as well! Sad that Audience enjoyed and clapped for such scenes.

Secondly, Media has played a major role in hyping this film! The print media sucks, National television covering to this extent, is to cover up the South Indians (After all, we constitute the majority of 'English news' viewership)

And finally, enjoyed your take on Shankar's Assistants. BTW, Shankar himself is SAC's (Vijay's dad) assistant. SPM's grandson is a good friend of mine. I was cursing the film and the story. I asked him, how the f*ck does his grandfather(who co-produced this film) allow such a poor film to be made? After all he made films like '6irul irundu 60 varai', or 'bhuvana oru kelvi kuri'. Ada, even Muratukalai or Mr.Bharath were better entertainers in 'masala' category. Anyway, he told me that Shankar has a 'team' with 'detailed discussion' and well-planned 'storyboard'. I couldn't help but laugh when he said that! :-D

Moreover, this film shamefully dwells on two yesteryear icons, Sivaji and MGR. MGR munadi moocha pora case ivaen, konjam Sujatha yelludura dialak (Which as you said, was pathetic) and Shankar oda direxn-a gavanikuradu illaiya? As he said in NDTV, I'm just a puppet, Shankar is the master! - Adenga yeppa! yenna pannivu!

Small goof-up in your podcast: Suman didn't act in Billa. He starred in Thee (made by the same director, R.Krishnamurthy), which is one of the better Rajini entertainers IMO, unlike the 'crap' he serves these days. When some recently turned Rajini fans(kids) talk about Mottai boss - One gets to wonder how ignorant they are! Come on, this is a guy who sizzled in Netri kann! Mottai boss madiri oru role ivalo pesa paduradu, is a testament to the fact that Rajini hasn't done anything noteworthy for a long long time!


Anonymous said...

Just a question about your "Singam Single a than varum" comment

I thought, it was only "female lions" that hunt in packs and not the "male ones"

I havent seen any Nat Geo ( not that I have seen many) video where Male lions were shown hunting in packs..


Suresh said...

Suresh - Yeah, right! Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Thilak - Things will change. We just have to wait for some more time. Sivaji was so bad that it's not uncommon to come across reviews that tear it apart. Pokkiri was roasted in TV. The remaining will grow tired too.
Actually I didn't mean that Suman acted in Billa. I just used Billa as reference to the time he started appearing in movies.

Ram - Usually a lion pride has a few lionesses and an old patriarch (other males are usually adolescents). Females outnumber males in general. So males hunt with females too. - a big pride with two males in it. - two lions hunting a hyena - a male lion along with its pride.

Lions hunt alone, mostly in the dark. They cannot chase down their prey without lionesses' help, unless the prey is old or too weak.

Anonymous said...

i've been listenin to ur podcasts for a while now, n i must say dat dey keep me entertained! i onli subscribed to ur podcasts lyk a couple of months ago n was disappointed when u din't post nethin for long! thanks for da latest podcast about sivaji, i dun think i'm gonna watch it!

Viswa said...

Hi Suresh,
Nice podcast; I believe masala movies in general "manushangaloda base instincts ukku thini podarathu thaan". In this particular movie shreya looked hot apart from that I think only Rajini fans can relate to whatever instincts they get. Rajini looks too old and a sorry shadow of even his padaiyappa days. Even Vijay's Thirumalai was a better masala movie than this one. Anyways;
I am a fan of ur podcasts. I am amazed at your clarity of thought and thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor. I believe you are doing a great service! by doing these podcasts - please keep doing.

Suresh said...

Thanks. I'm glad you like my podcasts. You should watch Sivaji just to know how bad the product could be even after spending Rs.80 crores. May be download its DV D torrent after a month or so.

You're right, Padaiyappa wasn't too bad. It was a decent masala movie (except for some really irritating parts) that was watchable at least once. This one was such trash.
Service ellam onnum illeenga, I'm doing them only when I feel like. I'm just glad that others are able to enjoy it too (at least, on and off). Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

good thoughts.. enjoyed listening to your podcast.. could you please talk about why this movie is a hit.. very interested to find out how deep you can dig..

Divya said...

