idhellam eppudi mudiyudhu?

About my 'Roast of Sivaji', someone has the following to say.
Why don't you look at some of their talents, thoughts, creativity and so. At least they have the talent to fool you, destroy your expectation, your dream... And you publically admit saying that you are a fool and you have been fooled, cheated. Don't you feel ashamed to share them in your podcast. They know how to make you fool but what do you know? Your podcasts show that you can be a fool, joker?


Anonymous said...

Isn't the guy making a fool out of himself by listening to your podcasts, from the look of it, he seem to genuinely pissed and disappointed that you don't reflect his 'thoughts' and 'notions'!

I hate guys who don't counter with 'specifics', but come up with distorted fallacies like this!

Or maybe you should do 'homage' and 'montage' to different people and products that you like, like that one for Aval appidithaan :)

Moreover, I'm surprised that you didn't reply in your style.


Baski said...

Why dont Review English Movies .?

Tashi said...

"The effect increases with the superstars gimmicks and how he gets back at the villain a lot of thought goes into money laundering and making black money white. I think symbolically in the first half of the movie the director has thrown a hint of what was coming ahead with the sudden apparition of rajini changing in skin color (black to white..ah! now it makes sense ) brilliance!."

Read that in a blog where an avid Shankar fan goes about dissecting his 'genius'.

Have immensely enjoyed your roasts. 'Tamil Media' was terrific. As Thilak said you ought to do more podcasts on films you like.

Suresh said...

Thilak - This is one of those comments that make me roll my eyes into my head. You don't know what to say to them. This guy doesn't even the get the most obvious kind of sarcasm. ivan kitta ennatha solrahdu?

Baski - I don't call my posts (podcasts included) on movies as 'reviews'. Because, I just pick on things that irked me the most (sometimes, impressed). It's not comprehensive. It's very inadequate for a 'review.' What interests me in Tamil/Indian movies is my interest in Indian pop-culture and how it's reflected in various media - primarily movies - and vice versa. That perspective becomes irrelevant with English movies and I don't feel like analysing them; not as naturally.

Tashi - Thanks. Will try.

Baski said...


Ok Suresh u dont need to review. Atleast u can share the thing u liked most in english movies.

Then only these super star and idiotic fans will see those flim and think before commenting U.

Thanks for sharing Aval Appadithan Movie.

Paruppu said...

English movies are harder to mock at. Shit movies like Transformers are easy to, because they carry all those cliches that are identifiable.

But movies like Zodiac, Prestige are hard. We can mock only at the structure or the form of these movies (if we can appreciate cinematic language very well) or some plot holes. Otherwise pinpointing finer points like human behaviour in Western countries is not for us to say. We were born in India and can successfully mock only Indian movies, however complex they are.

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