Thilak pratap selva kumar said...

LOL, Yeah, Immature kids love to hurt others - pure sadism! BTW, I liked the opening bit! Superb! Innum videos yeduthu irunda, inda madiri edit panni podunga :)

Looking forward to V2!

Pin kurippu : Kiruba is the one who 'started' video "commentary". Inda perumai and pugal avarukku thaan poi serum :))

(also try Vimeo - It looks better when embedded and doesn't have the stupid 100 MB restriction, so it's better for uploading larger videos. Credits for this suggestion goes to Kiruba again :D )

Anonymous said...

Kalakkura Suresh.

Anonymous said...

excellent start suresh. love your expressions and hand movement, it's very natural. you are almost like a professional. the title bit was very well done. i hope you have some really interesting stuff to post in the future as well.

Suresh said...

Thilak - I wouldn't call them sadists or even immature (ok, may they are immature). But it's just irrelevant to 'attack' one's looks in a simple vidcast. Then again, may be it's not. Either way, it's better to be defensive aright in the beginning. :p

The opening bit was just to create a hype. By throwing out seemingly interesting clips with some decent music. But when it plays out as a normal video diary, in future releases, I don't think it will be fractionally as interesting. So bring down your expectations for V2 and other videos in general.:p

(Just to clarify, if you didn't Thilak's sarcasm.)
About Kiruba: This is not to claim that I did it first but to clarify that he didn't do anything "first." Youtube had a lot of those "corporate talks" way before he did anything. He just has a domain for the sake of it. adhula oru mannangattiyum illa.

Youtube is so popular because of two reasons. They were one of the first to start such video portals and they had very good commenting system. And now they have a very active community that has built friendships and rivalries and what not. So it's not just the video, it's the entire atmosphere that makes youtube a favourite.

Although the video quality isn't great, it's more than adequate for vidcasts. And the 100mb limit doesn't apply if you are have a 'director' account.

GF - adhellam appudi dhan

anon - Thanks.

Thilak pratap selva kumar said...

LOL :)

And, You're right, Youtube has many advantages. Besides, I don't think 100 MB is that big a deal. Video when rendered at 1MBps WMV would definitely look good besides being compact in size. Vimeo is best for personal hi quality videos.

About V2 'commentary' expectations - why don't you talk about your trip back here? There should be something interesting, right? Any new observations that you made. Is Laloo's Indian railways any better? Something on that line :)

V2 'others' - your choice. you would know better! BTW, I took a look at your cooking videos sometime back, remba nalla samaipinga pola!

Kuttibalu said...

hey suresh,

Awesome... esp the opening bit. autocaaar.. meesakara mamma and
the dog chase.. totally ROLF.
Nostalgic momemts man ...

dude u r a pro.. what is the s/w u use for editing? movie maker sucks..

Kiran said...

yes, totally agree, the first bit was super ! Wat s/w was used for editing ? and running pictures ? please let us know.

Suresh said...

Thilak - No, if you found the monologue worthwhile, you'll probably like others too. I just wanted to bring it down from the hype the opening 50 seconds might have created.

Balu - pro'nu solli don't piss the the half-pros who might visit this blog. :))
Sony Vegas 7. It's pretty good. Takes a little too long to render the clips once you're done with editing (45 minutes to render a 10 minute video). Movie makers scores better there.

Kiran - Thanks. Vegas is good for slide shows as well.

redcentredoc said...

I think it was great. Interesting to see at the end of it..the karam koopi vanakam sollraan bit...that was kind of unexpected from you...perhaps on the podcasts you tend to sound kind of ...don't take this the wrong way...obnoxious even? Well done mate!

Durga said...

ahhh neeya suresh?! moooja paaaru...thooooo!

Suresh said...

red - haha, I understand what you mean. A lot of people have told me that the 'vanakkam' sounds fake. But I actually use it profusely. I have been for that 5, 6 years. You'll get a hint of that my other videos. Thanks.

Durga - en moonjikku enna korachal? sardhan saathu! :))

Anonymous said...

nice blog

Escape.... Great Escape said...


Do you think you have to take partisan criticism so seriously to warrant a podcast on it ?

Suresh said...


Not really. But as I said, this one's just an "official" intro for my 'vidcasts.' And I wanted to avoid all the most common, irritating, irrelevant comments that I might get in future. And it's also a general statement against what has become very common in youtube and elsewhere - making irrelevant personal attacks. It's mostly a nuisance avoidance measure.

Seetha Iyer said...

Hey Suresh, the comments I am leaving here has nothing to do with this post. I happen to browse for some cooking recipes and came across your 'Spicy brinjal kuhambu' video. I was quite impressed with your narration of the recipe! and that got me here..

Even though I couldn't get most of the words (I am not much familiar with pacha tamil as I did not grow up in TN) what you taked about in this post, seems like I have got the gist of what you intend to convey.

What I liked the most about your blog and cooking videos is the enthu you have to capture your ideas and viewpoints. There are a lot of ppl whom I know (including me ) who want to do something similiat but lethargy comes in the way..
Anyways, good luck with your videos and expressing your convictions..

aarti said...

the intro was awesome. loved it..was like a professional video. btw, is it you who jumps into the well?

Muthu said...

Ha ha ha... good one.

Suresh said...

Hi Seetha,

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the videos.
I think we are all lethargic when it comes to certain things. And there's boredom as well.


Thanks. Yeah, I'm the one jumping into the well.



manasai vittu pesugiren said...

hi suresh,
long time no see,acctually i was waiting for r podast on traffic police men ,that you used to talking about earlier to me,this palani thing was quite short,i expected a kind of deatil one may be in which you would take people for a ride....personally speaking,i prefer podcasts to video blogs,may be i am accustomed to it...

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