Hey Suresh, i have been listening to all your podcasts, just did not get a chance to leave a comment. I think YOU ROCK!!!! and i now have a reason to post a comment.. I agree with most of your thoughts.. I have a colleague who is a die hard fan of rajni.. i was so tired of listening to his dialogues day in and out I was waiting for a chance to take his trip and Sivaji gave me a good chance. We had a great debate of this movie... guess what I WON.. he had nothing to say and for my surprise the audience agreed with me..
I was glad that i made him realize and now he just does not dare to use any punch dialogues or talk about Rajni..
I infact watched this movie with my mom and i was so surprised to see this guy signing on the papers with both hands.. when i commented about this, my mom's reaction was shocking.. her logic was about the paleya tamil muzhi.. i donno how to type in tamil, so im translating it in english.. even two hands are not enough to finish the work or something like that it goes.. im sure you know this..
I cant believe i have a person at home whom i need to fight with first..
But i thought it would be nice to share this moment with you..

Waiting to listen to your podcast about "pasanga jollu" which u mentioned in ur podcast " I, others and women".
bye for now..

Suresh said...


I think I've spoken about why such terrible movies make so much money in some of my previous posts (or in their comments section). Mass hysteria to put it simply. Then there's marketing, fan base, inclusion of people who induce a certain curiosity etc.



True, the movie was so bad that even the most die hard fan of Rajini would find it hard to defend it. But then, you do have those like your mother (no offence to her).

I don't know if will do that podcast anytime soon. For one it's a highly speculative topic and quite sexist to get into. I'm quite unwilling to do it after some of the recent sitcom inspire movies like 'Unnale Unnale' that talk about "how men and women are."

Divya said...

Well, may you are right.. Do you have any plans to have podcasts on other language movies or is it limited only to tamil?? If so any particular reason?

Anonymous said...


16 dollar koduthutanenu, konjam naanae thirupthi padalamna, mudiyala. It wasn't worth have to try really hard to like it.It's like laughing at vadivelu's comedy in most of the movies.(eppadi thaan sirika mudiyutho).

This is a perarasu movie with big budget. (not that shankar is good).Ivana yaaru Glass house poda sonna. Ethuku ivalavu selavu. They should spend some time on refining the story and screenplay. Since AVM and Shankar are ready to spend time and money, why don't they try to bring in Bhagyaraj/Panju arunachalam or even Ravikumar to fix the screen play.

It's been more than 4 months,am listening to songs in many places, I can't understand the lyrics of most of the songs. Either I can't understand the lyrics or I can hear the names "salem,madurai,america,kaveri,arice"'s better than maanja/saanja,paanja something like that.

was wondering, what would have happened, when AVM agreed to shoot the full story(looks like shankar has to just put slides at the end)..

as a whole sivaji ranks just above the terrible rajini movies.

on a unrelated note, as you said about "unnale", I couldn't watch after the first comparison came. it looks like a "men/women" joke from the net. I started my hatred for the dialogue writer -S.Ramakrishnan.Surprised to see this stupidity is a hit in so called "A" centres. These days there are people in the cine industry, who browse and read many books and just vomit in their own style. not even their own!!. As Bharathi raja said in an interview in


Suresh said...


16 dollars? ayyo paavam! hahaham ivalo kaasu kudutha neenga kandippa padatha pudichurkku dhan solli aaganum. But like you said, it's almost impossible to do that with this movie.

About 'Unnale Unnale:' even I stopped watching the movie after some of the those scenes in the first 20 minutes. But one of my friends strongly recommended that I watch the whole movie and I did. It wasn't that bad. The movie got very light towards the end. They stepped back from preaching sitcom cliches for sometime. And the ending is quite light and "new" to Tamil mainstream movies. So while I'm not surprised that this movie did well, I don't feel all that bad either. Actually I would place it above Mozhi.
Even though the direct translation of American situations is irritating on its own, it's a good cultural virus. While it lacks originality as an art form and reinforces age old gender stereotypes (and some new ones for TN) it slowly moulds the collective consciousness of scores of young people, albeit with a good dose of pretentiousness, into normalizing dating, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships and probably sex. It's the kind of movie that Ramadoss cannot protest against yet does exactly what he's supposedly opposed to.

Divya said...

when are you coming up with another podcast.. its been a month since your last one..

Suresh said...

Divya - I know. I'll try do publish one this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to access the podcast? I have listened to this and the other gems(Roast of VV, Media role on Cauvery protest and celebrity crap talk). However would like to revisit them and also share it with the bunch of newer youngsters. They ought to that demigods of tinsel world weren't sacrosanct even in the early 2000's.

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