V-two: Police in Palani


aarti said...

wow, you really have a lot of guts. i have listened to a lot of your podcasts and i have felt that you are unusually outspoken...although i don't agree with some of what you say, i have been amazed by your boldness.
This one tops it all. you were talking to him so casually..and the police guy was so cool. very nice

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aarti.....U ARE bold.Hahaha...Kalaukura Suresh!

Waiting for the next vetti video... =)

Anonymous said...

This is not just a vetti video IMO

The Individualist said...

Eththana per adi vaangardhukaaga kaaaranamaa aaga poriyo... :p

The Individualist said...

Somehow, even though I don't want to believe it for lack of evidence for it, this podcast seems to suggest that the Police in such towns are a lot less cautious than the ones in this part of the world. For one, like you say, the moment you brandish a camera, the ones here flinch. And from what I have seen, Police in the lower part of the heirarchy are more likely to entertain such conversations with strangers, for reasons ranging from outright condescension to wariness to considering it a waste of time to..
The lower, the better chances of striking a chord with them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Suresh,

I've been listening to your podcasts for almost a year now and have'nt been commenting till now out of sheer laziness. Finally, you pushed me to overcome my laziness and comment. Like most of your passive listeners, I have agreements and disagreements with your opinions and discussions, but overall I've been enjoying your podcasts and your video blogs attempt is top class. "Mokkai podaren....mokkai podaren...." apdingara disclaimera free vidunga....I think you're an established showman to quite a decent number of ppl. I strongly feel you're quite media savvy, good luck and keep it going. I'll try to get more active in the future as far as commenting.


Escape.... Great Escape said...

I find it funny.. about how the conversation immedietely moves on to the merits/demerits of marriage... when talking to a youngish guy.

I have had similar convos with policemen, but i find the auto driver's opinions about life a tad more interesting :-)

The Individualist said...

Yeah, auto drivers totally rock when it comes to being philosophical.

Suresh said...


Haha, yeah he was pretty nice. But I don't think I was bold necessarily. Like I had said, it comes out of years of "exposure" to such circumstances. It's the understanding of worst case scenario that helps you do things.


Thanks. "neenga enna romba pugalreenga" - please continue. :p


Vetti - it's just a word that I want to associate with everything eccentric in this blog (and the truly 'vetti' stuff of course).


I don't know. Even though I felt the same way too. But I think, in retrospect, I had very few cases to make that claim. I just tried to point the camera at two policemen in all, in Madras.
But as far as 'talking' goes, I've spoken with even the most superior officers you can find on the road. All you have to do is appear polished and genuinely inquisitive. And it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to throw in English words as its commonly understood. But you're right, the lower ranked officers are always easy to talk to, and may be point the camera as well.


Thank you. I'm very pleased.
About "mokkai podaren" proclamation: as I had said in one of my podcasts, it's just my own reaction to what I see/hear. When I saw 'V-one' again, I felt I spoke a little too long than I probably should have. So it's a personal confession more than a disclaimer. May be now I'm overdoing that too. :))


Yeah, talkative auto drivers are always fun to ride with. I like how they curse politicians. They always give fairly informative insights on who laundered how much money in 'local' projects. But I've found their "philosophies" strongly inspired by movies and sometimes too hackneyed. Well, whatever gets them going.

In Want of Being Me said...


I'v been listening to few of your podcasts and reading your blog for a few months now, my dad listens these days too and has become a big fan of yours I should say, coz., he kinda likes people who questions the system, the rebel types !

Ok, coming to your V-two, real nice video and that shows that the cop was a peaceful nice chap to chat along.

There are others who are dumb, who'll take it as a compliment when you see their tummies and comment 'Eppadi sir ippadi maintain panreengha..nu' That's a seperate kick in riding those poor unsuspicious souls :D

Thanks for the entertainment you provide to all your readers.

Now, I am really curious what you do really for a living ? and what your mainstream profession is ?

How do you manage so much time for all this :)

sk said...

Way to go! you make an amazing anchor, suresh! (well not in th convenshional way ;)

I thoroughly enjoyed th way you went on with the poleeskaar. V1 was a bit stretched anyway. Aanaa onnu,naanga ellam kaptain moonji, karadi moonji ellaam varushakkanakkaa paathuttu irukkom. so, antha kandraavi ku un koduma evlavo thevala. ;)

Eager to see more of you.

Suresh said...

'being me',

Thank you, I'm very pleased.

My profession? Well, that's the thing, I've been a grad student for the past two years, but not anymore. I'm about to graduate and I've already started with my new job. But I think I will be just as busy (or less) as before.

As for "managing time": I think I'm pretty bad at it. If you noticed, most of what I do is random. I hardly fix certain time to do certain things (or to maintain a frequency).

RR Podcasts hardly take anytime, I stopped doing the one that took more time and effort(Mahabaratham).

Blogposts - It's been ages since I posted anything worthwhile.

Videos - I'm taking 10 days to just edit and upload one video.

So it's just make belief. I'm playing around with a lot of things over lot of time. ;)

SK - Thanks.

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